Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Run # 878 on Nov 17th at Taman Tun, hare by Fish Shit, rated 7.0 points by Touch & Gold

May 28th, 2013 at Run#748

Nov 17th, 2015 at Run#878

The usual Tuesday , with some shower earlier , making the weather cooler , seemed to have a number of guests , hare & co hares were out , when We reached the run site . 

Front runners came out at about 7:30 and followed by the rest , except for sweeper One Zero; last runner , Pinocchio whom went in late were ushered out with Goldie Mei , there were some grouses on lack of sight of papers when the rain came , after that it was drizzling on and off .

We were treated by the whole van of varieties of "Pau" . Circle started around 8:30pm and it was still drizzling on & off. 

Jm brought with him a new icing tray , with a measurement of 28x28 which , to me is big , if I sit on it , I am going to sink in for sure . Jm was trying in vain to put me on ice as the first person in the hierarchy to sit , but Prince Charming was kind enough to take over on my behalf !

As It was still drizzling and triple on was supposed to be at TAMAN sea restaurant , no whip was called, after the usual protocol . Hare of the night presented a simple speech . After His speech ( pre planned by JMs, hare was at first reluctant ) to give away to all ladies , a piece of sanitary pad , since it was his Andropause run , hare no longer needs the pad ! He he he 

 Triple on at the restaurant with 6 tables full and a side table for a few bottles of whiskey... Down the whiskey to warm a rainy night , thank the hare , fish shit for another wonderful night !

Scribe by Song Bird

Ladies harriets....attention...roti will on the way distributed..

Although andropause...I still the Tai Kor always!

If u guys Gao Dim all the 4 botols here...I get more crates at Taman Megah Karaoke

Big Mouth Monkey doing monkey show after broken its cock....

Eeelooo....Eeeelooo....Fish shit I lost my way.....

Grey Devil....the springs added on my shoes can't work ler....how to run fast?? BMM also scratched his head with his whiskey.

Link below was Run # 748 on May 28, 2013 at TTDI hared by Fishshit rated 7.5 point by You Listen

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Run # 877 on Nov 10 at No Man's land , hare by Kirie Kimono, rated 8.0points by Tan Sri

Hare Corner:
Winnie Tam Siew Cheng is her lovely name but nowadays she has a better name known as Kirei Kimono. Her name was given by Piss Stop for She is such a beauty in Kimono outfit, one would have mistaken her for the best of the best of Geisha! Kirei Kimono started hashing with PJ Harriets in 2006 and  was brought to GH5 by Big Mouth Monkey in 2008, like they said, the rest is history, she found the warm, caring and friendiness of GH5, so nowadays she only runs with GH5 and rose to the rank of Joint Mistress in 2012. Kirei Kimono is a Financial Planner with Allianz and member of Million Dollar Round Table. Please feel free to consult Kirei Kimono on your financial planning and mental conditioning, she can improve your bank account as well as your memory bank! She has been actively introducing GH5 to many of her contacts!

July 23rd, 2013 at Run # 756

Nov 10th 2015, Run # 877

Circle started with On Down for Acting GM Luky Cock for conducting the circle for the past two weeks and Piss Stop for helping out as Beer Man.
Pink Panty, former member was back as guest today .
Vivien "Very Song" and Medic was iced together, Vivien keep parking her car and obstructing traffic and Medic signed a contract with Levi to model the jeans during the run.
Blur-blur was next on ice for when circle was about to start, he had to drive his car out to disrupt the circle.
Slam Dunk from Kepong Hash 4 was iced because he did not wear hash T-shirt during the run.
Warlord and Gold Finger , both Advisors were iced for not using GH5 to register for Batang Kajang Do.
JM/JMS were iced next for not bringing some treats for the members after their  long holiday and GM brought back Raiki from Turkey for members to enjoy.
While the circle was on, the Tai Ko Tai phone of Spiderman was ringing .
Kirie Kimono was iced for keep changing her run site.
Five new members were welcome today and Wilson, Medic and Slam Dunk were iced for smoking.
JM took the box and iced GM for being rotten head for not organizing the Batang Kajang Do.
Olive was welcome back also today and Popeye was iced for seldom to bring Olive to run site.
Golden Eye was iced for using umbrella during the trip in Europe.
Lucky Cock was iced for bring very "Lansi" being acting GM.
Gold Finger and Golden Eye were iced for holding hands and SapSum Ee was called to give them blessing.
Tan Sri was asked to give the full name of GH5 and he cited wrongly and was iced.
Ladies Finger was iced for yawning during circle when Left Ball was on the box.
GM took the box and iced Left Ball for not holding hands with Ladies Finger and causing her too upset to leave GH5 chat group. 
GM announced the Port Dickson family do and hope more members will support the do!