Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Run # 981 at Rawang Taman Tun Teja on 7th Nov, Hare by One Zero, rated 9.0 by Speedo

Hare -One Zero

Circle starts in an open field of Taman Tun Teja a residential enclave in Rawang.
GM greets  members and guest good evening.It was nice to see some of you  coming back again from Korea after Pan Asia .
GM shared upcoming do's for those missed the info.
CNY Do, GH5 1000th Run and AGM Run 27th March.
1000th Run- To make it a memorable one for members and guest. Goodie bags will be one item in place says GM.

This year I have organize 6 hiking trips and one family do. Do you want another one ?
A rousing Yes from the floor for out thing trip coming soon.Should be after CNY Do 2018 says GM .TBA.
Since we still have RM40K in the bank , GH5 will give away cash Vouchers value at RM100 to members and RM200 to founders.
You can contra with your yearly sub. Or use this voucher to purchase shoes from sang Watt or purchase beers! Cindy prefers Jaya Grocers Voucher.

Kaily was iced for turning back mid way and lost her directions. GM advised hashers to strongly never u turn alone and always follow papers or someone for safety reasons.

Superman was Iced for answering GM  "Hang yat poon... and Hum Yat Pun."  ( walk half and salty half!)

JM Lazar announces tbe next 3 weeks run:-

1. Arun - TTDI
2. SPEEDO - Bukit Laggong
3. Goldie Mei -K.D.Section 9

Speedo rated todays run  9points
Hare One Zero thank all members and guest for coming  and their warmest support. This is the 1st time GH5 held a run in Tmn.Tun Teja, Rawang .

Jamez Bonk was iced for hiding in Kojacks van during circle.

LB notice that papers on the sloopy trail 45% papers went missing. GM 
Advises hare or co- hare to place papers on tbe left hand side so that hasher paper will be visible.

Tan Sri was iced for not having good manners -peeing in front of everybody. LOL!

Tag Along was iced for not doing a
A good job going missing half way through-Very Irresponsible says GM.LOL.!

Today Arun Kumar  was christien with the hash name Black Finger  on the day 7th Nov. ' 18.(WOW.....Black Finger with a Midas touch !..alright!) Haha..Just joking.
JMS wishes good evening to members and guest.

GM LB was call to the ice box and bless by priest Wild  Boar for mercy journey and happy trip to Bhuthan.

BMM shared status missing hash missing hasher known as Kana.
At this moment SAR was deployed for the whole of Laggong area and and coverage area up to Kuang.
But no sign of Kana as he has deviated from the lo ation shared and not on papers. Pray for his safe return.
GM LB shares his trip to Bhuthan is to seek blessings from prist for u guys in gasing.Thank You GM.

ONE ZERO was iced for not getting his guest equipt with hashing gears eg.torch lights ..etc.
His 3 guest was struggling trailing GM.

Thank you hare for the food on site and extra beers .

Scribed by Blue Bird

Circle Photos by Power Bank and other photos contributed Push Up, Songbird, One Zero, Piss Stop, 100 Plus, Tuck In, Big Mouth Monkey, Card Master, Lady Finger, Pocahontas.

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