Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Run#1006 at Sri Bintang on 1st May 2018, Hare by Spotted Dog, rated 8.0 by Kai See Wong

Hare: Spotted Dog


Wildboar announces circle has started – 8.30pm

JM Silent Gorilla gets on the box

Announces that since it’s Labour Day…..GM Shitface also deserves a holiday.JM says this is Hash, not work therefore labour laws does not apply….how can he say like that? GM got iced by JM. “Ini Hash lar, bukan kerja lar”

JM says today’s run started at Sex O’Clock….thats JM English.

Left Ball was iced because he didn’t listen to the run instructions.

Tag Along was iced for greeting everything in T3T4 chat as “all the best”….JM said if people passed away also Tag Along say as “all the best!”

JM congratulated GM and his “First Lady” and wished them to “love long long”

Titanic was iced for his drinking habits. Drink until sleep, wake up drink some more then sleep, then wake up and drink some more then sleep

Black Finger was called. JM said members wondering why the blog has not been updated. BF apologized and informed that the new blog is under construction. Pissstop asked why so long, BF said because its free…..free things take time, need to wait a bit, unless members wanna pay for it. Informed blog will be up and running in 2 weeks time, it will be mobile friendly (members can read anytime, anywhere) and all updates will be automatically sent to members email. “good things will take time”

Hare Spotted Dog called. Run rating by Kai See
Hash sign, done OK, 1.0pt
Parking OK 1.0pt
Check, all broken 1.0pt
Run, Fantastic 4pt (someone even lost their shoe!!)
Merit 1.0pt
Total: 8.0 points Run
Hare Spotted Dog on the box for her speech
Hare SD thanked all the members and GM especially. Members all gave a big hand and thank her for goodies – a nice duffel bag. Thank you very much, Spotted Dog!!

Mystery whip of the week – Titanic!
Johnnie Walker got iced because he threw his water bottle just after completing his run –GH5 is an eco friendly hash group bro!
Blue Bird got iced for wearing a raincoat during the run – we are hashers, don’t be a pussy bro!
Wildboar got iced for not protecting his wife from being robbed. Wildboar is a strong name, more man than normal man!

Bijis on the box and announced as today is Labour Day holiday special, the kulis / labourers in the new committee have made a programme. It was a Hawaian inspired hula hula by the guys wearing cone shaped sparkling bras and string skirts. Many thanks to the Face Couple, Smart Face for her work preparing the props and Smooth Face for being the guinea pig for trying it out before hand!!

JM passed the box back to the GM

GM iced JM – forgot to have a briefing to all hashers before the run. But he more concerned to park his car and parked his car 4 times!!!

GM informed we have 2 colour paper trails. Blue start of trail, red for the home trail. Hare to choose which colour based on which paper is more.
Next week’s run will be at BK5, Kinrara. Hare Kai See wants to know confirmed attendance, because food shall be based on table seating in restaurant. Hare wants to know because in view it is also the eve of GE14

Hi-Lo iced. Johnie Walker was asked when did Hi-Lo, a founding member of GH5, when was he a GM. Answer is Hi Lo has never been the GM!!

Hot Legs announced – for the first time in the history of GH5, there will be a Deepavali Run on 13th November 2018. Get prepared to load up on great murukku!!

Thank you Wildboar (& Blue Bird as well) for all the songs for the on downs!!

GM announced circle closed at 9.20pm

Thank you Hare Spotted Dog for your food, booze and the special duffle bag as Hash goodies!!

On Sex signing off. Till next week, cheers!!

Scribed by Black Finger
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Run#1005 at Taman Tun on 24th April 2018, Virgin Hare by Pop Corn, rated 7.0 by Bonsai

Virgin Hare: Pop Corn

Circle Starts at 8.28pm

Ex ex ex GM Pisstop is conducting the circle

Pisstop iced ladybird to break the ice. Wild Boar gave the on down

Pisstop calls BC - blue cock, blue bird, he always calls pisstop abang piss, gives him recognition. Wild Boar gives the on down.

Pisstop calls Lucky Pussy to represent Hotlegs (who has left) for crying out "monkey fucking" to Pisstop. Wild Boar gives on down.

Pisstop gives recognition to Vincent Soo, piss heard that he was given a hash name at Kepong hash, Johnny Walker! Piss proposes a better name here, Cuni Walker! Wild Boar gives on down to Cuni walker.

Pisstop declares next week run's hare is spotted dog.

Bonsai is called to give run rating, goes on the box, Honey Bee, GM of Kepong Hash is called to be iced for not wearing hash t-shirt, and also advertising their run and collected money on the spot. Wild Boar gives the on down.

The hare Popcorn is called up
Hash sign, done OK, 0.5pt
Parking OK 1pt
Check, all broken 1.5pt 
Run, 3pt
Merit 1pt

Mystery whip is also a Ex GM, V Power, she claims that when coming out "who go who die" but no one replied. 

Warlord iced for not running. Pinocchio iced being Bangcock lookalike. Bangcock also came and didn't run. 

Chiki tichit come late and says. Shhhhh to VPower brought up to be recognised Maddog also brought up for recognition.

Card master is iced for complaining "no hills" in the previous run. Wild Boar gives the on down. 

Tag along and tuck in is brought to the front, tag along has to chase tuck in or no sex! Tuck in is iced and tag along is asked to give the on down. 

Gray devil is being recognised, he claims to have works for wacoal factory and can tell every women's bust size from looking, he inspects VPower, push up, lady bird and smart Face, he can tell! 
Then all the men, tag along, slam dunk, Medic and toy boy came up with busts! Nezha come up to inspect with GD. To guess the sizes. Nezha wins! 

New Committee members called up to sing hash songs. GM iced since the new committee can't sing. 

Pisstop brings the GM on the box. 

Recognition for warlord, songbird, puan Sri for safely come back from EBC. 
Bangcock for swimming 6.5km over 3.28 hrs. Wild Boar gave the on down. 

Honey Bee Kepong Hash GM comes up to announce 2nd June Saturday Desa Amai Sg Buloh, 60 per pax plus t-shirt. Closing date before 19 May. 

Thongs announces Raub Hash 4-6 May
21 July 
Solstice Hash 
Mother hash 80th anniversary 

GM welcomes First time guests to the front, 明仔
Steelman iced for not introducing him to the GM 

100 plus and lady shin iced, bangcock gives the on down. 

Circle Closed at 9.16pm. 

Scribed by Smooth Face
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