Monday, September 18, 2017

Run # 973 on 12th Sept at BK6, Freedom and Founder's Run, OC by Gold Finger, rated ?? By??

Hare corner:

Gasing Hills Hash House Harrier& Harriets was formed in 1999 by Kangaroo, Gold Finger, Bull Dog and Hi-Lo. The inaugural run was on 26 Jan 1999. The guiding principles of  GH5  is quality Family & Eco-friendly Hash. Membership today stands at around 105. The weekly attendance is around 60 between members and guests.
 The past Grand Master of the chapters were Kangaroo, Gold Finger, Piss Stop, Hardcore, V-Power, Baby Monkey & Bonsai! The current GM is Left Ball.
Thank you to OC Gold Finger for the hard work to make this event a success. 

GH5 will continue to be a Family oriented and Eco-Friendly hash chapter.  Thank you to the many guests on your continuous support!

Founders Run
Gm greets members and guest good evening.
Smooth Face was Iced for giving wrong information saying his wife Cindy was not feeling well.
Today is Founders  run but only 2 founders are present here..GF and Hi Lo is here.
We Gasing here are  about 19 years old and had evolved thru  the numbers of years ,time change..policy changed...but as GM never changed his hearts  the same.GH5 STARTED with  30 members and now 107members.
All are quality members ,as long as you  understand among your self you are  matured your teeth can bite your tongue but its still unity inside the mouth.
Yours both  eyes don't see each other but works perfectly and forgive each other..thats the moral of the story.
GF welcomes members and guest to the run...but no birds..are released..we all are matured members advised to pay attention to the one on the box.
Hi Lo advised hashers to be more eco friendly as our motto was "Eco friendly hash "chapter.
GD says room1119 used condom and did not settle the bill rm12.90 Silent Gorilla  and Thongs was Iced for MIA and unpaid bills respectively.
Still maintain the eco friendly motto.
Kimchi was Iced for she was carrying a big" tongkat ali" out from BK6 -not eco friendly.
Gold Finger was Iced for showing off his plan buying Audi R8 sports car.
Future GM Han Wan Nan was recognized on  iced -on down to Ex-GM GFinger and future GM.

Toto was welcomed to Gasing ON down.
Tuck In - updates Torch Light Run.thank you for all your generosity ..kindly bring your whiskies next week-pass to GD  thank you very much for your generosity  and co-operations..
Approximately 300 hashers from different chapters will be attending.
Klang Hash GM Baby Chameleon  from KH4  had promoted Gasing Torch Light Run a big hands for her support.
About 14 Chapters hashers are coming to our more the merrier.!!!
JMS wish members and guest Happy Founders Night.
Gunung Gab attendance  was not so responsive as we just finish our Betong Run.
Smooth face wants to celebrate Cindys 27th Birthday on the Box.
Cindy requested Smooth Face SEATED ON ICE And Birthday song was sung .
Cindy wants SF to tell fellow hashers 3 things he loved about her as follows:-
1.Very Loving 
2 Take care of family
3 Naturally Very comfortable with her .

Andropause....Silent Gorilla was indeed very noisy and no longer be call "Silent gorila."
Updated next 3weeks run
1 Hybrid - TTDI
2 Sam -Virgin Run -Sri Hartamas.
3 Torch Light Run - Bkt.Subang

GM says Smooth Face only got 3 items but he got 12 items why i love Lady i loved her ..etc.etc..Really GM..LOL!!@

Tag Along rated todays run 8 points for todays .
Thank you OC Gold Finger /and GH5  for the  food at Restaurant and extra Beers.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Run # 972 on 5th September at Puchong Wawasan, are by Mr. World, rated 8.0 points by Tuck In.

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 858 on 30th June at TTDI, hare by Mr.World and rated 7.5 points by Monster Mr Mike Woo Siew Seng is his real name who is a specialist in providing personalized transport services to and fro airport and to popular tourist destination. He is one of the unique few who has two hash names. He was Christian -ed  as Mr.World when he joined GH5 because his first hash name was considered too vulgar for a family hash such as GH5. He was brought to hash by a gentlemen named Ah Fah to PJ Hazards in 1997. He joined GH5 one month after it was formed. Mr.World currently runs with two chapters namely  PJ Hazards and GH5. His personal message to member is "Be healthy and stay happy".
Big hand to Mr.World for the good food and extra beers!

Hare Updates:

Q; Anything to say to GH5 members?
A: Be happy adenjoy your run...
Q: If you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
A: There there will be a pension for members above 65 years old...
Q; What have GH5 done for you?
A: Good fellowships, many friends and many pretty ladies.
Q: What have you done for hash?
A: Nothing so far but will come more often for future runs,,,cheers.

