Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Run # 923 on 27th September at Bukit Bayu, hare by Lambo, rated 8.75 points by Grey Devil!

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 803 on June 17th 2014 at Taman Wawasan, Hare by Lambo rated 7.5 points by Tambah Nilai. Kevin Chang Chung Hua is the name which he was proud to use until he came to GH5. When he first came for hash run, he was well equipped with gloves, knife, walkie talkie,back pack and all the paraphernalia of Rambo look alike, as such he was Christian ed as Lambo instead by Piss Stop. Lambo joined hash in 2006 and was brought by a former member Chettiar. Lambo  is running a trading firm in raw material for animal nutrition products. So if you have many mouths to feed, his supply may be an alternative! Ha ha............ Lambo's word to all GH5 members, you guys are the best! Thank you Lambo for the T-shirt, grubs and many extra beers which flow non-stop! Big Hand!

Hare Updates:   Lambo is a big fan of Hash Rock, he has given Hash Rock T-shirt in White, Black and this run Blue colour Hash Rock T-shirt, this is call Branding!!!. 
Lambo wishes all GH5 members stay healthy, fit and enjoy your hashing every Tuesday.
Q; if you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
I hope there will be a dedicated mountain for hash activities and it is nearby, it will be safer for all hashers as well.
Q: What has hash done for you?
Hash has taught me to be more inclusive, fellowship, sharing and caring.
Q: What have you done for Hash?
I can not comment for now as I am still learning to do my best for hash.

Big hand to Lambo for the good do with Hash T-shirt, western Food, various drinks from Whisky to wine to beer to...well set run as well!

Circle started at around 9PM, GM said it is not easy to set a good run, some times it is too short, some times it is too long. Today they cut short the run to allow members to come out early to enjoy the fine dining. However Gold Finger complained should have 3 more hills and was iced.
Silent Gorilla was iced because when you set long run, he wants to do short run, when you set short run, he wants to do long run!
Those interested to go for KL Full Moon Anniversary Pub Run, it is RM85 up to Oct 16th 2016. 
Friday Hash GM Run is On 28th Oct and guest fee is RM50 at Kota Damansara Section 9.
Tan Sri was iced for not knowing the real name of "Touch and Gold"
Hi-Lo, Lambo was recognized for doing a good sweeper job last week.
Tuck In was iced with her Channel shorts and bag because she did not do her sweeper duty but assigned to Tag Along and Medic.
Song Bird was iced and given a birthday songs and the other September Babies Gold Finger, Thongs and Lucky Cock were honored as well.
Carton was iced for saying GM wants to talk and not eating and drinking!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Run # 922 at BK6, Puchong on 20th September by Mamasan, rate 8.5 points by Duffy Duck.

Hare Corner:
Previous Run : Run # 808 on 22nd July 2014 by Mamasan at Gasing Bird Park rated 8.5points by Semen
Anita Lim is the real name plying the ICT trade. In hash she was christian-ed as Mamasan by GH5 for her caring demeanor on the lady hashers when they are slow and she always smokes a pipe like Mamasan even though it is electronic one..........! Mamasan was brought to GH5 by Jungle Women in July 2013. She thanks GH5 for accepting her as a member and assured everyone you will not regret the wise decision! Ok, Mamasan, show us your ladies.......ha ha......

Thank you for the two option runs, beautiful T-shirt and plenty of beers and personally selected fine and delicious dishes at Kam Kee!
Run # 808.

Hare update: Currently is also member of Kepong Hash 4.
Q:Anything you want to say to GH5 members?
A:Be generous, don't be selfish and when setting run, do consider slow runner.
Q:What has hash done for you?
A:Hash has enable me to exercise again and provide a broad social network and friends.
Q:What have I done for hash?
A:I am willing to help out when I am approached just like I am doing for kepong Hash now in their event.
Q:Anything you want to do for GH5?
A:Just to remind the members be discipline and follow the rules of GH5.

