Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Run # 904 on 17th May at Bukit Tinggi by Soh Kau Kau, rated 8 points by Sap Sum Ee

Hare corner:
Previous run :
Run # 777 on 17th Dec 2013 at Bukit Tinggi Hared by Soh Kau Kau and rated 8.5 by Touch and Go. Soh Tian Song is the name well known in the "Hard Ware" circle. And if you need some WD40, he can probably give you a good lube from the back. Soh Kau Kau was member PJ Animales, currently he is member of Batang Kajang and GH5. His hash name as you probably guess right is because of his sir name.

Updates on Hare Corner as of 17th May 2016:
He was brought to hash by Kau Chat to Batang Kajang in 2003, besides hardware, now he claims to be Vietnamese beauty agent as well! He has resigned from others chapters and only maintain membership with GH5 only.
1. If you can do something for the club, what will it be?
Soh: I propose to increase sub fee! And make everyone happy.
2. What has hash done for you?
Soh: Hash makes me and my wife crazy! Make me healthy and spend time with my wife and good way to past time.
3. What have you done for hash?
Soh: I make everyone in hash feel happy.

Thank you to the Hare for the taking us to Bukit Tinggi, good run site with clean air, good food,whisky and beers!
Run # 904 on 17th May 2015.

Dont play play, after consuming some supplements, I am front runner !

Circle starts with observing one minute silence as mark of respect for passing of Malaysia Hash Council Chairman MGR/Murugan.
1st time guest Jasmine was personally interviewed by GM and she said she is 32 years and single and available, you can imagine the amounts of flies around her such as Blur, Piss, Daffy, Thorny......
GM announced the various event which GH5 intend to carry out.
1. Freedom Run-OC is Gold Finger
2. Family Do at Tasik Kenyir, OC is Bonsai
3. Torch Light Run, OC is Warlord
4. Karaoke Session, OC is Lachar and Grey Devil
5. AGM  Run, OC is Tan Sri
6. CNY Run, OC is Blue Bird
7. Annual Dinner, OC is Song Bird and GM
GM also requested committee members to help out for his Crowning Moment Run when he will have more than 150 guests to attend the Coronation Ceremony of GH5 GM Run!
Silent Gorilla was iced and his fingers as well for changing the icon of the chat group and makes Lembek mad.
Gilbert and Janice were formally admitted as GH5 members from tonight onwards. 
Gilbert was iced for not knowing for sure what is GM's hash name.
Both card Master and Sap Sum Ee were iced for using a mini fan to cool themselves. JMs Song Bird was iced for wearing hihg hill shoes to run site and actually calling on on as well. 
JMs also announced there are 14 pax confirmed for Fraser''s hike from 17-19 June and hope to have 20pax or more.
JMs also iced GM for causing stressed to her by updating participants for coming GM's run at 1230am in the morning and wants a complete update by 7am.
Silent G was iced again for change the icon and yet did not realized whatever he changes, others will see as well!
Piss Stop was the mystery whip today and iced GM for spitting during one minute silence.
Daffy Duck was iced for not introducing the guest Jasmine to JMs even GM is not around and saying there is no Blue Movie but Porn movie.
BMM was iced for saying a bomb may go off in bali.
Bonsai was iced for accompanying his guests to short cut.
Piss Stop was iced by GM for not calling Sharon by hash name.

Instead of cooling the body,, they get to cool the arse!

GM's finger also need to be iced for sending whatsapp too late in the night!

Freeze the fingers now for changing the icon too often.
What is your mobile number again?
Those day was known as Blue movie, now is known as Porn !

Welcome Janice and Gilbert as members of GH5! " We pledged we will observe GH5 code of ethics of hashing.....we will not hold the club responsible for the increase in waist line.......we will donate generously to all GH5 events......Ha Ha!

Supersonic speed of progress!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Run # 903 on 10th May at TTDI, hare by Cartoon, rated 8.0 points by Flamingo!

Hare corner:
Previous Run Hare Corner on 10th Dec 2013.
Poon Tuck Peng is the MDR or Million Dollar Round-table name bandit about in the insurance industry but in hash, who is Poon Tuck Peng? who? It is our cute, young and cheerful Cartoon. Cartoon is in the General Insurance industry and he can actually tailor a "All Risk coverage for Hasher"  covering your run, shower time, icicle (Ice and circle) , journey home, bugs and virus acquired from hash.........! Cartoon joined KH 4 about 10 years ago and was introduced by Baby Crocodile. His name was given by KH4 because of his joyful and lively demeanor. Cartoon is member of KH4 and GH5 and as guest of FMC.  

