Monday, September 29, 2014

Run # 817 on September 22nd at Jalan Kacau. Semenyih Hared by Blur-blur rated 8 points by Push Up.

Hare Corner:

Ronnie Yun Yoon Leong is the big time contractor in rain water recycling business. if you are worried about water rationing, he is the men you should look for as he can turn water into gold! His hash name Blur  Blur was given by GH5 for he is always very blur.
Blur was brought to GH5 by none other than our biggest GH5 member recruiting agency- Fishshit around 20009. Blur only hash with GH5 but do actively participate in other hash chapter's event. Thanks to the hare for the grub and beer. On On.

Kim Chi, Shitface, BangCock and Semen were given on down for managing the circle and run the week before when the most senior office bearers were absent from the run at Mantin. Shitface was iced when he had to ask his mother's permission to come for the run in Mantin. Both Shitface and Baby Monkey were iced for declaring no government and was eating before on on starts. Run rating was by Push Up today and she awarded 8 points for the run. Blur was iced for not doing the sweeper duty last week. Prince Charming and Lucky Cock did not break check but went their own way. Push Up was on ice for laying paper for KH4 trail when today is GH5 run. Lady Finger was iced when she had to short cut due to leg pain but when went shopping, the leg was never in pain! Fish Shit was late at the run site and keep calling the hare how to go into the trail. Kim Chi and Kirei Kimono were iced for sending the wrong apps location. Tan Sri was iced when he commented JM uses remote control to ice people.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Run # 816 on September 16th at Mantin hared by Big Crazy Cock rated 8.5 points by Lucky Cock

Hare Corner:

Heng Kong Chiang is the famous name in Klang dealing in electrical wiring for trucks. He was brought to GH5 by Lucky Cock around 2006 during Gold Finger's time. His hash name Big Crazy Cock was given by Piss Stop when Heng used to have a lot of fun and acted like a crazy guy. Big Crazy Cock only hash with GH5. Thank you Big Crazy Cock for the free beers, whisky and food on site and sponsored all the guests fee as well.

 Even though the turn out from GH5 members were only 16 pax and another 12 guests from Mantin H4,  the circle was fun and everyone enjoyed the circle and all of them had a chance to sit on ice. Big hand to Kim Chi and Shitface for helping and also thank you to BangCock and Semen as well. However, credit must also go to Big Crazy Cock for sponsoring all the guests fee and put up a good do despite low turn out from GH5 members. 

Though there was attempt from Mantin H4 to reverse take over of GH5 but last minute frantic calls to some members managed to save the hostile take over when more GH5 members showed up to lend support to Big Crazy Cock. Judging from the pictures taken, obviously everyone had a good time and it goes to show a small crowd actually can be more fun compared to when there are many people in the circle and it is noisy and having private party.