Saturday, July 15, 2017

Run # 964 0n 11th July at RSC, hare by Sap Sum Ee, rated 8.0 points by Tuck-In.

Hare corner:
Previous run: Run# 849 on 28th April 2015 at Cheras Awana, hare by Sap Sum Ee and rated 8.5 points by Prince Charming

Sap Sum Ee is a her hash name which was given by Kepong Hash  because Sap Sum Ee  in the Wong Fui Hong's movie is the girl friend of Wong Fui Hong and such name does exist in Kepong Hash. She was brought to GH5 by Lolek in 2014 though she heard about hash earlier via Big Mouth Monkey because of their association in Usana. Besides in direct sales in Usana, Joan Tan Lay Hoon is also a professional wedding facilitator. She is currently member of GH5 and Kepong Hash 4. She also thanked all her sponsors for today's run.
She loves GH5 because members do take care of each other, she felt happy and not much gossiping.

Hare updates: Sap Sum Ee has achieved extra ordinary rise in hashing circle by becoming On Sec in PJ Harriet within a short span of 3 years.
6. I wish all GH5 members always happy and enjoy and respect  each other's existence.
7. I will try to give more time and volunteer to do more events for GH5.
8. Hash has improve my self confidence and i have know many more people and made many friends.
9. Within a short span of time, i am already elected  to very important position in Kepong Hash and PJ Harriet. I suppose this is my contribution to hash.

Scribe by Blue Bird.

13 Yee Run.


GM wishes members and guest a very good evening  at run site No Man's Land.

GM LB say for the 2nd time he appologise to members and Kangaroo for the incident happened  4 weeks ago .
Because  the 1st message did not 
Reach certain members .

What i am trying  to says is  i am doing my best. I will ensure that you are proud to be a Gasing Members and happy with the  activity in store for you here.
A rousing YES for being a happy members by all members.
I cannot make each and every one of you happy but I can be  happy with each and every one of you 
Says GM.
I can see your smiling faces carries a sincere heart.
Hashers says GM dont kiss me .I would love you very much.
On Down to Shit Face for having a good Karaoke do.
OC for Family Do Grey Devil announced Betong outing will be exciting .
Hashers get to see Big Old Tree 1000 yrs Old.
WOW! That Phenominally Big!!@
Pick up at 2 points 
a)PJ at 7am near Fatty Crab GD Office.
B)At Monterez Club- 8am 
Please make your self avail.punctually at these points.T.Q.
There will be a stop at Lenggong , Sauh -where the local restaurant speciality  of river fish are served.
Tag Along was iced for being hyper during Karaoke Night . He performs better iin the dance floir than hadhing in the jungle...Manyak Happy borther!!!
Keep it up.!
Snow white was On Down - she has improved by leap and bounds and even over took Join Master in hash.
GM said he 's the guy behind  motivating her.
Bagus la GM...!
Arun  was Iced for marrying a chinese wife and can't speak Chinese.

There will be a hiking trip in August 
.A trip to Gunung Gab and Gunung Semangkok. Nesr Frasers Hill.complete with BBQ night.
OC Song Bird .TBA.
JMS SB took over the box greeting members and guest a very good evening.
saying todays run site was cool...The more the merrier. This is amazing! 3 chapters meets here.LOL.!!
In future the Run site Co Hares try not to tress pass Bukit Kiara's area.
Kindly take note.
Raub 12th Malaysia Hash  Nash 
Run Site are interesting - a durian orchard owned by Dato' Lean and converted into a resort.
Durian livers take note.
Early birds registration RM 250 untill end July only. Please submit names to JMS.
Some big heads did not run hash today...says SB.
WAR LORD .SHIT FACE .PUSH UP. SILENT and Grey Devil were call up.
Push Up wad sentence to ICe. For the most wanted person.
Spring Chicken was iced for bringng his girlfriend and not running.
Sunkie Monkey's GM was  iced and a Birthday  Song was sung to him 
Join Master Lazar announced next 3 weeks run.:-
1)Bolan - Puchung Wawasan 
2)Tomato - Kinrara BK 6
3)War Lord - Green Hills Puncak Alam
Sap Sum Yee was iced for missing in actions too long
Tag Along rated todays run 8.0 points .
Hare 13 Yee thank all membrts and guest for coming and their warmest support.
PH HHH Committee Run 27th July 
Damage Rm60.
Free Track pants and BBQ Roast Pork. Please Feel free to join.

Thank you Hare for the grubs and extras beers.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Run # 963 on 4th July at BK6, hare by Golden Eye, rated 10.0 by Speedo.

