Saturday, August 27, 2016

Run # 918 on 23rd Aug at Kota D'sara Sec 9, hare by Tag Along, rated 9.0 by Baby Chameleon

Hare Corner:

Gilbert Ooi is the real name which he gave up in exchange for Hash name now known as Tag Along! The reason GM gave this hash name is because he always stay behind and tagging along Tucked-In during the run. Tag Along is in the construction business focusing on creating the artistry above the head (ceiling). He was brought to hash by Bijis and became member of GH5 on 1st March 2016.  GH5 is the only hash chapter for now.
Tag Along wanted to say he is glad to know all the wonderful hashers of GH5.
Q: if you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
A:If GH5 need my help. i will do whatever is needed within my ability.
Q; What has hash done for you?
A: Hash brought me all the good run and enjoyable circle.
Q: What have you done for hash?
I will always  planned a successful run.

Thank you to Tag Along for repertoire of whiskey, T-shirt, free flow of  beers and food !

He..he....I am Tag Along for front people kena Bee Sting, safer to Tag Along!

All you can drink..........and thank you for coming to my run.

Courtesy of Card Master FB posting!

GM started the circle by announcing the various up coming events. Next week is freedom Run and guest fee is RM60 and OC is Gold Finger.
V-Power was iced as one of the co-hare as she and Push-Up both had too strong perfume which upset the wasp and make the Bee go crazy and attacked Tucked-In.
GM announced GH5 will start a talk-cock chat group besides the official chat which will be reserve for Hash matters only.
There will be two bus pick up point for family trip do, one at Monterez Golf Club and the other at TTDI.
GM also seek member's opinion on utilizing the funds collected for Kirtash Home for other charity activities since the re-construction project is delayed, there were no objection from members on this proposal.
 2nd hiking trip will be Bukit Kutu and Bonsai will be the OC.
3rd hiking trip OC is grey devil and 4th hiking trip OC is BMM.
Shitfac was iced for calling Piss Stop as Grand Hazards last week when he should be called as Piss in GH5.
Prince Charming and Tan Sri were iced for absence from committee meeting.
Song Bird was iced for not introducing first time guest to GM.
John Chai, new member was warmly welcome in GH5 official chat and GM welcomed John Chai on ice.
Kuaci was iced for being very well behave with wife's presence during Karaoke night.
Bonsai was iced for insisting Medic's hash name should be Mad Dick!
Baby Croc, Silent and cartoon were all iced for short cutting when first runner was already out by 705PM.
Silent was iced for not picking up call from Song Bird when he knew that there will be duty/work for him to do.
Card Master was iced for littering his glove.
JMS announced Gh5 annual dinner will be on Feb 18, 2017, 16 tables and all to relax and no entertainment participation by members.
Lachar was iced for saying he did not watch last annual dinner performance because he has seen all the ladies every Tuesday and only focus on beauties on his table.
Mystery Whip Piss Stop took the box.
Silent iced again for run that are too long or too short, both also short cut. Also complained Bee will sting him but he has stung many other holes but no problem happen to him.
Titanic was iced for not going for run because he always not feeling well at run site, but feels very well at restaurants and bars.
Lembek was ice for molesting Piss's buttock when she passes him.
Tan Sri was iced for saying Piss is ugly and fat.
GM iced Piss Stop for sending a morning greeting to the chat group which he seldom do.
Mamasan was iced for long time never get wet.
Baby Chameleon did the run rating and awarded 9.0 points for the run.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Run # 917 on 16th Aug at Sg Buaya, hare by Buffalo Gun, rated 9.0 points by Push Up!

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 799 on 21st May 2014 at Bukit Idaman, Hared by Buffalo Gun and rated 7.5 points by Daffy Duck 

Buffalo Gun's hash name was supposed to be Buffalo Cunt, but since his sir name was Gan, he was lucky to have it sound like Gun instead, the reason for his hash name was because usually he charged the trail like a Buffalo. His name was given by GH5. He is currently member of GH5, Kepong H4 and PJ Hazards. He was brought to hash by "How Siok" in 1996 to KL Harriets. Gan Han Chin is his trade name at Selayang Wholesale market doing retailing and wholesales on sundry goods. All the grade A watermelon you have been savoring is usually pick by him from the wholesale market.

Hare updates:
Questions: What do you want to say to GH5 members?
Thank you for coming to my run.
Questions: If you can do something for GH5 , what will it be?
Anything that I can help in effort more than money!
Questions: What has hash done for you?
Hash has allow me to get to know many friends.
Questions: What have you done for hash?
I have managed to find some new run sit and set some challenging run for members, I also serve the best watermelon in town, I have also help to bring ice and water whenever beerman was absent.

Circle started with GM announcing coming committee meeting with be held on 17th Aug at Choong Foong Restaurant Subang. Tan Sri was iced for not signing up for Kenyir Lake Family Do because he has water phobia but build a pool in his house.
Grey Devil and Lachar were given on down for a great Karaoke Do but Lachar was iced for absent due to so call "Arthritis" and can not drink.
Grey Devil commented the run site is far and many pretty girls did not show up but GM brought Push Up to show Grey devil why he failed to notice Push Up as a pretty girl.
Sangwat was iced for stealing water from the Mosque. GM said he ahs plenty of water to spare him. Piss Stop and James Bonk were iced for owing Kojak beer money last week.
John Chai was formally admitted as GH5 members but he failed to know One Zero and V-Power's name.
Wild Boar was iced for he went to Bangkok for fine tuning but Lembek said the performance is worst!
Tan Sri was iced again for drinking competitor brand beer.
Thong/Grey devil were asked to brief GH5 members about Pokemon Go game.
The run was rated by Push Up and she awarded 9.0 points.
BMM was the Buzzard and iced Shitface for being Olympic maniac.
Sangwat was iced for because he asked all the front runner to go down to check when in fact the connection is the other way. Shitface took the box and honored Hotleg on iced for finishing 9.0KM today.
Song Bird was iced for she received inside info the run is long and she short cut. Warlord was iced for walking up and down near the throne .