Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Run # 848 on 21st April at BK6 Kinrara, hare by Tomato and rated 8.5 points by Lambo

Hare Corner:

Yong Soon Wern is her name which most of us do not know but can connect you to her FB. Her hash name was given as Tomato because she was brought to GH5 by her Aunt who is Cili Padi in 2009. Her profession gets her to meet many stars because her job is Make-Up Artist! So, Ladies and Gentlemen, if you need a make up do for special event, can always engage our young talent for a price of course! Tomato is also member of PJ Harriets and G7.

Thank you Tomato for the home made finger food and dinner! And helped out as Beer lady!

Lambo was so excited to rate today's run!
Today's run started with big confusion where is the entry point and Semen had to call the Hare just to confirm mana to masuk! Anyway it resulted a few Hasher end up from Belakang Mari but all completed the trail with the volunteer helper of PissStop and Silent Gorilla, big hand to them. JM was iced for the screwed up of the run because he told Prince Charming the entry is wrong and also asking why no ice chair today, GM said there is already too many things to carry and JM make sure to get a truck next year when he is GM!
 Lucky Pussy was given an on down for help to keep the keys and also volunteer to take care of the beers. But she was next on ice because she had a new hair style and also telling GM she was going for a bath and could not take care of the beer but she went to sit down by the can and did not take a bath and eating quaci!
The few belakang mari hashers including guest Eddy were invited out and Eddy has been here second time but did not know what GH5 stands for and was iced. Next Thorny Prick was iced for not knowing the drinking water is meant for guest only and actually to also honor him for completing the 70.3 Ironman few weeks ago. Medic indicated his interest to join GH5 but he could not even identify 10 members' name and GM told him to wait for  few more months. Lambo had the honor to do run rating today and awarded 8.5 points for the run.  Hare gave her speech and iced GM for suggesting to cut the hash paper in half. Gold Finger was iced when he directed the parking to be near his newly bought house. Next time we can park , eat, bath and run from his house! Grey Devil and Semen were given an on down for the most improved Hashers and they are closing in on the front runners. JM was iced before he took the box when he did not know who gave Golden Eye the hash name. Silent was the Tan Sri look alike today and was iced for the comment he make on GH5 chat group on the subscription. Left Ball took the box and iced Shitface for stating the house Gold Finger bought is for the mistress. Parcel  and Heng Yi were given on down for coming to GH5 run. Lolek was iced for eating before circle is over. James Bonk was next on ice for not knowing the run rating and talk too much during circle. Puan Sri and Song Bird were given on down to keep them happy since man in the house is not around. Lolek was iced again for not knowing today is Tuesday. Mystery Whip Piss stop  iced Tomato for setting a good run and everyone is out by 755PM.  Lambo was next on ice when he told the sweeper he lost his car key when it is with him. Push Up was on down for putting the photographic evidence for Piss and Silent to be sweeper for Sap Sam Ee. GM told the box and iced Wilson and Medic's guest for smoking during circle. Lastly Mad Dog was iced when he came to hash circle without a hash shirt.

Spicy Cili wants to do "Pussy Splitter Run " with Kepong H4.

Eat quaci and make you run faster and stronger!

Tomato setting a good run!

Make the parking close to his newly bought house!

False alarm on his car key!

70.3 Ironman never bring his own water!

Guests smoking during the circle!

Guest Eddy did not know what GH5 stands for?

The Lim Chen Sia/Lucky Pussy of GH5 with new hair do!

Medic failed member's name miserably!

They sweep because Young Lady requested them to do so!

Golden Finger is buying a house for his mistress..........

Mess up the run entrance and also do not know who gave Golden Eye her hash name!

The co-hare who did a good job!

Tan Sri look alike!

Medic brought guests and never introduce to GM!

Always never run but want to drink and makan!

The feeling of icing the GM!

Lim Chen Sia do not want to be Beer Lady!

The most improved hasher of the year award goes to ...................

The Ironman and his belakang mari guest!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Run # 847 on April 14th at TTDI, hare by Golden Eyes rated 9.0 points by Sap Sum Ee

Hare Corner:

Vivian Pang Chow Mooi is the founding member of GH5 and the other half of Gold Finger. Her hash name was given by The late "Alex The Bear " when they were given a hash wedding on board the cruise ship. She was christian-ed as Golden Eye because the other half is Gold Finger. Golden Eye is a domestic engineer and currently only run with GH5. She wishes all GH5 member happy hashing and stay healthy.

Thank you to Golden Eye for the finger food, extra beer and food at Kopitiam restaurant.

See my Golden -Eyes?

Circle started with Piss Stop given the first icing for being elected as the Grand Hazards of PJ Hazards. Toy Boy and Monster were given a long time missing welcome back. This was follow by Interhash Sex Pocahontas announcing  Kepong H4 10th Anniversary Celebration, regular run is RM70 and Ball Breaker Run is RM110. The run rating today was by new member Sap Sum Ee who awarded  generous 9.0 points. GM being off form today quickly hand over the circle to JM LeftBall and he wasted no time in giving Mr World a special drink which he later claimed is Cow's urine. Golden Eye was iced next for taking too long to collect the finger food and gotten the hare team worried thinking she may be hijacked! Carton and Silent were iced for failing to state when did Golden Eye rejoined GH5 back and Gold Finger was iced as well. GM was iced as well for he did not know what was the run rating on that night. Warlord was given a blessing by Mad Dog Monk for his hiking trip to Nepal. Cocky was iced for saying GH5 has a lot of old ladies. Kim Chi and Popeye was caught for smoky during circle time. Mafia was next iced for trying to claim damages from GH5 for his broken wind screen at Green Hill residence. Lucky Cock was iced for being lazy to break check nowadays. James Bonk was next on ice throne for always saying the wrong thing in the chat group but today he correctly posted Happy Tamil New Year. Song Bird was the mystery whip for today and iced left Ball immediately for giving the duty to some whip whenever he is too busy at work. 
GM took back the box and honor our Ikanman BangCock for completing the Kapas -Marang swim. 
Next GM test Left Ball if he knows Ladies Finger 's run no at Bukit Subang and he did not remember as well. Lastly, lost and found chair that was with GM for the past three weeks was return to the rightful owner Popeye on ice.

The Ikanman! 

ALL GH5 members,please crush the aluminium can and drinking bottles  so that it will take up very small space!

Mr World drinking the special brew from left Ball!

Gold Finger, please stop playing your balls!

Finally found my chair!

Have a safe  hiking trip!

Ni dong ,wo dong, nampak burung..........................

Grand Hazards, Grand Father!