Hare Corner:
Previous Run #  847 on April 14th, 2015 at TTDI, hare by Golden Eyes rated 9.0 points by Sap Sum Ee

Vivian Pang Chow Mooi is the founding member of GH5 and the other half of Gold Finger. Her hash name was given by The late "Alex The Bear " when they were given a hash wedding on board the cruise ship. She was christian-ed as Golden Eye because the other half is Gold Finger. Golden Eye is a domestic engineer and currently only run with GH5. She wishes all GH5 member happy hashing and stay healthy.

Thank you to Golden Eye for the finger food, extra beer and food at Kopitiam restaurant.
As of press time, no answer from hare on updates.

Scribe by Blue Bird.
Golden eye's run

Gm starts circle wishing  hashers a v .gd .evening.
Gm invites GM and  On Cash from Raub hash 3 and  thank them for their warmest presence.

Raub Hash Nash will be held held in Raub  on 4-6th May  2018
Raub Gm - Pah San Cher  wish GH5  hashers a very gd evening.
He share some insight about the beauty of Raub Hills and the beauty of Raub's  nature is indeed unique and  different.
Raub hills was 3 times higher than bk.6 hills.
Come May 2018 he wish to see all of Gh5 hashers joining this event .
Theres lots of musang king durian available .Dont miss this.
The Run of Nash Hash held in durian orchard.
The resort  has natural aircond.
Natural stones.
Gm told raub hash gm he is not afraid of high hills.He is afraid theres no hills to climb.
Gasing Brewery Do will be held in August or Sept.TBA once confirmed with Vincent of Carlsberg.

Family Do to Betong ...GD  the OC says schedule date is 18-20th August. .Transport by chartered bus. Damange is rm380.
1st night 3star. .staying in Mandrine Oriental.2nd night no star..
Chin ping village resort 
This resort has fruits season.
If response is good. May be 2 buses.Please register with OC Grey Devil.

Gm assure gh5 members there will be lots of activity in store .
Next hiking trip.
Gunung Gab to gunung semangkok.
Up down 4 hrs. Sabah schedule in Nov. only 20ppl.could go because the resort can host only 20ppl.

Karaoke night .
Silent saw many filipino girls...and  planned to give some tips.and 
Tan Sri was chasing after the Philipino girls.
Both were Iced for being too sexited.!LOL!

Theres one one  Tuan datuk Kamaruddin says theres river irrosion lately. And some one had removed stones from river.
Haw wan nan was  ice for removing  stones .fr the river.
Golden Eyes was iced for buying all the stones and rocks from Lucky Cock.

Gold Finger was iced ..for being forgetfull as he  forget his precious wallet left  in GM's car .
Push up was iced for her hide and sick ideas.Manyak Nakal!!
Titanic and Lolek was iced for his drunk photos and falling respectively 
Drink steadilly...drink with style.
If u want 2  vomit go home 2 your  house 
JMS SB greets Gh5 members and guest a very good evening 

"Sis sia ni men tet tau lai" in mandrine

Raub Hash Nash registration handle by SB. Enjoy the early bird discount of Rm250.
Silent was iced  being the handsome guy of Gasing 
"Ching ke ke" the matter of fact he' s the ugliest in gasing.
"Hakka yin tiaw liong  pai" ..Silent comnented.
Sing Bird says ..2days run was simply good.
Speedo rated  todays run 10points.
Hare GE thank all members and guest for their warmest support.
JMS on down all Raub Hash members and new guest as well.
Gm- Pah san cher...11yrs as GM.
Siaw yuet liang,Hwa mook lan,Hong mau ching..,Lang Ger. And new guest Toto and Yip.
Toto is certified nutritionist  and a certified physio terapist.he's the only one man  representing malaysia in Triathlon event.
100km Eco trail run completed in 23 hrs.position no.9.
He can share with gashers -How 2 b lean and earn 6 pax

Thongs  whattapps 11.48am..was informative..
Demonstrated  how condom can help to  protect wounds and keep hand phone dry.
GM iced Song Bird for playing with condom whole night.
Speedo and Golden Eyes was iced ...because bribing Speedo  of perfect 10points.
No one is perfect...this is obvious bribery say GM jovially.

Thank you hare for the grubs, freebies and extra beers.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Run # 962 at Semenyih Teknologi Park on 27th June, hare by Buffalo Gum, rated?????

