Sunday, June 26, 2016

Run # 909 on 21st June at Bukit Bayu, hare by Tan Sri, rated 9. points by Wild Boar.

Hare Corner:
Run # 779 on 31st Dec 2013 at Green Hill Puncak Alam by Tan Sri rated 8 point by Pauline.  Dato Tee Seng Keong is the name recognized and acknowledged by Sultan of Pahang but in hash, he is known as Tan Sri 902. His Tan Sri name was conferred by KH4 when he "acted and look like one" way before his Datukship.  Tan Sri was brought to hash by his two brothers Gold Digger and Power Ranger who were members of Royal Kalng Club in 2008, like many who tasted the opium, he was hooked and subsequently join KH4 and GH5. In 2011, together with Warload and their unmentionables, they founded Hokkien Hash and Tan Sri is the current GM of Hokkien Hash. His business is in the supplies of Construction Machinery. He specifically mentioned he is "single and available in hash only". Tan Sri enjoyed GH5 because he felt members are cooperative, fantastic fellowship  and caring for each other.
Run # 779 on 31st Dec 2013

Hare Updates:

1. Who brought you to Hash?
- 3 of my brothers , my late brother gold digger & power ranger from Klang Hash & Allan Tee from Royal Klang Club
2. When and which is your first chapter? 
- Klang Hash was my fist chapter , 2008 was the year I joined Klang Hash
3. Member of how many chapters? 
- GH5 as committee member .
- Hokkian Hash as Lou Chu ( GM)
- Friday Happy Hash as Inter On Hash
- Royal Klang Club as members
4. Who gave you your hash name and reasons? 
- Klang Hash RA given me this hash name , reason was cannot get this tittle from Sultan or The King  , so better get from hash chapter .
5. What is your profession /business?
- Manufacturing of construction equipments
6. Anything  you want to say to GH5  members? 
- come to run every Tuesday without miss , not u turn back if u can do it , don eat a lots without sweating , if drink a lots don't drive .
7. If you can do something for GH5,  what will it be? 
- participate or joint others celebration run under GH5 name . 
- do more hiking or family event to have closeer relationship . 
- bring more guests or promote our chapter to others hash group .
8. What has hash done for you? 
- fellowship & caring for each other
9.what have you done for hash?
- being one of the Founder of Hokkian Hash & Friday Happy Hash was my big achievement . 
- educate new hasher to come more often to hash chapter .

Thank you Tan Sri for the Run, The Yong Tau Foo, Finger Food,  Lamb,Free flow beer and Whisky and many guests from Friday Happy Hash and Hokkien Hash!

Circle Scribe by Blue Bird:
GM LB starts the circle  at 8.45pm ---greeting all guest and Hashers "Sia Sia Ni Men"-TQVM for coming .
He announces next 3 weeks run
1)Hot Legs- Gasing Bird Park 
2)Bull Dog - Sri Bintang
3)Lazar - Setia Eco Park
Lazar was Iced for announcing his run posted as East Park China 
Lazar got play out by Bangkok !
Anyway it was Fun right ,Lazar ?!
(No Worries - the more  Iced u got the more popular u R -be Happy.!!)
GM invites Hokkian Hash and Friday Hash Members to the box , in appreciation for their support to GH5 and Tan Sri's Run and a rousing ON Down! For their presence. cheers!!!
Lady Guest was detained by GM so as to know each of them better.
They are Hot Mama, Hot Chilli and Red Tomatos!!!
LB cheekily ask "which part of UR body are Hot - his roving  eyes staring front and back of each lang Lui and further ask "which parts are Red " in the most jovial mood .... HaHa... HoHo....!!!it's for you to find out guys .
By the was Red Tomato looks like Golden Eyes , both were like sisters...cheese , smile u r on candid camera.!!!
GM thanked War Lord for his good effort setting and masterminding today's run , it was supposed to be a good run 9.6km grog radical coverage.
With approximately 60% virgin trail.
Tan Sri was very concerned for his guest and feeling uneasy and quietly instructed Prince Charming to modify the trail shorter on the eleventh hour 5.30 just before ON on ...
GM was infuriated and Iced Tan Sri for not informing GM the Grand Master!!
Shit Face was call up to comment on GH5 first outing trip to KKB .SF says it was BORING!
just because GM won all their money  on a football betting .
Generally the whether was good and hiking was fun a few just hike for 1 hours and some Bodoh punya Cina hike 8 hours  all the way to the peak""!!!
GM was iced for tricking SF setting papers trail all the way.... LOL...!!!
SF recomend to seek GM for football tips if he wants to win during this EURO Cip football fever which ends on 10th July .
GM Of Fruday Hash was call out to the Bix to say a few words in Tan Sri s run .
"TQ GH5 and Hare Tan Sri for your invitation , she added.
Tan Sti was my "Low Paa"( Father)
From Hokkian Hash , Friday Hadh was born . I am His Child says Air Bag ....she further commented the run was indeed a Good Run .
Cheers to Air Bag and a On Down !
Gm Iced Blue Bird Fir not being consistent weekly .
Before ,he used to be at run site 4.45pm waiting for ON ON.
After joining as member and committee member his attendance deteriorate .( BB will do his best) 
Silent Gorilla  was called CHI PAK KWAI (CPK) by Gm .
CPK always carry waters for Natalie,, shampoo,
scoop you got or not ask SG -CPK ?
do you want me to scrub your back ??
GM tak boleh tahan , he ask the hashers 
"This CPK got use or not..?!?!?!"
The floor responded louder than even "Arousing NO"!!Lol...
It's GMs job to do it .
SG was Iced  longer definitely.
Mad Dog was Iced for disturbing Chi Cheong Fun lang Lui .ah June.
He says I have seen you before ...
Lang Lui says NO - never.....OMG !
JMs was Iced for not using Lucky Pussy hashers name greeting Ah née 
Happy Birthday!GM was so detail that he take note of the time posted by Snow White  posted a BD  wish to AH Nee and realized her mistakes and quickly resend her massage changed it to LP at exactly 9.45am .
Don't Play Play Ar....!!! GM  screen very thoroughly.!
JMs took over the Box greeting Good Evening to fellow hashers from HH , FH, and GH5.
GM LB was Iced for being another CPK ... He supposed to be teaching hashers to be courteous and well manner & nice to the ladies ... Instead vice versa. ( create another CPK) LOL !!!
JMs shared shared two nice jokes of a married man got away after having affair with his secretary .and a wife having an affair prior to her sons birth.   LOL ... OMG ..!!!!
Wild Boar rated 
Tan Sri ' s run 9 points .
Hare T.Sri  thanked all guest and members for their warmest support.
Tan Sri iced GM for being too happy and having a wet pants after toilet.
Happens during a recent  steamboat diner at Damansara. LOL...Gm forget to take his Dick Out ....ha Ha Ha -just Kidding.!
Shit Face our Home Minister introduces Raw Eggs and Boil Eggs 3 each . Hashers pls do not form your own circle or talk during circle.Kai  Si Wong and Dickson were caught red handed for talking during circle -each were given the privilege to crack  / smack the eggs on opponents fore head . OMG... !!
Abu Hassan and 13 Yee was call up by GM .  Abu Hassan was carless for loosing his phone during run , he intentionally as 13 Yee was behind him ..., he forecasted it well and true enough this phone was pick up and returned by 13 Yee -Air Bag Sang him a Nice Hokkian Song & A On Down.
The  circle ended at 9.45pm .
Thanks to the Hare for the lamb , beers, Whisky provided all night long.!!.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Run # 908 on June 14 at Sec 9, Kota Damansara, hare by Sailor Moon and rated 7.5 points by Alex

