Saturday, May 23, 2015

Run # 852 on May 19th at Bukit Subang, hare by Warlord, rated 8.0 points by Wong Sheng Cheong

Hare Corner:

Chew Keng Beng is a pensioner from the mighty military of Malaysia. No one knows if he has gone to war with the military but his hash name is Warlord and no record who Christian ed him !  Warlord was brought to hash by late Velu in 1981 to Keroh Hash, now known as Pengkalan Hulu. Currently,Warlord is member of GH5, KH4, Friday Happy Hash and Hokkien Hash. He was the former GM of KH4 and also founder of FH4 and Hokkien H4. A well traveled hasher and recently was at the epicenter of the Nepal earthquake but survived to share the real live story of their encounter. Since then Warlord has started a charity fund drive for the Nepal earthquake victims and members are encourage to donate .
Big hand to Warlord for all the free beers, many bottles of whiskey, sumptuous food at restaurant and on site finger food.

Scribe by Semen, Assitant On Scribe!
Warlord’s (reincarnation) Run @ Bukit Subang 19 May 2015
MESSY (Klang Hash GM) was iced for didn’t run but his excuse was due to some injuries.
SOH MIOW MIOW & BABY CHAMELEON was iced for carrying a backpack each looking like a school girls. In fact they were going through their own training getting ready for their Gunung Tahan Expedition.
KING TRUCKER & GREY DEVIL were iced for not taking care of their guest and encourage their guest to short cut.
ANNOUNCEMENT BY GM on SELETAR HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary 20th to 21st June 2015 at The Rainforest Sports Hub Turf City – SINGAPORE. The Guzzlers invite ALL hashers to this extraordinary event! Damage is S$50.00
SHITFACE & KIMCHI were iced for not able to notice the road names in Bukit Subang are named after physic terminology.
SC rated the run at 8.5 points.
HARE - WARLORD speech started by thanking everybody for supporting his run and bla… bla…. But he also thank god for his latest encounter in Nepal with IRONHEAD during the earthquake. Some says this is WARLORD’s reincarnation run. Then a minute of silence was given to victims of this tragic earthquake. He managed to raise RM105k for Nepal through his networks and among his networks are GH5, Banana Hash and Hokkien Hash.
IRONHEAD & WARLORD were ice while Silent trying to translate “死裡逃生”as  “Ten Kilometre Run Away”. Ha ha ha…. But GM thought he would say “Die Inside Run For Life”.
FIRST TIME GUEST: AH BA’s son, Lim Heng Yee, an outspoken young man, was interviewed. His hash experience was he thought hashing will have some “lang lui” but ended up with plenty of cow dang and hearing strange sound behind him as one of the last runner. He was iced as well.
TOYBOY & TAN SRI were iced for not running.
LACHA was iced for being excited and active whenever GH5 group chat posted X-rated topic.
100+ & HEARTBREAKER were iced for not hashing for a long time.
Circle ended at 9.15pm.
On On was at Chung Foong Restaurant in Subang New Village.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Run # 851 on May 12th at TTDI hare by BoLan and rated 8 points by Grey Devil.

Hare Corner,

Vincent Cheong Vin Hong runs a printing company, he printed the banners for GH5's 15th Anniversary Do. Vincent was brought to GH5 in 2012 by Lambo and exclusively will show up when Lambo comes, they are like inseparable, because he seldom shows up and seldom stays for circle, there was no inspiration for his hash name but since he is so attached to Lambo, GH5 decided to switch Lambo around and name Vincent as BoLan. BoLan only hash with GH5 and loves the culture of this club.

Thank you to BoLan for the food and extra beers!

Proof that we did our part to clean the environment!

Circle started with GM announcing that everyone must mark the in and out attendance record and hope members will cooperation to make it successful and JM will be in charge of attendance.
Members please be ware if you decided to go in later than 615PM, the sweeper is not responsible for you and you must carry a torch with you. 
Besides the various annual activities, the club will have 4 quarterly hiking outing, first quarter OC is Left Ball, Second quater outing OC is BangCock , third quarter outing OC is Tan Sri and 4th quarter outing OC is Semen.
Annual activities OC are follow:-
1. Pub Crawl-Push Up, 2. Brewery Do-GM, 3. Freedom/Founder's Run-Silent Gorilla, 4. Gotong Royong -on going basis, Song Bird,5. Oversea Outing-GM, CNY Run- Shitface, AGM-Warlord
Others matter discussed was all committee members must learn one hash song, encourage hare to put run paper on the left when going in and around 1km coming out to set the paper on right side.
Member should also try to recee for new run site.
Member also reminded to crush the aluminium cans and mineral water bottles to reduce the size of the thrash to carry. 
James Bonk was iced for rolling a concrete stone to be the chair for today's circle and he complained his small finger is injured and can not hold a golf club but can roll the stone.
Thorny Prick was honored today for completed the Ironman 70.3 at Putrajaya some weeks ago. 
Silent Gorilla and Cocky was iced for running with B&W Hash and completely ignored GH5 members.
Mad Dog and Kim Chi was iced , because Mad Dog allowed a lady to be at Man's hash circle and have an on down. 
First time guest Dr Manoj was welcomed and he said he thoroughly enjoyed the challenging trail today. 
One Lake Club member was at the circle and was told to sit on ice and he announced a Harmony  Charity Run on 23rd May at Section 9, Kota Damansara. Damage is RM60.
Jm took the box and iced Shitface for not knowing today's hare name but the hare know Shitface 's name. 
Lucky Cock was iced for accusing JM of waiting at the guard house waiting for members to come out. 
Silent Gorilla was punished for showing a middle finger in the chat group and Kim Chi was iced for the many "breasts photo"
Push Up look alike Kim Chi was iced again for saying Golden Eye vomit because she does not want to see Gold Finger.
Baby Crocodile was iced for eating and plucking papaya and not coming for the run. Ladies Finger was iced today to prove to everyone JM also iced his other half.  Lastly , JMS Song Bird was iced for coming late while she was suppose to initiate the gotong royong today. 
GM took the box and iced JM for doing a good job on the box and also ice Piss Stop for not coming for meeting as Hash Advisor!

You see, I am very fair one,,,,Lady Finger also kena ice!

Our Gotong Royong OC!

Rushing for 21 years whisky!

Showing middle finger!

First time guest, Dr Manoj.

Showing too many breasts!

Do not know hare's name.

Running with B&W Hash and ignored GH5.

Go to man's hash circle!

Lake Club member, Extra Virgin!

Half Ironman, soon will be full Ironman

The run was good.........