Friday, April 29, 2016

Run # 901 on 26th April at Bukit Lagong, hare by grey Devil, rated 9.8 points by Gold Finger!

Hare Corner:
Adam Ng Chin Leng is the name involved in the "Grey" Car import mainly from Japan, if you are looking for a comfortable MPV and Lexus, you will probably get one from his company Prestige Auto near Taman Sea. The reason Adam was Baptised  as Grey Devil is because of his Grey Hair and his facial hair which gave him a sexy old man/Devil look? (What happen if he dye his hair Black?) Ha Ha! Grey Devil was brought to GH5 by Bijis around middle of 2013. He is currently member of GH5 and Klang Hash 4. Grey Devil said" Very happy and enjoyed so much with GH5, very memorable Birthday Celebration and thanks to all GH5 members" Grey Devil is erected into GH5 committee member in 2016/17.

Run # 797 on 6th May at TTDI by Grey Devil rated 7.25points by Shitface

Circle starts at 20.21pm GM LB wishes a very good evening to members and guests.
Please be seated and stay focus for this 1 hour the same time he announces the nest 3 weeks run.
Today the hare do appreciate hashers who completed the full run
The co hares ensures hashers are safe and follow papers says GM.
Two guest KK and Meng Seng were call up  and give the usual welcome On Down.
Both of them were guest of Thongs and Grey Devil respectively.

GM raises water issues for GH5
29 members voted for GH5 to supply waters to hasher and 19 members voted against.
It was obvious the numbers are in favor to supply waters.
So water will be provided during the hash and the issue was closed added GM .

Thank you Gasing for your matured voting. After our 1st committee meeting GH5 committee had decided to fixed 17,18 and 19th June for our outdoor hiking to Frazer Hill , KKB exciting itinerary are lineup for hashers , there will be BBQ Diner on the first night , 2nd day there will be steam Boat diner.
At the same time do select your favorite 1,2, 4 hours hiking trail .
Do be careful and ensure you are not lost say GM .
A nice Bungalow will be booked for you guys , please register with JM Song Bird.
GM call out Tan Sri and ICED him .
During Hokkian Hash SongKrans run event last Sunday, he  wasted tons of water during the events.
Dato Roslan Bin Hasan , CEO of Shabas had personally complained to Left Ball to ice Tan Sri! Gold Finger sang him a nice and long hash song and a nice on down!
Grey Devil was Iced for being too popular in the chat group
There are 2 instruments to gauge ones popularity, those who posted in Whattsapp for his birthday wishes  and how many times on ice.
GM chided, the second instruments
Which is more accurate and can gain popularity by being Iced the number of times.
GM says In 2014 he was iced 34 times!

In 2015 he was iced 38 times.
That's where your popularity comes from. (any one wants more .....LOL ..!!!Believe it -you b popular soon .
A Happy Birthday In Down for the Hare! How wan nan Ang Kuachi was iced respectively .!
Kuachi being cheeky and simply say -calling "Hokkian Mee Hash "
GM shared ,  World Days has just past ,Trash in this world it is inevitable, where populations grow s, human consumption a increases hence by products created, land for developments created and forest depleted hence creating Global Warming . (El Nino effect) (That is why we need to reduce the amount of thrash we throw out!)
All those will contributes sea levels to rise at the same time but Walking Tall is getting shorter and he was iced!
Gold Finger was invited to do the run rating , before he proceed Grey Devil was ICED for bribing the founder to give a perfect 10 run rating .
Any way at the bottom line GF rated 9.8 points for GD run!
Grey Devil thanked hashers and friends for coming  and especially who flew all the way from Tawau ,Sabah, he further added those days before joining hash his size was like Titanic , now he looks good like Hollywood star Richard Gere!!  (alright very soon your name will be in Hollywood Walk of Fame , Cheers GD)
Grey Devil was iced again for not thanking Co Hares .(GM,Prince Charming, Soh MiowMiow)
The co- hares had done a good job by put in their heart and sweats, torturing by thorns and bullets. Moreover they have done it deligently ..!!! They should be treated with much tender loving care. Says GM LB.
Last week Pinocchio went into the run site quite late about 6.40pm
GM advised; if late please walk slowly as to avoid any accidents.
(Life is precious do take care of our self)
Whip of the week -Semens Iced GM for allowing Lembek to sit on his honorable GM's chair.
Semen makes an announcements and he's going to make 4 people popular -sitting on Ice.!
Gold Finger, Golden Eyes, Touch & Go and Emas Tag.
Semen said ...,"looking at the four of you, I almost wanted to change my name ..."
Both ladies had similar back names
Pang Chow Mooi
Cheong Chow Mooi
Bonsai added another one Yap Chow Mooi ! Hahaha.... He was just kidding.
Lady Bird was Iced for not joining Gasing hash but  joined Kepong Hash  instead eventhough she came to GH5 first.  Lady Bird claimed, there is no “Blue Bird” Lanchow to take care of her in GH5!!
Before the circle was closed by GM, all hashers were invited by Hare for a diner treat at a Restaurant nearby .
Thank you Grey Devil for the good run, food, beers and whiskeys party atmosphere at the restaurant.
Cheers !!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Run # 900 on 19th April at Cahaya SPK hare by Lucky Pussy, rated 9.5 points by Wild Boar!

Hare Corner:
Tiew Hong Ni is her given name who is the Chief Financial Office of  the Dragon Bah Kut Teh in Klang. Her  hash name was given to sync with the other half, Lucky Cock and thus she was name Lucky Pussy by GH5. Lucky Pussy is member of GH5 only. She has been an active members to the run every week without fail. This is her third time as hare for GH5 at this new Run site for GH5. Thanks to Lucky Pussy for the food, beer and whisky served!
Run # 773 at Puncak Alam on 19th Nov 2013, Hared by Lucky Pussy and rated 9 points by Pocahontas

Circle started without GM because he has to lead a rescue team to help Pinocchio. JM Song Bird announced the next three weeks run and welcome first time Arun brought by another guest Janice.
Wild BOar was the run rater and was generous to rate the run 9.5 points despite the fact hare did not set the run.
Shitface was the mystery whip today and iced Melanie for did not go in to run even though she arrived early at run site.
Jungle men was iced for coming to GH5 late but always go to other hash early and go home late.
Gilbert was iced for yet to submit his membership application forms.
Silent Gorilla is another whip and iced Bonsai for demotion from GM to be a cameramen!
Song Bird iced on behalf of Warlord because he harvested Tongkat Ali plant during the run.
Fei Chai Long from friday Hahs was ice because he always loan money to help people and get them into more trouble.
Guest John submitted his membership application and Bonsai interviewed him on members name, past GM and Founders and he did pretty well for a first time admission interview.
Lachar and his concubines were called out to be paraded. Members were requested to comment what are the common factors Lachar like them. Cartoon said all are flat front and back, Nathalie was sporting to parade to show herself! Big hand!
Wood Pecker was called to comment and He said Lachar preferred divorcee!
Sup Sum Yee says Lachar needed more protein? or the ladies need more protein?
Mamasan said Lachar like to be generous to all the ladies.
Titanic commented Lachar like them because they can accompany him to drink till wee hours of the night!
By the time circle ended, Pinocchio was driving out by the rescue team with some guests. Big hand to the rescue team of GM, Warlord, Lucky Cock, BMM and BangCock