Sunday, June 28, 2015

Run # 857 on 23rd June at BK6, hare by Junglemen and rated 9points by Lucky Cock.

Hare corner:

"We were a group of marathon runners when we  uphill mountain running by Ipoh H3, that is when Bonnie and I join as guest with Ipoh H3"  narrated by Junglemen. 
Obviously they did not inform Junglemen beer was the reason that motivates the mountain runners. This is the beginning of Junglemen's hashing journey with Ipoh H3 in 1986. Currently Junglemen is member of PJ Animales and GH5. His hash name was given  by PJ Animales due to the fact he was bashing through thick and thorny jungle without hesitation. However his real name is Peter Ching and he works as a Technical Sales Manager specialize in security smart homes integrated alarm, cctv, telephony and auto-gates. Also office key systems integrated with door access. 

Junglemen would like to thank all hashers for coming to his run, thank you to all the co-hare Sanwat, LeftBall and co. 

Big Hand to Junglemen for the extra beers and plentiful food at the Restaurant!

Circle was conducted by JM Leftball today because GM was absent with apology. GoldenEye was first on ice for suggesting to abandon the run since so few members showed up for the run and should head to restaurant directly. 
Mamasan was next on ice for not knowing where is today's run site, obviously not reading the blog.
Warlord was asked to give some advice what one should do if lost on the run. First advise is you must mentally be prepared that one may be lost in the jungle. Secondly, you need to be prepared physically and mentally  and anticipate what you may encounter when you are lost. Thirdly,when you are lost, you lose the direction and may be off  trail, fear may set in and illusion sets in. Need to be calm and don't move at night and stay puts, try to locate a water source if possible. Also always bring a torch light, hand-phone and water during the run.
 JM took to the box and iced Spicy Cili , BangCock and SongBird for not true posting, not confirmed news and repeated posting.
The group of hashers such as Sangwat, GreyDevil, HiLo, BangCock and Lolek were commended for helping in the SAR.
Gold Finger was iced for posting message at 324am and also cause JM to lose sleep. Junglemen was ice for not doing sweeper duty and also not setting the run today. Sangwat was iced for doing a good run but refused to have a beer stop when offered by JM, Sangwat's reason is it is too dangerous to drink during the run. 

Whip for today Semen iced JM for using  his intended charges, second charge was holidaying in Dalat and not rush back for SAR mission and also set run should not drink beer.

July hiking trip is confirmed on 17-19th July to Fraser's Hill. 
Warlord was iced for complaining it is too boring, only see green and blue sky.Heart Breaker was requesting for more hash papers to be lay on the trail so that darling do not get lost. Kai Si Wong was the look alike for Popeye when Thong posted found and Popeye asked "Is he alive" and GM replied "Not"

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Run # 856 on 16th June at Green Hill Ressidence, hare by 7-Tan and rated 8.5 points by Lolek.

Hare Corners:

Tan Tiam Chuan is the seventh Tan in PJ Harriet and as such he was Christian ed as 7-Tan, he said luckily he was not the 8th Tan or else he could have been name as "Wang Ba Tan". 7-Tan joined hash in 2008 and was a member of number of chapters but now he only maintain membership with PJ Harriets and GH5. 7-Tan joined GH5 3 years ago .7-Tan operate a vegetable shop in Klang.

Circled started at about 9PM today and GM announced the next three weeks run in the absence of Run Master. Pocahontas was iced when she did not pay attention. Next Melanie and Sap Sum Ee were iced for wearing the new shoes. 1st time guest Pei See from PJ Harriets were welcomed, but GM and On Cash of PJ Harriets were iced because the members were too shy. Raymond from PJ Harriets was trying to defend the high office bearer and was ice as well. Guest Michael was given an on down as he has been sweeping the  pretty ladies from the run.
Lolek was given the honor to do the run rating today.
Lacha was given multiple on down on ice for using the club water for whisky and posted young Vietnamese ladies to disturb the uncle in HCMC. Lacha was given a birthday cake presented by Pocahontas on ice.

