Sunday, March 26, 2017

Run # 948 AGM Run at Bukit Subang on 21st March 2017 hare by committee, OC by Warlord, rated 7.5 points by Sam Thang

Hare Corners: Gasing Hill Hash House Harrier & Harrietes (GH5) enters into legal consumation age now that she is 18th years old. The founding principles of GH5 are : Family hash, Eco-friendly and Hashing with a purpose. As the chapter grow and evolved, it is a challenge to maintain the founding principles but the current committee will continue to maintain the character and culture of GH5. 
The committee would like to thank all the members and sponsors for making the past years' event successful.

The GM of GH5-Left Ball

The OC for AGM

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Bukit Subang 

-Accounts  for members to passed.
-Passing of the minuates.
-On Sec Reports ..later.

-Dissolved the current committee.
-Election of the new Committee.

Warlord dissolved the GH5 current committee parliment at 5.30 sharp.
Making way for new new election ,a new goverment to be sworn in probably some fresh  blood to contribute their expertise and catapult  GH5 to greater height.


7) Tan Sri
8) Grey Devil
9) Power Bang
10) Tuck In


Circle write up by Blue Bird. 

Hashers raise your butt...the NEW GH5 GM LEFT BALL  is on the Box.
Greeting members and guest a very good evening.
I can see all GH5 members are  still with smiling faces .
GM invite all nominated committee members  to introduce themselfs  to members and guest present.
I am the GO1 not MO1says LB enthusiastically.

Nominated Comittees are :-

1)JMS -Song Bird (2nd year)
2)ON SEC-Spicy Cili -As On Sec for 15 years 
3)On Cash -Golden Eyes.(2nd year)
Asst On Sec
4)Grey Devil..committee 
5)Tan Sri ...committee
6)Tuck In ...committee 
7)Power Bank....committee
8)Asst.On Sec-Blue Bird 2nd year
9)Asst .On Cash - Smoky Jin 2nd year
Photography session .

Big Hand to the new committee members.
GM says ,On cash job must deploy a beautiful lady -collect cash easier.

GM had adfitionally appoint  advisors to assist him.

-War Lord...strategic planning...polis   
-BONSAI..critical opinion
-GOLD FINGER..clenlines and envireoment control.
-SHIT FACE....IGP oF GH5.TO handle law and order.
He no nonsense guy.
-LAZAR.. JMM(Join Master)
-Pochantas..Interhash On Sex.
-Prince Charming...SAR operation.
A big hand to the appointed advisors and committees.

Gasing has  2 beer man says LB .
KOjack...IS ONE....who the second beer man ?Ask none other than your GM!!!
He serves  cold beers...during the run.
Ohh Really!! NICE..of you GM.

GM invites all visiting GM  to the box in appreciation for their presence and moral  support to GH5.Visiting GM are:-
-Jms from ulu langat 1st time,
-Kelingpo...Puchung Hash
-Charlie Bycycle 
-PJHHH GM Dragon Fly
-QQ Kepong Hash
-GM of Bukit Cherakah Hash.
-Piss Stop..GM of PJ Hazards
-Tan Sri frm Hokkian Hash.
-BABY Chameleon Klang Hash

Gasing hash ...guest raise  your butt...1min silence in  respect to
The passing of  Hartamas GM Mafia..

1st time guest of MMS
Simon,Ngau mo wong ,Joyce,Wei wei and Sanny were given an ON Down.Cheers!!!
GM interviews  the gorgeous ladies  Sanny .
You guys got no chance already
FOR SHE STAYS VERY NEAR my house in K.Kemuning.

With a blink of an eye I hv been a GM  for 1 year says LB .
As a GM the job is very demanding ,very pressure but i take it as a challenge .
If you overcome this,it is a your social career.
SO  GM very soon you will be promoted to Puterajaya !Just Kidding.@
As GM i will see you as one..Be it or poor you will get me blessings without fear or favour.Ohh...Really ..!TQTQ...GM!

I neet support and co-operation  and you must think at the same level.
As a GM -remember you.must have tougher mind  than politicians
For 52 weeks.
GM s Inspirations  comes  from  all angles - trees , rivers and plants in the jungles too.
Jms wish a very good evening to  members and guest.
GM is too happy...he could'nt  sleep last  night untill 3.30am..
He was Too excited about his new post.!

