Friday, May 26, 2017

Run # 957 on 23rd May, 2017 at Hulu Langat Batu 12, hare by Shitface , rated 8.0 by Cartoon.

Hare corner:
Run # 840 on Feb 24 , 2015 at TTDI hare by Shitface and rated 9.0 points by Tan Sri. Lim Boon Leong has been in the automotive industries for years and currently is the MD for Sime Darby Auto Premium Selection Division. He was brought to hash by the late Rokok in 1988 to Tanjung Petri Hash in JB. His hash name was also given by Rokok probably somehow he gotten some shit on his face or must be damn ugly then! Shitface started Hainan HHH in 1998 while he was based there and is the current Grand Hazards of PJ Hazards. He is currently members of PJ Hazards, GH5 and Orang Gila/Melaka Hazards.


Hare update:
Shit face is currently semi-retired and enjoying hashing more than ever. 
Q; What do you want to say to GH5 members?
A; Good hashing chapter and family oriented.
Q: If you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
A; Keep its traditions.
Q: What has hash done for you?
A: I have many new friends.
Q: What have you done for hash?
A: I had joint founded Haikou Hash, Hackers in KL and JB. I was past Grand Hazards for PJ Hazards, On Sex for Tanjoung Putri HHH and OC for many hash events as well.

Shit Face's Run
Batu  12-  Ulu Langat

GM starts circle at Batu 12 cool vicinity at 
Ulu Langat forest .FOR THE  first Time in 2017 run site for gasing chapter.

JMM Announced next 3 weeks run as follows:
1)Song Bird -Desa Tropuka Puncak Alam
2)Kajang Chili Padi -Wawasan Puchung
3)Tau Cheong Sui - TTDI
Silent Gorilla ...posted good morning  
However out come  of the day was Very disappointing -for  Nikki ,Sammi and Penny did not turn up.LOL.!

Birthday girl Queen Bees was iced for she  did not invite GM for her celebration .

Yesterday was the closing date for Submitting names .
GM  had posted all names 2 Jabatan Perhutanan.
Hiking Cut off time is 12.30pm.
Should any hashers did not reach the peak on time are strongly encourage to turn back .
Follow the main trail.
1st runner will put some papers for tracking  purposes.

GM LB shares some insights - In this modern era of 21 century man and  women all equal.
Bonsai was Iced for giving guys hug s with lesser feelings , however -when women hugs him he  is full of feelings. " NTV 7 ..slogan I FEEL GOOD!."

GM commented ..don't put hash papers on the middle of trail put it on the left hand side.
Always put hash papers on the higher slopes and  not centre of trail

Tuck In and wild boar was iced for 
Making a nasty comment 
Tuck In says "GM  you only take care of Lady Finger very well"
For I takes cares for  all members  very well and especially GH5 members.
With my hands and my heart i will b very happy with each and every one of you.
Dragon Fly announces upcoming  run invitation -
-KD SEC..9 
Dragon fly will be posted to JB..
She was blessed on Iced and blessings done by Wild Boar.

Sailor Moon was Iced for coming too early to Today's  run site and opposite timing -coming late  if run site was in TTDI.

Slam Dunk will set run for us soon  says GM.Bravo!!!
JMS took over the box 
Checking the numbers of hashers completed todays tough run.
Amazingly 70% hashers completed d run.!!!BAGUS LA!
Run was Tedious but a blessings in disguise..says JMS.
Shit Face was ICED  TELLING  song bird 2 short cut.
GH5 team will be going to Raub coming Friday .
Team members will Join Raub Hashing on Friday and snap some photos of  charity do on Saturday

Cartoon rated todays run 8.0points 

On sec says shit face will b bechelor again.
Hare  Shit Face face thank all members and guest for coming 
And encourages members to take up higher challenges upcoming run at Desa Tropica ,Puncak Alam.
It's a very good  run site SFace comented.

"Free 2 come not free also don't come"!!! SAYS SF jovially.
HoiLamWong from MotherHash invites members and guest 2 join their 80th anniversary run in Sept. 2018
Overseas guest coming are more than 1000ppl.He needs to out beat the overseas numbers.
Gasing will  support..
GM encourage GH 5 members 2 register with Hoilamwong or go  on line.
Tan Sri was iced for  eating jagung
Non stop until now....
Tan Sri need to recharged ka!@
Dont eat during circle says GM.