Superman was given an on down for he is the only one who can walk to Green Hill run site as his house is near by. 
Buzzard today is Piss Stop and he iced Lacha for not saying hello to him at the coffee shop but Lacha say hello to all the ladies in the coffee shop.
Lolek was iced for abandoned ship when he did not  do the sweeper duty requested by On Sec.
Ah Ba was iced for smoking during the circle.
Melanie was iced when she could not reply to Piss Stop's "how are you" greeting because she can not breath. Alicia Yen was iced because Piss Stop loves to ice her. 
GM took back the box and iced Quaci for buying 12 bottles of cub's Royal Stout to take home. Finally 7-Tan was iced for using Styrofoam bowl.

Never do sweeper duty when approached.

Buying extra beer to take home!

New shoes today!

Always can sit on ice without reason!

Smoking during the circle!

Using club water for whiskey!

This is cake number 3?

Never give Piss chance to do CPR?

I am Interhash On Sex! Am I sexy or not!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Run # 855 0n 9th June at Bukit GasingBird Park, hare by Kangaroo and rated 8 points by Lucky Pussy

Hare Corner:
Patrick Lam Seng Chee is a well known icon in insurance industry and recently he retired from active employment but remain as a consultant. Kangaroo is equally renowned in hash. Besides being the founding GM of GH5, he also founded Melaka Hazards and involved in organizing many hashing events including Interhashes. 

Kangaroo was introduced to hash by his brother in JB in 1974 but he was too poor to join as a member as he was starting his carer as an office boy! He was re introduced to hash by Loud Speaker Box to JB HHH on June 1st 1983 and since then Kangaroo has been running with many chapters and also had many hash names. He was finally re-christian as Kangaroo by The Late Alex The Bear as Kangaroo, legend has it that Kangaroo was spending too much money at Bali Kangaroo Bar like he owns it in Bali Interhash. 

Kangaroo currently runs with GH5, PJ Hazards, Melaka Hazards and Seremban Hazards in subscription only as he hardly show up for the run. Nowadays, he is busy chasing the tiny white golf balls with his unmentionable than hash.

Kangaroo's message to GH5: I am proud to be the founding GM of GH5 and more proud to see GH5 had grown from strength to strength..GH5 must be humble and always think of members first and protect the good image of GH5 always!

Thank you to Kangaroo for the good grub at the restaurant, extra beer and whisky!

Circle started with GM introducing the hare for next week who is 7-Tan and hardly anyone knows him.

Q-shit and Kai Si Wong were both welcome back after been missing for long time.

Next on the charges were the short cutter, Lembek was persuading Titanic which trail he preferred and both were iced!

Warlord was another SCB leader but he they ended up on a longer trail than those on paper!

A number of first time guests were called out for on down but frequent guest Charles also came out and was told to sit on ice while we welcome the rest.
JM Left Ball was the caused of confusion on 7-Tan and Junglemen's run when he said no one is around to set the run for 7-Tan when actual fact Prince Charming is around to set the run.
Run rating was done by Lucky Pussy who finished ahead of GM today and she awarded an 8 points.

Kangaroo gave the hare speech and iced Gold Finger for attempting to set the run for Kangaroo. 
Guest Melanie says the run was very short and Kangaroo felt very hurt.
PushUp and Mamasan were both chatting away and did not know the run rating.
The Founders Hi Lo , Kangaroo and Gold Finger were called but Kangaroo were iced for a good do and Hi-Lo was iced for no hash T-shirt.
Baby Crocodile and Cartoon were iced for insulting the hare by eating fried noodle at the restaurant after the run.
Next JM , Prince Charming and Baby Chameleon were blessed for their impending trip to Dalat and Gunung Tahan. 
JM Left Ball took the box and found out today is Milk day and on dwon GM with milk when he did not charge Grey Devil for drinking outside beer.
Mr. World was also given Milk on down for false app posting.
Lucky Cock was given some milk to improve his patience and endurance so that he can break more checks.

Emas Tag and Touch & Go were invited on to the throne as they have never sat together.
Kangaroo and Cocky were iced for setting the trail along the road.
Mystery Whip today is Smoky Gin and She iced JM LeftBall for climbing over the wall.
Lucky Pussy was iced for managed to run in front of GM today.
GM iced JM for using milk for on down when he only drinks direct from the source.
Sap Sum Ee was iced for not using the resources at GH5 to expedite her insurance claim.