Saturday, July 19, 2014

GH5 Brewery do on 16th July 2014.

The annual brewery do was well attended by about 60 members and 4 Grand Masters from kepong H4, Kelang Hash, Hokkien Hash and Friday Happy Hash. Mantin Hash was absent because they had committee meeting. Satay and Chinese vegetable kuih was served besides food by Carlsberg and all you can drink repertoire of beers. Bijis was graceful to bring his speaker and Guitar and make it into a live band! Thanks Bijis! The ladies of GH5 was busy clicking away as they were dress for the occasions. The party ended at about 10PM when the bar has to close ! we look forward to next year's brewery visit!
Our guests, GM from Kepong Hash 4, Klang H4, Hokkien hash and Friday Happy Hash!

The past Grand Master of GH5 who graced the occasion!

The Founders of GH5!

Bijis, doing the Bee Gees!

Run # 807 on 15th July, Torch Light Run OC by Warlord and rated 8.5 points by BangCock

Today is a historical day for GH5 as this is the first ever Torch Light Run by GH5. The idea was mooted by Warlord and he was the OC for today's event. Warlord also sponsored the goodies-Long Pants , Spicy Chili sponsored a Lamb, Fish Shit, Gold Finger, Piss Stop, Push Up, Tan Sri sponsored 8 cartons of beer. There were finger food before the run with assortment of Indian affairs before the run starts. For a long time GH5 has not have so many children for the run and it reminiscent of the early days of GH5-Family Hash! Member's attendance was around 50_and another 10 guests. The run started at 730PM but some early arrival went in for the run at 6PM to ensure they will be out by 730PM.  It was a simply trail in the palm oil plantation covering a distance of about 5KM.
The trail covering a distance of about 5KM, easy terrain in the Palm Oil plantation.

Warlord, the OC and  the one who mooted the idea of Torch Light Run for GH5!

Circle started really late today after polishing the whole lamb and the all you can eat Yong Tau Foo! GM announced all 100PLUS leaving the beer truck must be opened and all members should not take more than one can of 100 Plus! Visitng Gm Air bag was given an on down and also for helping to collect garbage around the run site before run starts! Goldie Mei was first on ice for chatting with the beerman non stop and was not part of the circle. 100Plus was next on ice for he was the one who wanted GH5 to serve 100 Plus and today GH5 has to put out minimum two cartons a week and that translate to RM50 per week or RM2500 per year! Kim Chi was next on ice when she started the run early before GM call on on! The mother appears much fitted than her! First time guests Tony and Kim Chi's Mom and Q from Australia were called out to introduce themselves. Q had the honor to sit on ice for her to experience Malaysia winter as she was from Australia and GM happened to know her in 1986! Eric The Prick was iced for taking them to short cut but end up taking a much longer route than those on paper. The run rating was done by BangCock who awarded 8.5 points. Lolek and Titanic both were iced even though the run starts at 730PM but they still come late and not running. Left Ball took over the box and call out the young ladies of GH5 and proved to Warlord they are not "Lo Mo" . Mamasan was next on iced when she send message on GH5 apps at 1am to ask for GH5 hash paper. Sailor Moon was next on ice when she confused Fish Shit with Fish Head! Pink Panty was iced when she went in with Monster at 430PM instead of 6PM. Buzzard of the night was Shitface and he iced LeftBall for claiming to be architect for the trail and did not la enough paper along the trail. Air Bag was iced when she listen to the construction worker and walk in the kongsi trail . Soh Mui Mui representing Brazil was iced for losing 10 goals in two matches! Popeye was iced when he said the full moon was a balloon in the sky! Cocky and Silent Gorilla were both iced when they were deciding who should take back the extra water melon. Fish Shit was iced when he drove fast into the run site when all the hashers were gathered on the road. Lastly Smoky Gin were iced for talking too much during the circle!

Moon and balloon looks alike! 

Fighting for the water melon!

He He he, watermelon is mine!

Driving dangerously!

Q from Australia enjoying Malaysia winter!

Trying to short cut but end up longer than the paper trail!

Always late for run even run starts at 730PM!

The young and energetic ladies of GH5

Mamasan send whatsapp at 1 am after night shift!

Fish Shit became Fish Head!

Went to do the run at 430PM.

Short cut through the Kongsi!

Representing Brazil but lost 10-1!