Saturday, October 22, 2016

Run # 926 on 18th Oct at Kota Damansara, hare by Thongs, rated 8.5points by Sap Sam Ee

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 802 on June 10th at Sec 10,Kota Damansara by Thongs and rated 7 points by Baby Monkey My name is Ivan Wong. My first run was when I was 17 years old as a guest at Klang Hash , Porn Queen was the GM that time , after the run I decided to have a beer and that chapter didn't allow me cause I wasn't 18 , nevertheless I then feel uncomfortable and continue to train and ran , when I was officially 18 I join Gasing Hash and Piss Stop was the GM , after few run I submitted my application form and I was a member. Till today it's my 9th years of running with hash since 2008 today I'm 27 , I ran with the Launceston Hash House Harriers for 49runs when I was studying there in 2008 and I have done many ball breakers and been to many international hash events as well as Pan Asia Hash .  My family brought me to hash when I was young . My one and only mother hash chapter is GH5 , I don't belong to any other hash group , Thongs is my hash name which is another word for slipper , during my first run in Tasmania, Australia , after the run it was freezing cold and usually in Malaysia after my run I would wear thongs, no one did but I were the only one with thongs and then on wards the GM gave me my hash name Thongs. As for a living I'm having 2 gym outlets one in Serdang and another in Sentosa , Old Klang Road with my Uncle (Wong Hong, who is a professional bodybuilder) . Currently I'm a full time triathlete , I'm training for more upcoming triathlon event . My next triathlon is the Port Dickson Triathlon and Canada Ironman 5150 on 2015  . On On. 

Hare Updates:
5. What is your profession /business?
I m a full time athlete representing my gym and also incharge of managing it at Lee Chong Wei Sports Arena , Old Klang Road
6. Anything  you want to say to GH5  members?
I hope that all hashers could bring more people into sport not only in hiking but into running,jogging,cycling,swimming and any type of sports and exercise to keep everyone more healthy and strong.
7. If you can do something for GH5,  what will it be?
I would contribute more of my talents for this club to make it a more family orientated and eco friendly hash club.
8. What has hash done for you?
Wow ! Alot to thank Gasing Hash 5 ,I have took Gasing Hash a stepping stone for my triathlons and ultra marathons. Every Tuesday I will try not to miss hash because I get to use it as a training for my races . Without coming to hash I wouldnt complete my ultra trail marathons as well as my Ironman races.
9.What have you done for hash?
I have tried my very very best to keep everyone enjoying hash every Tuesday in terms of safety and also protocol of connectiong all the hash papers to keep everyone safe together during the run .Also making new friends and bring new people in to hash where fun ,food , friend , fellowship comes together.
Thank You , On On !

Gasing H5 GM Left Ball Circle starts at 9.00pm, greeting members and guest a very good evening.
First time guest Tina,  Steven,and Penny  2 korean are welcome with an on down.
Tina was testes with 3 questions 
1)When is the most important time for her?
Now is the most important time
2)what is the most important thing you must do.?
GM says  she is beside me , i must take care of her and vice versa, simply because --- when we are together in the trail if there  is an emergency she will take care
Of me and likewise i will take care of her, be nice to the person beside you advised GM.
Fifty Six Degrees will fully sponsored a Committee Run on 17 January 2017.
GH5 Committee will set the run .
Distribution of GH5 socks will be on 27th October.
Full sponsor by GM LB in conjunction with his birthday.!
Makan is coming later - Dont Worry says GM.
It would be very much appreciated if hare could pre-Empt to everyone or The GM prior ON ON if 8-10 km run are projected
Silent was ICED for being so sad as Thai pub girls are taking a break for a week for their Deceased Thai King ….Anyway Vietnamese girls are available
Bull Dog and Gold Finger were ICED for not starting a good culture from day one encouraging members to be active in other chapters as well.
GM presently and clearly change the bad culture encouraging members to stay sociable amongst chapters.
*either i go or you go* encourage GM enthusiastically.
Love birds -Dragon Fly and Shit Face was ICED for honey mooning in Maldives sipping Champaign.
Push Up was ICED for parking her car at OKU parking lot last week’s run at ECO PARK.
War Lord was ICED for commenting "if these ladies are on ZERO gravity.!!
(Meaning everything was dropping...)
Very bad and very   insulting said GM.!!
LAZAR AND 100 plus were iced for  smuggling fish from Kenyir Lake .
Photos were snap as proof  and evidence will be send to Abd.Wahid Abd.Majid -Forestry Minister to confirm punishment and justice  had been taken.
Lovely couple Heart Breaker and KC Wong Iced for being too romantically link to each other.
She's very concerned and keep asking where is  KC..KC...KC.....
At one instance -After speed boat had landed ,KC was not sighted she would ask where’s KC...KC...KC...
Tuck In and Tag Along was Iced and was advised by GM to tactically tackle sloppy terrains by moving sideways gradually as not to destroy the plants along the way.
JMs Song Bird- took over the box-
Without fear and Favour  iced GM for not catching Tina without hash t-shirt.
Tina was off the hook this time.
JMs won a champion ship belt - Posture Brace  after a tussle with WAR Lord.
September was a bad  few GH5 members were injured.
Piss Stop fractured his rib 7&8.
Gold Finger injured himself during a friends Yoga session.
Nutritionist Diet Specialist Mr Toto  was invited to the box to share his experience -he had just completed Cameron 100kn run. An avid sportsman who had participated in endurance races , Hikings and ultra-Marathon race.
And he was a Certified Wellness Consultant.
Everyone has his/ her level of fitness .
Nutrition planning such as supplements can help control muscles  fatigue without ant muscles cramps.
It will prevents gastro intestinal problems that may lead to vomiting.
Feel free to contact him for A  FREE  consultation.
Sao Sum Ee awarded Thongs with 8.5points. Hare would to thank all members and guest for coming , War Lord for sponsoring a crate of beer, mun Chick Kiti Chic and Co-hares for setting an exciting run.
Mystery Whip - Wild Boar iced Lucky Cock for being carry away by other chapter gorgeous ladies.
Lembek was Iced for bullying WildBoar with a rotan.
Wild Boar iced by GM for not being a man in charged at home. As man is the finance Minister not home minister....
Low Chick and James Bong was iced for getting" sexited "about men and being " hum sup" respectively.
Bonsai and  were Iced for having Grey Hairs look alike and Bonsai wants to follow Grew Devil stylish hair.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Run # 925 on 11th Oct at Setia Eco Park, hared by Baby Chameleon and rated 9.0 by One Zero

