Thursday, October 16, 2014

Run # 821 at Pantai Hill Park on Oct 14th, hared by Baby Crocodile and rated 8.5 points by Long John.

Hare Corner:

Baby Crocodile was brought to hash by Johnny Walker in 2001. He joined Klang H4 first and joined GH5 in 2002. His hash name was given by Coconut Kernel of Klang Hash because he managed a licensed credit company which finance used cars and other venture. Baby Crocodile's real name is Teoh Hock Su and some other nick names are "Ah Xiang Kor " by FMC and " Ber Chek" 
His motto for hash is be happy and enjoy our self and do not hold grudges!
Big Hand to Baby Crocodile for the roast pig, wonderful spread of food, One dozen of Whisky, 1 dozen of wine and many crates of beer. Another wonderful Tuesday night.

Today is another record day with 38 guests mainly from FMC. This is because the hare is the Founder and Advisor of FMC. Guest August was first on ice becuase everyone was drinking wine with a wine glass but she was using a normal glass for wine. Mad Dog was given an on down for helping out during the Family Do. Baby Crocodile was also given an on down to prove that "Hokkien Eng Choon" is not stingy when there was absolutely no rain at the run site but rain in KL and Subang. Pocahontas was iced when she did not turn up at Family Do when we had two cakes waiting for her. FMC Albert was smoking during circle and happily complied to sit on ice. Smoky Gin and Lolek, the hares for the past two runs were given on down for staying back till everyone left and had many guests and open many crates of beer as well. Run rating today was done by Long John and he awarded 8.5 points for today's run. The Hare thanked the main contractors Cartoon, Silent Gorilla and Pokerface for helping out. Semen as usual was talking behind the circle and did not known the run rating. Man yau and James Bonk were both iced for not informing Bonk of the run rating. JMS Song Bird OC announced the 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner will be held on Jan 17th 2015 at Tropicana G&CC. Silent was iced when he refused to accept cartoon's car key but when the ladies came, he happily offered to help them to keep the keys. JM Left Ball emphasized Gasing Hash should practice "Good Hashing Practice" by being Eco-friendly, Not plucking plants and also social friendly. Anniversary Joint OC LeftBall also assigned some members to support our do. FMC-3 tables, Baby Crocodile will be responsible, Baby Chameleon, Kelang Hash4- 2 tables,  Pocahontas-Kepong H4, 2 tables. Flamingo-Friday Happy Hash, 2 tables, Warlord-Hokkien Hash, 3 tables. Kim Chi-Mantin Hash, 1 table.Lolek- Seremban and Mambau H4, 1 table. Gold Finger was given an on down for singing hash songs. Cartoon was iced when Piss-stop as for help, he is busy working and today he is very free. Guest Mac was given an on down. Silent was the look alike for Cybercock who has been missing from GH5 run.Guest Khor and Wallace was iced when their water bottle was missing during the run. The circle ended with GM reminding everyone to sign the attendance copy and those interested to go for Klang H4 celebration and to registered ASAP.
On On.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Run #819 on 7th Nov at Desa Mininium, Hared by Lolek and rated 8.5 by Toy Boy.

Hare Corner:

Kenny Liew Soon Keong was the name given by the parent but in hash he is known as Lolek. This is because his Rolex watch was robbed when he was too drunk to drive home and slept in the car after GH5's annual dinner. Lolek's hash name was given by Baby Monkey. Lolek was brought to hash by Incredible Hulk in 2011. This is his second time as hare for GH5 and he is also member of Kepong H4. Lolek is an engineer by profession and now he runs a building material business. Lolek wishes GH5 all the best of luck and very happy to join this chapter.
Big hand to Lolek for inviting more than 40 guests. There were plenty of beers and whisky, plenty of finger food, lamb, chicken and BBQ Pork rice. It was a very good run and fun night.

Thank you for coming to my run, members, guests and sponsors........

Guests from various chapters.

I came, I paid, I ran, I drink but never get.................drunk..

Father and sister..............

 Circle started at around 815PM with BangCock taking the bard position and sand many new hash songs today. More than 10 first time guests were welcomed. Mantin Hash GM Bandaraya was iced for did not showed up at our Carlsberg Brewery Do. GM announced the last committee meeting decided to celebrate our 15th Anniversary do by doing a Gala Dinner on Jan 17th 2015. The OC for this event will be Song Bird and Left Ball.
 Batu Hash InterHash Sec Ham Tan was on hand to announce Batu Hash 25th Anniversary Run. Lolek was iced for stopping Ham Tan to come to GH5 run earlier. Family Do OC Lachar was given the highest honor on ice for a successful outing. It was a fun week end with the children getting to know each other well. Run rating today was conducted by ToyBoy and he awarded a rating of 8.5 points. Lolek gave a thank you speech and iced Kelinpoh of Puchong H4 when she walked in late. GM welcome back King Trucker who is FMC GM now and FMC Advisor to confirm if indeed FMC is an hash chapter and they unanimously agreed FMC is an hash. Mamasan and Kasi Wong were warm not to smoke cigarette even the electronic version as someone was killed-actually it was a oen gun that resemble electronic cigarette. Jm left Ball took the box and commented the family do enhanced the family value and strong bonding among family members and the children of the hashers. GM and Wood Pecker were iced for gambling during the family do and this is bad example. Lucky Cock was iced when he told JM he is old and slow. Tan Sri was iced when he used mineral water to wash his leg and wore slipper to climb the hill at Chamang Waterfall endangering himself.
Mamasan was iced for walking around and soliciting business during the circle. Lachar was the mystery whip today and iced Cilipadi and Tomato for always disappeared after the run but today their car was blocked by the circle and could not go home. Prince Charming was iced for littering during circle. Monster and T-shirt was iced for not marking the attendance roaster. Stiff Stick was iced for checking out the char siew before the circle ends. 

The lady guests from Mantin, Mont Kiara...........

The terrible signage maker!
Puchong H4 GM Kelingpoh!

The VIP from FMC!

Talkative guests!

The electronic smokers!

The most dedicated Butler! Big Hand to Baby Chameleon.

The gamblers...........

The weight loser competition!

Finally trapped the two always leave before circle starts.

Yes, gay is allowed in hash!

Stiff Stick getting very stiff.