Hare corner:
Previous Run # 846 on 7th April 2015, at Sungai Long, hare by Buffalo Gum and rated 8.5points by Golden Eye
Buffalo Gum was brought to hash by a gentlemen named Allan Quah  in  2005. His real name is Simon Ng Heng Joo and manufacture all kinds of adhesive material for Industrial application and export. He only run with GH5 and wishes all member happy hashing. His hash name was given by Piss Stop and was suppose to be Elephant Gum but some how ended up as Buffalo Gum.
Thank you Buffalo Gum for the good run, nice food,extra beers and T-shirt as well!

Hare updates:

Anything you want to say to GH5 members?
I like GH5 to be united.

If you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
Make everyone happy and enjoy life.

What has hash done for you?
]Made me very happy.

What have you done for hash?
Donate money and be happy

Run Site 
Semenyih High Tech 6

Circle starts in the vacinity of newly completed modern factories, surrounded by luscious green hills.
GM LB greets Selamat Hari Raya to members and guest .
The track here belongs to Sang Watt says GM...
If any one wants to run here please approach Sang Watt.
He was iced for asking GM what are you doing here at 12.30pm ?The hare had send me an invitation to  join as co-hare says GM.!
Simultaneously GM make an apology  to Kangaroo and all Gasing members ,and guest present  for the incident happened last tuesday  at Kum Kee Restaurant.
The cronology of the story goes like this.
As at 20th June Kangaroo had not pay up his subscription fees and On Cash was concerned and had dedicate this task  to GM to approach Kangaroo.
When approached -Kangaroo says ..I have a lot of things to say to you  GH5 is a rubbish Club.
You as a GM why do you need to go to other chapters and run and celebrate?
GM ask further -why do you say that?

GM ask Kangaroo to come over and face  any members to explain.
Of course he dare not face the truth 
GM said  I could be wrong for doing this. I am promoting GH5.
I really spend my time and money promoting Gasing ...
Now you tell me am I doing the right thing ?
When guest comes to GH5 is there a problem?
When you go out other chapters says are from Gasing.

He says GH5 is a rubbish are garbage..Lasi..sampah..!
GM says I can take it.
But he cannot call each and every GH5 members sampah.!!
As a GM I need to protect you .I don't care whether you like me or not ,my duty is to ensure you guys are protected and comfortable here. A rousing Yes and a ...
Thank you .thank you .terima kasih song were sung by members .
Shit Face is a good guy he often advised GM ..this one you don't have to pay.Etc...
Lets closed this subject here.
Personally GM appologize to Kangaroo and GH5 members and on condition that Kangaroo apologize to GH5 members.( For all fairness, Kangaroo should be given a chance to explain to members his side of the story)
Hang Wan Nan and Thongs was Iced for  not using their brains after some confusion on in trails and out trails papers.
Kim Bab was iced Because he was  laughing at hashers .(tai lan ngong)
Hare Buffalo Gum was Iced for having 19 co hares following .
Tan Sri was iced for critizing Thongs body is out of shape.
Grey Devil and Lazar was Iced for posting celebration at fine dining Restaurants  with gorgeous ladies and not extending an invitation to GM.
That is no good and a bad practice 
First thing you must do is to invite your GM..
SF updates Karaoke Do on 1st July 
Held in Monterez Club:Rogue Bar.
Pleade come with 5 new songs.
Dress Code ..Smart Casual.
JMS took over the box greeting members and guest good evening.
It's preety unusual to see 19 co- hares Future please let the Hare know that you are joining in.
GOlden Eyes ,GM and G.Finger  was iced for colaborating and deploying GEyes to be co hare-as she need to be a sweeper. 

JMM announces next 3 weeks run.
1. Golden Eyes - Kiranra BK6
2. Sup Sum Yee - No Mans Land
3 .Bolan -  Puchung Wawasan 
Smooth face Rated todays Run 8.0 points .
Hare Buffalo Gum thank all members and guest for their warmest support and hope everyone enjoyed the run.
V Power was iced for teaching guest to used hash names.
Lolex and Titanic was Iced gor not knowing the Run Rating.
Gm says i want you to focus on the circle and i may ask you what is the point awarded for todays parking.
GM shared about Gunung TerusMadi with lots of wild orchids. In Sabah.
However only 20 hashers are allow to go at one point.
Grey Devil share the next family do will be in Betong ..Thailand.
Schedule in mid August .
Run site will be fun as there are fruits seasons in the farm.Hashers could pluck Dukong.rambutans and mangoosteen while running.
We can stay at the highland or pi  the City.
Ladies could do nice shooping while men can enjoy a good foot reflexology and massage.
WarLord shared some insight his
Past m experience .
Basically hash is a fun club.Be Happy.different people have different opinions.We always take opinions in good faith