Circle starts in a cool environment adjacent to DK 6 .
Hash circle sites are fill with excitement members of Gasing  receiving their respective T-Shirts & Base Ball cap, c/ names of individual hashers names printed  . On the other hand -concerned for a guest who was exhausted gasping for air mid way this BK6 jungle. .however GH5 rescue team were deploy without hesitation .
Visiting GM and first time guest Do Di Do-Batu Hash ,Tiew Nia Sing - Batang Kajang GM?  , QQ- Kepong Hash (busy)
Guest - Ellie -Puchung Hash ,Yee Sau Choe-Batang Kajang   , Kai Si Fatt -Cheras Hash are welcome  and On Down!
Everyone look so smart this evening with Gasing T shirt & Cap says GM LB cheerfully .Gasing ladies are invited to have photograph  with GM LB, next the Gasing handsome men's were invited.
Cheese .., u r on candid camera.!
Look in front of you -these are the beautiful  ladies of Gasing Chapter.
GD was Iced for sharing -Japan can see beautiful ladies.! GM  sees otherwise .
Bangkok announces next 3 weeks run  as below:-
1)Lambo - Bukit Bayu
2) Tug In - Desaminium Equine Park
     ( virgin Hare)
3)Baby Chameleon- Setia Eco Park
A word of wisdom share by GM LB , whenever you are inside the jungle please take care of your self-safety are paramount , always give safety our number one  priority. 
Last week when I was away you guys were so happy  and make it a significant event . 
War Lord was iced being the Refomasi Leader.! ( tai Kor )
However I also have strong supporter Silent Gorilla and Cocky said GM proudly.
Right hand man -Silent -like Zahid Hamidi and left hand man Cocky- like Ahmad Sabri says LB .
On down to the "fan kuat chai " and good supporters.
There are still many guest visiting Gasing simply because we are a matured and responsible Hash chapter and that make Gasing phenomenal/ inclusive in a exquisite and unique way.
Whoever you are , whatever your are there's no difference in status or level over  here says LB cheerfully !
Shit Face was iced for being the no. 2 " Fan Kuat Chai"( Reformasi  Tai Kor mastermind -tactical moves and setting up 10 % committee)
JMS SB and BMM were Iced for not doing  the work during GM s absence and controlling the situation !
Tug In was iced as GM caught her with photo evidence last week at exactly 12.07 am not tugging In her t -shirt..
Welcome back to Lolex and Mun Yau on Iced and On Down!
Melanie was Iced as it's been quit some time she 's MIA and "didn't have the Itchiness "to hash .
Mun Yaw getting very corrupted during HB s run last week GM bought him a beer and immediately praises GM for the good run set by LB .! Manyak kuat Angkat!! LOL!!
JMs Iced GM for being too "kan Cheong" and concerned about status of T  shirt printing - while he 'a away in HK -
he lost 3 kg being a new GM on board and hope to gain back 3kg while in HK however he  couldn't . Song Bird proposed an extension of 2+1 or 1+2 tenancy to  stay but the floor was quiet ...
War Lord shared his wisdom whenever in the jungle .
Be calm and cool & patience .
We all have our own experiences - if anything happen to me what shall I do?
Don't try to be alone stay together .
The worst that can happen to you is nothing the timing was just from 6-7.30pm you can't go far says WL.
Worst thing is fear ..!when night comes , fears strikes.IF you are lost you are not very far away stay put where you are , when u think you got lost .
In the jungle you won't die , you will never run out of water and food .
Silent interrupted " if you wanna make love  , How??
( there are monkeys around ... Haha gotcha!!!)
War Lord  advises hashers to read Robinson Cruesows book  . He can survived in an Island for for years.!
Gasing will distribute Socks to members next month said GM LB .
Next year goodies bags will be distributed!
Wow banyak Happy all members.
What about this coming Christmas GM .? Are we going to celebrate at Ttdi 52 street..? Just kidding!
Duffy rated today's run 8.51 points!
Manasan the HARE would like to thank all GH5 members for coming  and their warmest support  especially the co hares  So so Big , Do Di Do ,and mastermind Tiew Nia Sing .
BMM paraded the co hares ladies and sharing today's 6 hills  starts from left 2 small hills to medium hills and so so big ones  lol...!!!
( he's referring to the BOOB respectively- LOL!)
bMM quote "today GM  said the t shirt was design by him .he never copy cat .."
BMM took do di do round  collar T-shirt with similar color design ... 
"GM modify this a bit and says it's his design..."
Well it's patented the collars and design are different obviously BMM trying to pull a fast one on GM .Cheers!