Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Run # 794 at Green Hill Residence on 15th April 2014 by Flamingo rated 7 points by Sailor Moon

Hare Corner:
Phuah Siew Kuan is the official name married to Tan Cheng Tuck (Wood Pecker) and both of them are managing the Tuck Auto user car business in Kapar Town. Flamingo, her hash name  was  christian-ed in GH5 by Bonsai for her colorful hair do and her association with Wood Pecker. Flamingo was brought to Hash by Pocahontas. She is current member of GH5 and Friday Happy Hash 4 On Sec (Wow, got future!), having only hash for 2 years +, her motto in hash is "One must learn to love yourself and get your priority right, your own judgement is very important "!

JM Left Ball took to the circle today as GM Bonsai had a biking accident doing the wrong Iron Event to Fraser Hill instead. JM mentioned in order for member to better understand the circle, he will speak in both languages some times but English is still the main language in GH5. JM Song Bird was iced when she Make-Up Tan Sri last week like a "Ghost", it was not very appropriate for a birthday occasion. Tan Sri was iced next for claiming Left Ball can not swim but have an Olympic size swimming pool at home but Tan Sri himself can not swim. JM offered GH5 member free bath if you do not have water at home. Cocky was iced for claiming not receiving 1 Gasing Hash aid when he voted in last AGM. Baby Monkey, ex GM was given an on down for being more handsome and relax now that he has no pressure. JM Song Bird reminded members to remind the CATERER NOT TO USE STYROFOAM CONTAINER OR PLATE AS IT IS EXTREMELY TOXIC TO THE ENVIRONMENT! 
Warlord and Left ball both were iced when they used the committee chat group to shit and pee. Lacha was honored for going back into the trail to lend a light to guide the back runners. Leftball was also iced for dropping the microphone after too tired from setting the run. Sailor Moon was the run rater today and commented today's run was too long with a lot of bashing through the trail. Jame's Bonk was iced for forgotten last week's run rating before he was to take the Buzzard role. Left Ball was iced for dropping the Microphone and advice JM this is English speaking chapter and should speak English. Sepuluh Lima  has been missing for long time and thought he had migrated to China. Mun Yau was iced for using new Adidas shoes , moan and groan when he step into the mud. Gold Finger was iced as co hare because he set a very muddy trail (Isn't this what hashing is about?) Eric The prick came out last with Sailor Moon and Eric was supposed to give her one 100Plus but was eating away by himself instead!