Previous Run:
Run # 776 on 10th Dec at TTDI Hared by Cartoon and rated 8.0 points by Semen

Updated Hare Corner:
1. Who brought you to Hash? Baby crocodile 
2. When and which is your first chapter? KH4
3. Member of how many chapters now? GH5
4 Who gave you your hash name and reasons? 
Pubic hair of KH4.
5.  What is your profession /business? 
Tokio Marine insurans as marketing
6. Any  thing  you want to say to GH5  members? 
To seek member co-operation, always to clean up the  run site at  at the end of the day and not always depend to hare. Every member to contribute their part eventually helps.
7.  If you can do something for the club,  what it will be? 
To supply  bath water !!!
8. What has hash done for you?
Learned to respect each other...get know various type behaviour and communication skills. 
9.what have you done for hash? 
Promoting and encourage my friend including business associate  to participate hashing ;  whereby hashing  will bring fun and relax including health.

Circle starts at 20.30 pm sharp.GM announces the next 3 weeks run,
he sees a lot of new faces especially guest and long time MIA members were present today.
A Very warm Welcome for first time guest Irish ,Edmund Yap ( Shit Face guest) and Hunter and a On Down for these guest.
GM LB said GH5 will print standard T -shirt with GH5 clubs logo  with members name printed on it.( can put the face also  ? Just kidding )
To be worn during our outdoor events as it looks uniform and organize as a chapter group .( baru ada standard LOL!)
The artwork are open to members to forward their creativity to GM .
The best of the best selected artwork will received a GM's prize!!
One months grace period will be given from now on .
With regards to GH5 fund  , presently our accounts has RM30K plus , GM LB suggest to transfer the money to fix deposit and earn extra interest (currently 4,08% at a local Public Bank )
This will generate RM 1,200 / extra income source for the club added GM LB.( good suggestion ... Money do grows if we know how.!)
A rousing show of hands for T-Shirt printing to proceed.
A Good Run is not about food, but your heart and soul put in to the run says GM .
Silent was Iced for making comments about today's food, instead he should be putting more focus and effort on the run.!!!
Lady Bird and 13 Yee was invited to da box ... Many weeks ago two of them were complaining and very concerned about their body weight
Ooh weight is 49 kg and mine is 45 kg...showing and  sharing and worrying about their Shappy
Body weight ...!
Lembek whispers  put them on ICE!!!
GM said , his body was very standard and Nicely curved -never ever complaint !
On Down for both ladies.!!
Janice and Gilbert were call up and were tested ... Name 5 hashers name that they know ?Both passed with flying colors.!!
Arum was ICED for making a short cut at Chaya SPK run two weeks ago . However today he did complete the run. Cheers!! !!
Postman ,an Ex-member of GH5  was  Iced by GM .
Sailor Moon was presented with a  Birthday song by GH5 hashers .
JM Song Bird and GF had pick up rubbish and plastic bottles from the run site. They had set a good leadership example for the rest to follow . A big hand for their effort !
Silent too had set a good example  picking rubbish .
BMM says "Rubbish Man were to clean the rubbish "!!!
JM SB encourages hashers to squeeze and squash aluminum cans and plastic bottles for easy disposal and recycling.Lets do some good for our Eco system (friendly)
Kangaroo shared how he was head hunted years back and started a Chapter GH5.( jokingly said "today's circle are like Cheramah - DAP also loose ")
100 plus was Iced( he was call Fei Chai)
Friendship , Fun and Enjoyable Run was  all we look forward weekly in hashing .... Well Said Kangaroo!!!
Soh Kow Kow was Iced for not doing his Sweeper job!
Run rating was done by Flamingco and she award 8 points to Cartoons Run!
Hare Cartoon would like to thank members and guest for their support coming .he hope everyone enjoys the run.
BMM Iced GM for wearing Yellow and white uniform!
Secondly GM needs 6.00 I' clock assurance before he says On On !
(He keep asking Ah Heng what time is it  ar...6pm already ka?!!
Prince Charming what time is it now ar...?,as GM need double assurance
, LOL .!!!)
Bonsai was Iced for for following other chapters paper " surely you will see Gasings papers"!!
Piss Stop was Iced for showing OFF his New Mercedes E250 Coupe !
He commented " hello , hello , you don't touch my car ah..!!"Very LAN Si ohh...!!!
If you want to touch - Urine can !
GM send four Members to BLESS his Mercedes Benz Sports - bearing registration MG1188.(every Day Fatt Fatt!!!)( BTW Piss ... You be Hot and popular too)
BMM iced Kangaroo for driving his BMW up down up down many many times.!
James Bong was Iced for exchanging sexy shorts for Goldie Mei to wear as She has a SEXY Legs.!
GM LB Caught BMM red handed for not wearing Hash T Shirt with Tai How Ma Lou when his official name is Big Mouth Monkey! , he close the circle With words of  assurance that he is 100% right on the dot for 6.00pm ON ON , cheers !