Saturday, September 13, 2014

Run # 815 on September 9th,2014 at Sungai Penchala, hared by Emas Tag and rated 8.5 points by Man Yau

Hare Corner:

Choong Chow Mooi is her actual name who is the other half of Touch & Gold. She was christian-ed as Emas Tag because Touch & Gold and Emas Tag are a pair! Emas Tag was brought to GH5 by Fish Shit three years ago and Baby Monkey gave her the hash name. She is a gemologist by profession. Emas Tag has hash with a few chapters as guest and she finds GH5 friendly and helpful.

Thank you to Emas Tag for the good run, dinner, shorts/pants and Old Parr Superior whisky!

Thank you for coming to my run!

Those in proper attire.....................

Circle started at 830PM and was told to do a short circle because we are going to restaurant for the grub tonight. GM announced the Family do on Oct 4-6 has a few places left and those interested are to hurry to sign up. Also Dinner and Dance will be on 12-12-14. Tambah Nilai was the first on ice because he came to run site at 4PM to set run but did not bring his shoes. Run rating was done by Man Yau today and he awarded 8.5points for today's run. Pocahontas was given an on down for bringing some moon cake to share with all the members. Mystery Whip Kim Chi was not well prepared and ice mad Dig and Push Up for not finishing the run. Those non starters like Jungleman, Jungle Women, Lolek and Titanic was called out to remind them they have to run and Jungleman was iced . Those wearing the same T-shirt and Pant with GM tonight, namely Emas Tag, Hybrid, Silent and Power Bang were given an on down.Itchymotor was kind enough to share two jokes with the members and iced Push Up for saying GM not on the same trail and so she can talk. T-shirt was given an icing welcome for so long he has not sit on the ice. Touch & Gold were called to explain the significance of eating Moon Cake but he only said something about Chang Er, Kim Chi explain during Yuan Dynasty, the Han people want to revolt against the Yuan and they send message in the Moon Cake and alert all to eat it to discover the message.
The Moon Cake lady!

The Makam team showed up just in time!

Welcome back to running and need to re experience icing!

She thought GM not walking on the same trail with her is safe to talk but Itchymotor was overheard the conversation...ha ha.....

Never forget your shoes on Tuesday!

Yes, I am not going............................

Beginning to look like sister!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Run # 814 on September 2nd at Taman Wawasan hared by Tambah Nilai, rated 8 points by Mamasan

Hare Corner:

Chan Kah Hui was brought to GH5 by Gold Finger and Fish Shit in September 2012. His hash name was given due to his close associations with Touch & Gold and Emas Tag. Tambah Nilai only run with GH5 and he is in the Jewelry whole seller business and claims to be very good at taking and selling. He wishes GH5-"Long Live GH5 and hashers!"
Thank you Tambah Nilai for the abundance of Popiah! and the brub and beers and waist pouch!

Circle commenced at 820 pm. GM announced the committee voted in favor of reverting back to the two meal system because inadvertently some hashers prefer to eat after taking a bath and usually there is not much food left. GM also announced the upcoming celebration run. Those interested to join Klang Hash Ccelebration will register with Kim Chi. Those interested to register for Batu Hash celebration to register with Pocahontas and those interest to join JB HHH to  register with Song Bird. Push Up was invited to open the ice throne when she was yaking on three quarters of the way during the run. Next BangCock was given an on down for a job well done for the Founders and Freedom Run. Wood Pecker was called to the throne for he has been very quite after gotten his hash name..but when he opens his mouth, it is usually " one needle see blood". During the run, when Power Bank and I caught up with him,  he told Power Bang he was waiting for her and no reason to wait for Bonsai as he only has one hole. Silent Gorilla was iced for he was rude to GM when GM ask him why he still has not put on the running shoes. Run rating was done by Mamasan today and she awarded 8 points for the run. Tambah Nilai gave his Hare speech and went to the ice throne for he does not know most of the member's hash name. He was iced second time when the van which delivered the Popiah broke down and the tow truck was creating too much noise near the circle. JM Left Ball took the box and ask a few new members their thought of  being GH5 members. JM'S vision for GH5 is unity and love for the club! Cartoon was congratulated on his marriage and were told to behave himself so that he does not have to get married again. Tan Sri was iced for not knowing last week's run rating. Fish Shit was iced for setting the run with too few checks and the whip could not catch up to look for  icing offenses. James Bonk was iced for taking mineral water when it is meant for the guest. Wood Pecker lost his mobile phone but was found by Warlord. JMS took the box and welcome our birthday boy Piss Stop to do a ice bucket challenge on the ice throne.  The rest of the September birthday boys like Gold Finger,  Thongs and Song Bird were given a birthday song as well. JM and his cronies were given a blessing by Mad Dog on their  upcoming trip to Spain and Portugal. Pocahontas was iced for losing her chair. The circle ended at 945 with on on next to the circle site.
JM represent the entourage going for Europe tour being blessed by the Mad Mad Dog...................

Bonk was trying to take the water that was meant for guest.

Lost the phone but recovered, luckily all the secret is still intact!

Birthday boy having Ice-Bucket Challenge!

Mamasan doing the run rating!

The noisy Push Up along the whole trail!

Oh! recovered my lost chair!

OC for Founders & freedom Run, well done!

Better learn all the hasher's name and pay  the Popiah vendor in advance so that he can get a new battery!

Silent Gorilla being rude to GM on why he should not wear running shoes!

Congrats Cartoon on his second Moon!

Fsih Shit, too few checks, all the front runners ran away!

Blessing for a safe journey!

Wood Pecker seldom Tuck Tuck nowadays but when he start to peck his beak, it is painful to the core!