Hare Corner:
Previous run, Run # 781 at Bukit Lagong on 14th Jan 2014 by Sailor Moon and rated 7.5 points by Bonsai.
Florence Foo is her cari makan name in the Financial Planner with AIA for more than 20 years, so if any members need advice to manage their finances,you know who to look for. Her Hash name Sailor Moon was given by Kangaroo of GH5 when she is always helpful around circle and likes to be pampered. Sailor Moon started hashing in 1997 with PJ Harriets, However, when a dew men of these young harriets realized it is too risky to let their young chick wondering around aimlessly in other hash, they decided to form their own chapter and GH5 was formed to make a safe home for the vulnerable chick and since then Sailor Moon has been part of GH5. Obviously she was brought in by her the other half, Eric The Prick. Sailor Moon was former Joint Mistress and On Cash of GH5 many moons ago.
Lagong on 14th Jan 2014
Hare update: Currently homemaker taking care of Darl! 
?Anything you want to say to GH5 members?
Ans: No competition but love one another.
? If you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
Ans: Charity or more activities that will benefit the club.
? What has Hash done to you?
Ans: Met many good friends here and around the world.
? What have you done for hash?
Ans: Has done many things during the early years like cleaning Gasing Hill... can't remember the rest liao....sorry!

Big hand to the hare for the free food and extra beers!
Do I look good with glasses on?

Circle started around 9PM and GM remind members trying not to go to same area consecutively to prevent paper mixed up and etc. 
Sailor Moon was summoned to be iced for not doing sweeper job and did not set the run today.
JMS Song Bird was iced for super efficient on the Smart Phone reply and neglected Warlord completely !
All the Chinese Ladies were call out to show their skill of wrapping Ba Chang and Sailor Moon and Power Bang were iced for failing to wrap a proper one.
Pocahontas, Medic and a few others passed with flying colours and were given free beers by GM.
Lacha was iced because the 3 sisters came the previous week and informed GM Lacha always busy making money and should run more!
Tan Sri was iced for needing Warlord to help him to climb over the fallen tree.
Thongs and Daffy Duck were iced for having a good time in Canada and Europe!
Tau Cheing Sui and One Zero were iced since they have not be iced for long time.
So was Bull Dog and Spotted Dog for missing for long time.
Silent Gorilla was iced for having wet dream in the chat group.
JMS took the box and ask GM to explain the reason of Ba Chang on Dumpling Festival and he got the answer wrong.
Queen Bee was iced for attending Cheras Hash circle when she was suppose to be at Gh5 cirlce two weeks ago.
Mystery Whip Titanic iced GM for never take down his hash sign at Bukit Subang.
Natalie was iced for not having hash T-shirt .
Kuaci was iced for wanting to sing hash song for Natalie but can not sing properly but the attempt was good!