Sunday, January 15, 2017

Run # 938 on 10th Jan at Gasing Bird Park, hare by Baby Crocodile, rated 8.0 points by Kimbap

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 821 at Pantai Hill Park on Oct 14th, 2014 hared by Baby Crocodile and rated 8.5 points by Long John.
Baby Crocodile was brought to hash by Johnny Walker in 2001. He joined Klang H4 first and joined GH5 in 2002. His hash name was given by Coconut Kernel of Klang Hash because he managed a licensed credit company which finance used cars and other venture. Baby Crocodile's real name is Teoh Hock Su and some other nick names are "Ah Xiang Kor " by FMC and " Ber Chek" 
His motto for hash is be happy and enjoy our self and do not hold grudges!
Big Hand to Baby Crocodile for the roast pig, wonderful spread of food, One dozen of Whisky, 1 dozen of wine and many crates of beer. Another wonderful Tuesday night
Hare Updates:
5.What is your profession
Credit for Motors
6.What do you want to say to GH5 members?
Hope everyone is united in GH5
7.If you can do something for GH, what will it be?
7,希望每一次做hare可以为大家带来欢乐和可以请大家free flow
Whenever I am hare, I will bring joy and happiness to all members and providefree flow of beers...
What has hash done for you?
Hash change my perspective what happiness is !
9.What have you done for hash?

I have not done much for hash but hope everyone is united to create a perfect GH5!

GM greets members and guest in mandrine "Wan Sang How!( A Very Good Evening!) LB thank the hare for the free flow of beers.
Bangkok announced next 3 weeks run as follows.:

1)56° Whisky Run Bukit Subang. 
2)Smoky Gin -TTDI
3)Lolex - Wawasan Puchung
First time guest were welcome and a ondown .
Piss Stop was Iced for making a bad comment...when he pass by the ladies he can't sense the ladies smell.
LOL!  Sudah andropause kah bro.we thought you have sensitive nose like a doggie! Ha..ha...JUST KIDDING!
GM highlighted hare has the options to request for "tong tong"rm10, rm20 or rm30 for his/her run.
Just cream into his presence weather he provides chicken ,lamb,abalone or "fatt tiew cheong" its alright and its up to the Hare says GM .
He further reason out a computation and it's back to a square one.Wow  GM you really do your homework - sit down and calculate  in detail.!!!.LOL.!
Everyday we are learning , whether its on a positive tension or negative tension -we are always on a learning curve. You are all intelligent people -same as me .However at this moment in time , i am standing on the Box here and slightly more intelligent that you..says GM. ha..ha....haaa...!
Sure Boh GM ...? Was it IQ or EQ..?we tought you are only good in physics...
Haha...JUST Joking!!!
BLUE Bird announces the upcoming CNY do on the 7th February-11th day of CNY.
Run site will be Bukit Subang .Members Fees Rm 30 and Guest Rm70.  ON ON at Restaurant Choong Foong. Members and guest are strongly encourage to join .
Please make a date with us  on this auspicious CNY Run.!

Gm LB advised all members and guest to dress properly  and carry your self well for next week 56° Whisky' s Run  as there will be camera crew shooting.
Titanic and Lolex was Iced for running only once in a  blue moon- 2 times a year.! LOL.
100 plus was Iced and DR Soh and 13 Ee were deployed to examine and prescribe a "Poh Chi Lam" chinese herbs  for Hundred Plus to have speedy recovery .

Pokahatas and Push Up was Iced by Gm for inproper attire dying her hair pink and push Up -MIA during circle last week.

JM'S took over the box greeting members and guest "Kong Xi Fa Cai"!
.announcing to guest every Tuesday is GH5'S Run. We are a "  running club with drinking problem." Hence relaxing the mind or release tension & stress.
SONG Bird says all are ready for party for our upcoming Annual Diner and Dance. 18th February Tropicana Golf and Country Club.
BMM  ICED PISS stop for being demanding asking BMM to serve beers to him.BMM says he only serves the GM and Founders only.! SAY WHAT about..tan sri's and Dato??
QQ  was reconized for maintaining her GM post second year- as GM for Kepong hash.
Golden Eyes was Iced for saying 13 Yee "tai sai "demanding him to serve her beers!LOL.!
Kim Bab rated BC's run 8 points.
BABY Crocodile thank all  members and guest for coming and their warmest support .
GM ends the circle and please enjoy the food Hare had prepare a "Low Sang for all at Kum Kee restaurant .!TQVM HARE.