Monday, March 2, 2015

Run # 840 on Feb 24 at TTDI hare by Shitface and rated 9.0 points by Tan Sri.

Hare Corner:

Lim Boon Leong has been in the automotive industries for years and currently is the MD for Sime Darby Auto Premium Selection Division. He was brought to hash by the late Rokok in 1988 to Tanjung Petri Hash in JB. His hash name was also given by Rokok probably somehow he gotten some shit on his face or must be damn ugly then! Shitface started Hainan HHH in 1998 while he was based there and is the current Grand Hazards of PJ Hazards. He is currently members of PJ Hazards, GH5 and Orang Gila/Melaka Hazards.
I dont like to sleep alone, sleep with me , don't go...............

Now you understand why he is called Shitface!

Happy Birthday to you.............................!

Finally, Tan Sri gets to revenge!

CNY OC, make sure you do better than today's run!

Happy Birthday and almost blast the Hash Heritage container's apart!

When Kangaroo heard Irus was given an welcome, he quickly sat on ice!

Welcome first time guest, Thong's girlfriend!

Welcome back Yakitiyak! 

GM of PJ Harriets never pay attention!

Promised last week to carry the Ice Throne but after circle, quickly disappeared!

Soh Kau Kau claimed he was paid to come to run or assured of RM300 winning tonight!

GM iced for lazy to practise "Chi Kung"

Double bang to start the circle!