Sunday, January 25, 2015

Run # 835 on 20th Jan at Pantai Hill Park, hare by Bijis and rated 7.0 points by Silent Gorilla.

Hare Corner:

Ong Hong Kee sings like Bee Gees and also play guitar well. Hence Bijis was given as his hash name by GH5. Bijis was brought to hash by King Trucker in 2007 and GH5 is his only hash chapter. Bijis is involved in car trading be it new or second hand. His kind words to GH5 member is, do enjoy the drinks, the food and hash  but most importantly to stay healthy.
Thank you Bijis for the food ,extra beer and whisky!

The two OC and On Sex were given on down for a job well done for the  GH5 15th Anniversary Do.

Left Ball iced for disturbing the show girl and denied it the next morning!

Lucky Pussy "KP" and put back the bra stripes for the show girl!

Wood Pecker and Lachar were very quiet during the Gala night but when show girl was there, Wood Pecker was on the stage!

Still is the Champion for marching forward!

Enjoyed too much and the photos were censored!

FMC Charity dinner!

Already drunk before arriving for the 15th Anniversary Do!

Silent Gorilla the run rater tonight!

Thank you for coming to my run!

Tongkat Ali long time did not come and talking too much at the back!

Foxy was talking too much today, dance lesson is over for now, listen to GM!

GM forgotten to announce next weeks run and ask for any new guest!

On Sex was iced for reminding members to wait at Bukit Kiara guard house to see bra-less  lady!

On down the Singers during Gala Dinner

Anti-Climax Bonk,sending three years old video clip to chat group!

These two left early for the night!

V-Power lost her purse and Lucky Cock met with an accident!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Run # 834 on Jan 13th 2015 at Bukit Saga, hare by Toy Boy and rated 8.5 points by Bijis

Hare Corner:
Alex Leong Wai Kun is the owner of Rakan Setia Motor Sdn Bhd    which operate a Automotive Workshop and also specialized in NGV installation in  Shah Alam. If next time you need some one to attend to a breakdown in that area, you know who to call!Toy Boy was brought to hash by Iron Head first to Banana Hash as a guest, then to Klang Hash. ToyBoy was brought to GH5 by Baby Chameleon and became member in May 2014. His hash name was given by KH4 because he always bring lady guest to run site and another member by the name of ToyBoy had left Klang Hash 4. He is currently member of Kalng H4 and GH5. ToyBoy wanted all members not to judge him by his Hash name!

The four luxury car driver!

The tennis star and football fan!

Too much Feng Shui prediction!

Oily came last week to Cheras Awana but did not join the run!

Where is my one night stand?

Kepong Hash GM Sperm Perm was first on ice for causing the oil price to dip below USD50 per barrel and also not able to make GH5 Gala night, anyway we welcome him to check out the new run site for Kepong Hash. Left Ball was next on ice for saying those in the coffin business will be doing good business because year of the Goat is good for wood!Lucky Pussy was iced when she left her treasure behind after taking a bath. Run Master BangCock announced the next three week's run. Those parked their car by the circle, Lachar, Shitface, Mafia, Mad Dog and Piss Stop  were called out to circle to let member judge who should be on iced for distorting the circle formation. Pocahontas was dressed in tennis attire and yet could not name one tennis star's name. Soh Miow Miow was dressed in Argentina Football team jersey and also could not name one footballer's name, both were sent to ice throne. Bijis awarded 8.5 points for the run. Thong was iced for talking with beerman non stop and also was not wearing a hash t-shirt during the run. Guest Penny was iced on behalf of Kirie Kimono when Kirie requested GM to stop and she went ahead to pee !Q-shit and 100 Plus were honored for volunteering to be camera man for Gala night. Left Ball iced GM and On Sec for he did not see other committee picture on the blog (Actually, it is on the second page of the blog).ToyBoy and Baby Chameleon was iced when both were missing after last week's run. Flamingo was iced when she quietly took back Wood Pecker's walking stick. Warlord was iced for over exhaustion after Danang trip. James Bonk and Tan Sri was iced for complaining the run needs two more hills. Oily of Kh4 was iced for last week he came to Cheras Awana but went off right away. Kimchi was iced for requesting for one night stand. Wood Pecker was iced for talking whole night long and Jm was told to sit on ice because he could not see the committee picture on his phone,he should switch to Iphone6 Plus! Hi Lo was given a chance to brief GH5 why Gasing was formed and given n on down for he and Hi Lily completed the run today!