JM's iced... Melanie as she was so eager to run ..but her shoes malfunction. (JADI BUAYA)
Michael   was iced...for coming late ..for he drank  a sip..and the rest he washes his face..
Alamak kena caught red handed.!!LOL!@

Song Bird invites Very handsome member  Tag Along to the Box to meet up with Desa Park City Hash 
Member name  Tag Along too
A pretty girl . CHEERS ..what a coi

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Run # 947 on 14th March at Bukit Lagong, hare by Piss Stop, rated 8.0 points by Smooth Face

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 831 on 23rd Dec 2014, at Bukit Lagong hared by Piss Stop and rated 9.0 points by Prince Charming
Lim Kok Yean claimed he has a close relative who is Tan Sri Lim Kok Thye but we shall leave it as such, it is the same life but different fate! Lim Kok Yean was introduced to hash in 1988 by Cavemen and was a founding member of Batu Hash in 1989. His illustrious hashing career of 26 years has had hash name changed from Road Runner to Flip Flop to Plip Plop and was suppose to be Pit Stop but ended up as Piss Stop when Messy of PJ Animales was too drunk to utter it correctly. Piss Stop was the only Gasing Hash GM who was given a three years term and currently is GH5 Hash Advisor. He is anointed to be the next GM of a "Batang/Ah Kua" chapter come next March! Piss Stop is also member of PJ Animales and PJ Hazards.
 Piss Stop is in the Automotive Industry and managed a F-1 certified automobile service centre in Segambut! Pick up and Drop off service plus courtesy car is available for your convenience. Piss Stop is a joyous and affable person and many came forward to make this Christmas Run a success! It was a wonderful party from run to finger food and main course from Chef Mad Dog. Thank you to Piss Stop for the extra beer, whisky and foc food. And Thank you to Leslie for helping out throughout the night. We had Lamb, Satay, Roast Pork, Lean Pork, Fried Noodle, Fried Mee Hon, Cheese and Bread, Dumpling and plenty of fruits.

Hare updates:

Q; What do you like to say to GH5 members?
A: Be kind and be helpful to everyone.
Q: If you can do something for GH5, what will it be?
A: Do more Charity work and gotong royong
Q: what has hash done for you?
A:Make me healthier and drink more!
Q: What have you done for hash?
A:Nothing substantial but...... had been Grand Master for GH5 for 3 years in a row...currently PJ Hazards Grand Master.

Piss stop run
Bukit Laggong, Sribe by Blue Bird.

GM starts the greeting members and guest a very good  evening.GM highlighting Han Wan Nan's tummy r growling.
He is  a hungry man 
Smooth face was Iced as he forgets to introduce 1st time guest Cindy his wife.
Warlord took  over the box ...advising what we should do and what we should not do...come  Tuesday .... WL will officially dissolve the  parliment at 5.30pm next Tuesday.
Nominated MEMBERS will have have accept/ object.
Tan Sri was iced because he absconded from this original  duty as OC-coming AGM
GM had invited guest from other chapters and praying for them to come.
On Sex added RM60 guest fees input improves GH5 P&L.
GM says actually i did not invite..
We need more guest to keep GH5 afloat.
Spring Chicken was Iced for not paying his sub fees and have been eating and drinking since 6.00pm.Titanic too was iced for not participating in  todays run.
GM pass to ON Sex the nominations papers.which are closed as of now.
GM says new committee consist of more Silent will be more sexited!
Piss Stop was iced for not doing last weeks sweepers job and todays Hares job ..
Co- Hare had  call GM for help and as usual GM seldom says  no...its A YES...ON. on WOW...GM you  are THE MAN!!!!.
TODAYS RUN was set so perfectly that the first runner Ben came out at exactly 1hour  20minuates.
BB was iced for registrating and did not turn up for Bukit Kutu Hiking trip.
Baby Crocodile was  iced for not completing the run.
GM announced that the next hiking trip will be more interesting.
Heart Breaker was iced for not going for the run.
Tag Along was Iced for lack of Eco Friendliness.!
In our GH5 slogan -Eco friendly hash hashers cannot even remove  one grass o uproot a plant from the virgin jungle...
Dont even the jungle Say GM.
OMG THATS CALL TO NATURE..THEN HOW !!! Can take but you need to replant back. for sustainability.
Card master was iced for loosing his stool 4th time. Alamak...4th time...!LOL!
Tau cheong sui was .iced for  disturbing the caterer...GM said...dont go near the cateterer.
8 points were awarded for todays run.
Hare Piss Stop would like to thank members and guest for coming .
LB was doing a good  job thus far -why change ?
Piss Stop commented.
GM says....just tell me what do you  want  me to do for you.
Gm was iced...for not walking d talk.
Some people are afraid of lightning...
Some ..leeches..
Baby crocodile...
Silent..All .were Iced for being too afraid of these and silent for comenting.
Who go who  die..!!

Sf says GM  try 2 bribe SF with  peanuts...
QQ and Dragon Fly were Iced for wearing the same typical hash  t shirt.
Next week ....agm run.
Jms...took over the box greeting members a very Good Evening.
Gm will be planning lots of activities...for 2017..
Next weeks onwards, .if 
LB... become the Gm for the second term 
Lots of goodie are line up in place .
Ohh Really...HaHa...more diners coming too!

More importantly you must be happy...
Then i will b happy says GM.