Saturday, February 25, 2017

Run # 944 at Sunway Damansara on 21st Feb 2017, hare by Spicy Cili, rated 8.0 by Chikitichik.

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 824 on Nov 4th 2014  at Penchala Link, hared by Spicy Cili and rated 10 points by Fish Shi.'

Spicy Cili joined hash in year 2001 and was brought to GH5 by V-Power. Her original hash name of Cili Padi was given by Kangaroo because she is petite and outspoken. Because there is another member with similar named as Cili Padi in GH5 who is famous for running, Spicy Cili felt the honor should go to her and change the name to Spicy Cili with the approval of the committee in 2014. GH5 is her only hash chapters and she had held various committee post over the past 13 years from Joint Mistress to On Sex and etc. Spicy Cili 's real name is Karen See Youk Chee and her profession is Domestic Engineer! 

Hare updates:
Q; What do you want to say to GH5 members?
A; Be a quality and contributing member to the club and not a liability.
Q: If you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
I always want hash members to keep fit, be healthy, do enough workout besides drink and eat, be a constructive and considerate GH 5 member..
Q: What has hash done for you?
A: Hash has make me overcome fears, make me more courageous, keep fit, build health and strength.
Q: What have you done for hash?
A:  I have been the On -Sec for more than 10 years and my time and  energy has been devoted to GH5

Spicy Cili Run.
Sunway Damansara

GM starts the circle in the vicinity at Sunway Damansara greeting members and guest a very good evening.
Bangcock announces next 3 weeks run:
1) High Lily-Cheras Bkt.Hartamas.
2)Pochahantas- Wawasan Puchung 
3)Piss Stop- Bukit Laggong

Up Coming Batu Hash -Saint. Patricks Pub Crawl on 15/3
Damage  is RM80.Closing date 4/3.
GM iced Warlord for not wearing on a T -Shirt  during circle . Manyak panas say uncle !!!
It's mandatory to put on a hash tee shirt during circle and no caps on .
JM's took over the box greeting members and guest a very good evening.Finally he D&D party was over i am sure you had enjoy the fun as much as I do says SB.
Thank You to the team Medic, Toy Boy,Baby Chameleon,Jungle man and Bee Gees ,Thongs were call up to the box for an On down for their outstanding performances..
BB was iced for not taking down hash sign after CNY run at Bkt.Subang.
On Cash was Iced for loosing her handphone. As a matter of fact she conveniently put it inside a bag.
Thongs was Iced for having low energy handling ON down songs.Come On Thongs you can do better than that!!LOL!
JMs was Iced by GM for being too concerned about today's run and keep asking the Hare and co-hare how was the checks and the run.LOL!!!
Han Wan Nan was Iced for saying Ah Ben " Pei Kow Chui" -Chase by a pack of dogs.!He should instead help Ben out of the situation!!! WOW...WOW ..BARK BARK!
Tag Along was Iced for asking GM to starts ON  ON at 5.45PM.
Power Bank  was Iced  for having a puncture tyre and calling Lady Finger in the middle of the night.
GM says she call the wrong person .GM will always help her in times of phone are on 24/7 at any point of time  you can cal me for help -be it car issue  or getting a new wife , come to me says GM jovially. OH REALLY GM...!!!
Kuachi was Iced too for ramping his pick up truck into a divider. Alamak ....Drunk Driving!!!

Kimchi was Iced for sleeping.
Jm's Iced Warlord for calling Song Bird in the middle of the run asking for plastic bags to cover his phone. LOL.! Uncle  you banyak jaga Hand phone  Arrr.....!
Chick Kiti Chic rated today's run 8 points.
Hare Spicy Cili thank all members and guest for coming and their warmest support.
At the same time she Iced Buffalo Gun and Tag Along for talking & having private function.
GM was Iced for modifying the run trail.
Silent , Lucky Pussy and Smoky Gin was recognized for completing today's run.
Lastly Ben and Ah Hend was iced for removing the circular checks.
Thank You Hare for the nice  food , Whiskies,Wines and extra beers.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Run # 943 at Desa Mininium on Feb 14, hare by Ladies Finger, rated 9.0 by Card Master

Hare Corner:
Previous Run #829 on Dec 9th 2014 at Bukit Subang, Hared by Lady Finger and rated 9.0 points by Dream On.

Hoe Yee Mei is the other faithful half of Left Ball. She was brought to hash in 2008 by Left Ball to supervise himself so that he won't go astray! She is member of Klang Hash and GH5. Her hash name was given by V-Power of GH5 because Lady Finger can cook very well. She is a domestic engineer by profession and she hope all GH5 members stay happy and be healthy at all time.

Thank you  to Lady Finger for the free food and extra beer and big towel!

Hare Updates:

Personal profile update: Now Ladies Finger is the First Lady of GO1 of GH5. 
Q:What do you want ot say to GH5 members?A. Stay healthy and be active to keep our minds working all the time.
Q:If you can do something for GH5 members, what will it be?
A: Try to prepare better finger food if requested and to provide assistance at runsite during 
celebration run like registration n dispensing goodies if any.

Q:What has hash done for you?
A: Hashing has built up my physical strength n confidence in myself in dealings with my family n especially my husband. Ha. ha. ha.....

Q:What have you done for hash?
A: At this moment of time I have not done any significant things for GH5. At times I have only give some valuable advice n directions to the ladies hashers.

Circle started fairly late at arund 9PM. GM announced the next 3 weeks run and welcome some guests from Penang H4, Puchong Hash as well.
Wuld Boar was iced for calling circle before the ice throne is set up, this is breached of protocol. 

Warlord and Bijis were both iced hen they ran into each other during U-turn.
GM advised all members must contain their anger and frustration and drown it with more beers...ha. ha...anyway recognition deserving members should be given as well besides icing....

Bonsai was iced for raking in the cash at GH5 annual casino. Lucky Cock was iced for losing RM400 and increased his BKT price immediately to cover the losses. GM said if can not afford to lose, better don't gamble.....
GM wishes everyone Valentine's day and iced Nazha for saying having more girlfriend will create competition for the wife to love him more. GM said his philosophy is wife only one but many girlfriends.....
Arun was iced for coming to run on Valentine day when he should be dating.. he failed his new member admission tests miserably.
Tan Sri complained he has not been iced for long time and GM gladly obliged. JMS took over the box and remind all ladies the dress code is floral theme for the D&D and gentlemen smart casual. JMS also conducted diced game for members and guests to drink between So Geow or Whisky.

Food was on site, thanks to Ladies Finger for the extra beer, towel, whisky and finger food as well.