Thursday, July 21, 2016

Run # 913 on 19th July at Gree Hill Puncak Alam, hare by Puan Sri and rated 9.0 points by Hotleg!

Hare Corner:
Run #793 at TTDI on 8th April 2014 by Puan Sri and rated 9.0 by Q-Shit
Datin Jessica Low Lai Wah is the official name registered with the palace, however in hash she was conferred another prestigious title known as Puan Sri 318.  Puan Sri was brought to Hash by her sleeping partner Tan Sri in 2007, her hash name was given by KH4 by the natural extension of her sleeping partner. Puan Sri is currently members of five chapters, GH5, Klang H4, Happy Friday Hash, Hokkian Hash and Royal Klang Club Hash. Puan Sri professional endeavor is  helping her sleeping partner in their construction machinery supplies, that means she signs the cheque! Her message to fellow member is hashing is fun and let's foster fellowship.

Run # 793 on 8th April 2014
Hare Update:
Anything you want to say to GH5 members?
Hope those non-active members will come more often.
If you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
Organized outstation run.
What has hash done for you?
Fellowship and make me healthier
What have you done for hash?
Nothing at this moment, will do some in future.

Circle starts at 9.00 pm sharp .
GM welcomes first guest .
Sony Chia was brought to hash by Tan Sri .
Sony was not attached to any chapter -He is currently working in KL and from Alor Star, Kedah .
LB and WarLord had mastermind today's interesting and exciting run  which sum up to 5km .
Hot Legs finds  today's run challenging and GM encourages her to come more often .
Silent was recognized  on iced for breaking the first check.
Coincidently he was planning to do a short cut and was lucky to find papers and broke the check.!
Wah so Lucky!!!
He had also commented in the chat group "who run who die"!!
Kena Iced!!!
Gm Advised hashers to ignore hash papers issue posted on FB . It's been 60 years since 1938 hash chapters are organizing runs  and there's no complaint nor issues arising .
More importantly we do not liter plastic bottles and cans in run site . We hash and leave the jungle in same original virgin condition says GM .
Upcoming Family Do had been fixed on October 1,2&3 ..
Bonsai was appointed the OC and will recee coming weekend
Gold Finger was given a gentle reminder as OC for Founder and Freedom Run falls on 30th August 2016. Gasing Bird Park .
Hiking trip no.2 will be very interesting in Bario , Sarawak .
GM will announce the dates later.
Lucky Cock was ICED for not having a loving heart!!
He says if LPussy did not come out from the jungle today - I will lite the fire crackers and belanja 50 tables . !
GM ask why he says that ... And promise to ice him again next week when wild boar stands as a witness ..!
LC habis la ....all witness and proof and evidence sudah ada! Mana mau lari...!?
Grey devil will be the OC for upcoming Karaoke Night .
He will check and update GM next week .
Melanie was ICED for being a long time guess and forgetting to off her car Spot light !
JM s was iced for uprooting few Tongkat Ali plants .
GM asked ,you want so many Tongkat Ali for what.?! Makan la....LOL..!
He also advised hashers not to uproots plants from the jungle.
JMs took over the box .greeted all hashers and guest a very good evening .
How many members have been missing in actions-Ask JMs ...?!
They are namely Stumpy, Steve Lee, Spring Chicken ,Lord, Mr .World and Kangaroo.
Last weeks B J drink participants are Shit Face , Bonsai ,Piss Stop, Silent Lazar and Kai Si Wong .
Who has done the most obscene act ask JMs ?
Obviously it was Silent performing the obscene act on GMs butt . And was the best performer .Silent banyak pandai .....mana you belajar ....?!
Hot legs rated 9 points for Puan Sri's Run .
Hare Puan Sri  would t like to thank all guest and members for coming and for their warm support .
GM LB once again reminded hashers to respect the Circle,
Respect the Club , Members and GM .
When you respect yourself We will respect you too.! Cheers !!!
GM was iced because he encourages co hare to uproots Tongkat Ali .
Song Bird was iced for ppanting Tingkat Ali at her garden and not "eating it Yet".
GM say you are going to eat it sooner or later.
LB advises if you want to uproot plants you shud also replant it back for future sustainability .
Before the circle was closed John was put to a test and Baby Crocodile was brought out from his hibernation mode and recognized him on iced !
Big Hand to John for passing the test 90% set by GM .

Thank You Hare for the Grubs And free flows of beers .

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Run # 912 on 12th July at Setia Eco Park by Nezcha, rated 8.5 points by Toy Boy

Hare Corner:
Previous run, Run #792 by La Cha at Desa Aman Puri on 1st April 2014 rated 8.5 by Kim Chi.
La Cha, La Char, Nazha, Nezcha? There has been too many version of spelling for his name, so from today  onward, we shall follow what was printed on the April 1st 2014 hash T-shirt given out by the Hare and it is stated as La Cha! This hash name was given by Messy of Subang Wanker and La Cha did not know why he was given this hash name. La Cha joined hash 4 years ago and was brought to hash by Char Siew of Subang Wanker. He is current member of Hakka Hash and GH5 and was a member of Subang Wanker and a frequent guest of PJ Harriets. La Cha is a businessman and major player in sticker/label printing for packaging and also into some property development. His message to GH5 member is " I am happy to be a member of Gasing Hash" La Cha was voted into the committee of GH5 for 2014/2015 term.

Hare Updates:

Currently member of PJ Harriets, Klang Hash 4 and GH5. Besides Label printing, he is also into Real Estate Investment and Developer as well. Latest goodies the name is Nezcha! sigh..........

Questions: Anything you want to say to GH5 members?
Friendly gang and not calculative with lots of fun loving activities.

Questions:If you can do something for GH5 , what will it be?
To increase number of female members.

Question:What has hash done for you?
Hash has given me another choice of social activity and sporting pleasure.

Questions: What have you done for hash?
Original answer: Nothing that I know of.  
Editor's answer: I have been a keen support of ladies guests and will continue to support them to come so that the circle is merrier!

Thank you to Lachar for sponsoring the guests, free flow of Beer, Whisky, Sake and Wine, nice finger food and goodies for ladies!

Circle started at around 9PM. Nezcha's 83 years old mother was honored for coming to GH5 and her personal escort Piss Stop was given On Down as well.
Nezcha was iced because catered served with styrofoam container which is a not allowed in GH5. Around 10 first time guests were honored by GM.
GM from Kepong H4, ,PJ Harriets, Friday Hash and KH4 were honored as well.
Cat Eye and My Love were both iced for using Unchain Melody song as their On On call.
Grey Devil and Tan Sri posted sexy girls are coming for the run but did not deliver their promise.
Push Up and JMS both were iced for selling sleeping pills!
JMs Song Bird took the box and introduce all the GH5 Ladies supposing to do the licking and drinkng from the small glass, then the guys were called and they were to take out their tops and tie a ribbon on their neck to perform the show. Nezcha get the ball rolling, follow by Grey Devil, Kai Si Wong, Bonsai, Shitface, Piss Stop and Silent Gorilla. It was a fun time for the members to enjoy!

Even Lachar's mother came to support!