Hare Corner:
Previous Run: Run # 806 on July 8th at Section 9,Kota Damansara, Hared by Baby Chameleon rated 8 points by Thongs
Evonne Kong Mun Yee is the name involved in sales in one of the leading pharmaceutical company in town.  She joined hash in 2008 and was brought to hash by Rabbit of Kaki Hash. Her hash name Baby Chameleon was given by Hardcore of Klang H4  because her character changes according to the amount of alcohol she consumed (So we have to test this theory some times). She is current member of Klang H4 and GH5, Baby Chameleon loves hashing because it is good workout and can enjoy the fellowship while having a few beers! Thank you Baby Chameleon for bringing many guests from KH4 and Friday Hash. Thanks also for the free grub and extra beers!

Hare Updates: 
Q: What would you like to say to GH5?
A: Let's Go Green together.
Q:  What Can you do for GH5?
A: To be a responsible hasher and salvage the Mother Nature.
Q:What has hash done for you?
A:Perhaps a few inches increase at my waist line!
Q: What have you done for hash?
A: Nothing major except I am Grand Master of Klang Hash 4 now and I hope to bring the club to greater height!

Thank you Baby Chameleon for  the challenging run, free beer and dinner.

Circle started with GM requesting Hare Q-Master to announce the next 3 weeks run. GM further announced the Committee will host the 56 Degree Whisky Run on Jan 17th 2017. and run site will be Bukit Subang! PJ Harriets is also giving GH5 half a page of advert foc!
GH5 songs will be distributed to members on 25th Oct 217.
First time guests from Norway,TJ and Ketil were welcomed!
GM Iced ToyBoy for not doing sweeper job for Baby Chameleon and assigned Wildboar to do it. Prince Charming and Push Up were iced for parking at handicapped parking spot during last run dinner. Lachar and 100Pkus look alike were iced for smuggling Toman Fish from Kenyir Lake. Kirie Kimono and Power Bang were also guilty party for partaking in consuming the fish. Medic was called out by GM and reminded Medic do not call falsie if there is no check. Pocahontas was iced for playing phone during circle and has not been running.  Song Bird took the box and inviting all members  to vote for Lucky Cock and Lucky Pussy on FB as the best BKT contest. Mystery Whip today is Warlord and he iced Left Ball for assigning him to be whip the very last minute. Cocky was to be iced for taking a pack of short cutter from Warlord but Grey Devil sat on his behalf.
GM was iced again for calling on on 2 minutes earlier than 6PM. Cartoon and Baby Croc were iced for not only short cutting but also have a drink at Mamak Coffee shop. JMs was also iced for promoting BKT commercial in hash.

GM took back the box and iced Warlord for wearing his sarung upside down.