Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Run # 830 on 16th Dec at Setia Alam hared by Pocahontas and rated 9.0 by Baby Chameleon

Hare Corner:

Ruth Yap was brought to hash by J Lo 5 years ago. She is member of GH5, Kepong Hash 4, MKH4 and apparently intending to join one more chapter. Her hash name "Pocahontas"was given by Baby Monkey because she is fairly tall with long hair and run fast and the 'shadow" looks like Pocahontas, haha....... Her profession is Beautician, so if any of the gentlemen need your face to be overhauled, maybe she can "sand paper" it for you! Pocahontas appreciate the loving and caring environment of GH5 and wishes everyone good health and she wants to thank all her sponsors who help to make her run successful particularly Lachar, GM and JM and the rest.
On On to Pocahontas for making extra effort to make the run special with top five medals for men and women but then again it is the back runner that needs more encouragement! Thank you for the extra beer and free grub as well.
Before go to Korea!

After Korea..........

Hashing day....................
Those were the days..................
5KM trail.............

Circle started at about 9PM and first on the ice block was none other than Silent Gorilla for suggesting the rescue team for last week should not go in so early in case the lost couple was doing their business half way and may scold the rescue team for being KPC. BangCock was honored for leading the rescue team even before he had dinner. Left Ball was iced for making everything double for last week's run including the run distance! Many first time guest from MKH4 and non hashers were welcomed as well. The top five ladies for today's run was Honey Bee, Power Bang, ING, Soh Soh Tei and Lucky Pussy for representing Cili Padi and Tomato. The men's top five were Monkey, Prince Charming, BMM and Lucky Cock. Honey Bee and Monkey were iced as there is no Champion in hash. Surprisingly Dipstick was not among the top 5 runners and was iced for being too slow. Two first time guest were given the feeling of the icing since they long for it. The three Joanne for today were called out and the most outstanding Joanne Lee Push up and Honey bee were excused but the Joanne -wedding planner was iced becuase she was given free publicity and any GH5 members using her service , GH5 will get 25% overriding commission. The response for her service was overwhelming.Fish Shit and Silent were iced for drinking whisky quietly and broke some glasses. Prince Charming and Baby Chameleon were honored for completing the Penang Rain Forest Ball Breaker run. Kepong Hash JM Tongkat Ali was honored by GM and encouraged him and Kepong Hash members to sign up for GH5 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner Do. JM took the box and iced GM right away for advocating giving medals for front runner which is against hashing spirit. Warlord was iced for falsely claimed he broke one check. Silent was iced for not doing sweeper duty because it is all men but if there is women, he will volunteer. Cartoon was honored to be trained by Honey Bee to be front runner. On Sex was iced for littering her goodies from CH5. The sweeper team of Baby Chameleon, Blur, Soh Miow Miow were given on down but Silent was iced for ditching them. The Santa Rina for next week, Soh Mui Mui were call out to confirm her attendance next week, and Silent was the designated Santa Claus. The guys will get to sit on Santa Rina's lap and the ladies will sit on Santa Claus' lap by making a token donation for next years' charity. Finally Mamasan and Shin were iced for talking too much throughout the circle.

OH what a feeling, .....

The two Chumpion!

The speedy guest that was not in top five!

The Ayam man!

The three Joanne!

The wedding planner that is attracting a lot of flies!

Penang Ball Breakers Finisher!

GM did not condone giving medal for front runners but did not want to disappoint the hare!

The sweeper team!

Santa Rina practicing her sitting position

Santa arrived a week earlier!

GM iced for not calling hare for hare speech!