Thank you hare for the nice Chicken Rice , Grubs , beers and Whiskies.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Run # 956 on 16th May at TTDI, Guests hare by Lady Bird and QQ , rated 9.0 points by Fei Chai Loong.

Hare corner:

Lady Bird's real name is Vivian Soong. She was introduced to hash by Semen, Lady Bird started hashing in 2014 and her is member of Kepong Hash 4 only. Her hash name was given by Kepong Hash, probably because she drives a VW Bug and it is red and it look like Lady Bird. She is an independent distributor of E. Excel. Lady said thank you for welcoming her to the big family, I really enjoy hashing everyone. Asked if she can do anything for GH5, her answer was " Don't know yet......"
On the question of what has hash done for you? Her answer was Hash has broaden my circle of life, I have many good friends and encourage each other, make me healthy and adds color to life.

On the question what have you done for hash? She said to have a positive attitude to infect other hash members' spirit ( or alcohol?...ha, ha,,)

QQ is the current Grand Master of Kepong Hash 4, a major achievement for becoming GM within short span of time in hashing. Her real name is Cass Chan. She was brought to hash by a former Kepong Hash member known as Taofu. She join Kepong Hash in 2011 and this is her only chapter. Cicakman of KH4 gave her the hash name because she is cute and friendly and her initial is CC. QQ is in insurance, Will & Trust profession. On the question of saying something to GH5 members, QQ said she feels happy and enjoy to join run with GH5, thanks to those members who welcome me. On the question on doing something for GH5, QQ said she will support and attend GH5 events. On the question of what hash has done for you? She said hash enable her to know many friends from all walks of life. Last question on what have you done for hash? QQ said she is current Grand Master of Kepong Hash, was On Sec and OC  for events as well.

Big hand to Lady Bird and QQ for hosting a run for GH5!


Circle starts in a cool , quiet vacinity at the foot hills of Bukit Kiara .
Grand Master LB greets members and guest a very good evening.
Todays run is slightly off track ,a simple one however it burns off all your fats. DOES IT ?
Mothers day was just celebrated .
The History of Mothers Day was way back during Ancient Greek in honor of Greek God.There after it was celebrated in U.K. 
This celebration -called " Mothering Sunday" There after it was celebrated worldwide throughout. These two lady Julia and Anna Jaavi wants to make sure it is not too commercialized .
However now a day it was too commercialize.

GM elaborate if you love your mother and take care of her sincerely  Mothers Day is not  a ONE day matter , it is every day affair.
"That's why I say  U take care of your Mum" with tender loving care!
Well said GM!!
GM welcomes back Long time lost guest  Barbie Doll and Natalie.
Its was indeed nice to see you again and we love to see you more often. A special On Down to the duo.

Card Master was Iced for not teaching his guest friend using hash names.
Tuck In and Tag Along was given a Special ON Down for their 25th Silver Anniversary.!
Eversince they joint hash life is beautiful, life is more vibrant and spice up says LB.
Tuck In elaborated GH5 girls  cannot survived without GM!
WOW !!!LOL!!! Perhaps BEERS !!!
100plus was iced for chatting not in sync  with  chatt topic...sharing a Video eating lots of baby CRAB.!!
HAHAHA..he is taking crabs!! Haha...just kidDing! LOL@

Silent was ICED for being too sexited on Tuesday morning at 6.13am. For he smells 3 gorgeous young girls are coming for todays run.!

Toy Boy was Iced for not answering all questionaire- what has hash done for you?
Just say...Hash has made  my tummy bigger lor!!! BEER BELLY!!
Says GM jovially....GM manyak orang pun ada...LOL...
All mothers were invited to the box
And a beautiful songs was sung a Cake and  couple with a waltz performance by Tuck In and Tag Along. 
JMM announced next 3 weeks run as follows:
1)Shit Face - Batu 12- Ulu Langat
2)Song Bird -Desa Tropika -Puncak Alam
3)Chili Padi -Puchung Wawasan
JMM LAZAR says Gunung Irau hiking  trip is not an easy one.
Pls. Start trainning yourself.
Hiking up hills cut off time is at exactly 12pm
Where ever you are, you got to turn back .
Thongs was Iced for throwing his shoes all over .
Fei Zai Loong rated todays run 9.0points .
Hare Cute Cute and Lady Bird thank  all guest and members for their support and especially to co-Hares and GM for providing Beers in the jungle.
Thank you Hare QQ and Lady Bird for the food, Red Wines and extras Beers.