Mr.World Run

GM  starts circle  normal despite the drizzle, greeting members and guest good evening.
Hashers don't complaint  be it rain or shine.
GM highlighted to members and guest to bring their own utensils as Styrofoams are a ban product and its not healthy to used Styrofoams.
Hare of the day  are to ensure run site are clear after circles and no beers cans or rubbish left behind.
Silent shared b4 u become a GM you must  pick up rubbish first. (HAHA...its not madatory...LOL!)

Todays run -sum up to 4.8km only with 4 hills to clear.
Soh Mui Mui and Loud Chic was Iced for not taking part in run.

Hare Mr World was iced for not completing the set run. And GM encourages him to come more often to improve his stamina.
Lady Bird was  iced  as no photograph session available on run site when she absent .
Song Bird updates Hiking Trip at Frazer Hill .
Gunung Gab height 3868feet high and Gunung Semangkok 4665feet above sea level. Please register early as Song Bird need to book hotels and food .(steamboat )
As not many choices available in small town.
GM share some insight for upcoming hiking trip.
Parking available at restaurant.
Hiking upwards are initially bamboo forest and later greens forest 
.As you reach the peak you can see Frazers Hill bungalows and Kuala Kubu town. Hiking up takes approximate 4-5 hours depend on individual stamina.Reaching the peak was indeed  relaxing and amazingly  cool. Do feel free to join.

Charity do GH5 had done 3 do namely.
1.Gosple of the Poor -Raub
2.Kritash Home .Rawang
3.JAKAO  Serendah
Tuck in updates Lantern Run .
Todate 80plus hashers have registered and still counting .Expected 250ppl to sign up from different chapters.
Damage for guest is RM50 
Free T- shirt will be given away.
Nice hawker food will be served.
E.g..Char Kyeh Tiaw, Asam Laksa, Yong Tau Foo ,Brickfields Sup Tulang . Run starts at 7.15pm .light finger food will be served prior to the run.Do come and support and brings your guest to  register early.

Lazar updates Next 3 weeks run:-

Tuck In rated todays run 8.0points.
Hare Mr.World thank members and guest for coming and their support.

GM announce to members GH5 financial status.
As to date GH5 account balance stands at RM29K plus.
From now until December 2017 there are 2 more celebration do.Founders Run and Lantern Run.
Each Run a budget of RM3K WILL BE allocated .

Silent was iced for saying slippers when GM said Sweepers!
Bangali ,Chuah ,Shin and Mr.World was given an on down for their generosity sponsoring Whisky 1 bottle each for Lantern Run.
Kerry and Ah Soon was  iced for being sleepy.
Popcorn was iced for the first time in GH5 for recognition .
Thank you hare for the grubs and extra beers.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Run # 971 on 29th Aug at Puncak Alam Water Tank, hare by 7-Tan and rated 8.0points by One Zero.

Hare corner:
Previous Run # 856 on 16th June, 2015 at Green Hill Residence, hare by 7-Tan and rated 8.5 points by Lolek.
Tan Tiam Chuan is the seventh Tan in PJ Harriet and as such he was Christian ed as 7-Tan, he said luckily he was not the 8th Tan or else he could have been name as "Wang Ba Tan". 7-Tan joined hash in 2008 and was a member of number of chapters but now he only maintain membership with PJ Harriets and GH5. 7-Tan joined GH5 3 years ago .7-Tan operate a vegetable shop in Klang.

No hare updates received as of September 2nd. 2017.
GM invited Lucky Cock and Tuck-In to comment on the GH5 outting trip to Betong. Tuck-In said everyone dress so casual and made her feel out of place. Lucky Cock said he did not sacrifice 9K but felt the time spent were worth it.
GM also mentioned he will organize  an outting trip to either Gopeng Rain Forest Resort or Refarm in Kampar.
7-Tan and his guest were iced as he is usually missing from circle during normal run.
shitface was honored to be a good sweeper but he was iced for saying"Si loh" because Lucky Pussy and Cocky were going in for the run.
Baby Crocodile and Toyboy were given on down as they have been missing.
Heart Breaker was iced for saying Poh Piah was too big and long and difficult to swallow. Song Bird and Tan Sri were iced for coming so late when she lives nearby. Snowwhite was given on down for going up and down the out trail a few times and follow GM's advice.
Emas Tag was given on down as most improved hasher in stamina and also lay hash paper properly to ensure the hashers can see clearly.
James Bonk was uced for saying today's trail is only 3km when it is 4km.
GM announced Torch Light will be RM50 for guests and foc for member. Many guests are expected.KH4 has 40 guests registered...
JMS announced the charity visit to Orang Asli at Serendah and donated rice and cooking oil to 160 families. The next hiking trip will be on Oct 7th at Gunung Gap and will stay one night according to OC Song Bird.
Heng and Uncle Low were given on down as guests. Ladies Finger was iced for saying circle is OK to finish and to have dinner. Warlord was iced for refusing to be mystery whip for tonight.  Baby Chameleon was iced for being so happy the circle is ending.