Thursday, November 20, 2014

Run # 826 at TNB Hill Mantin on Nov 18th Hared by Baby Monkey and rated 9 points by Blur-blur

Hare Corner:

Teoh Sin Joo hails from the well known Teoh family in Klang. If he claims to be number two, no one dare to claim number one! Because of his successful sting as GH5 GM, he was conferred a Dato title from SAS. (Just wonder why all the previous GM did not get one?) Anyway, Dato Teoh Sin Joo who is better known as Baby Monkey was brought to hash by none other than Baby Crocodile in 2000.His maiden hash was Klang Hash4 and subsequently he joined GH5 and then PJ Hazards, currently he maintained his membership with GH5 and PJ Hazards and also an active guests with Mantin Hash. His Hash name was given by Colonel of KH4 when he jumped up and down like a Monkey and since he is nephew of Baby Crocodile, he was given the name of  Baby Monkey. Baby Monkey's profession is a property developer and his projects spread around Klang Valley. He wanted to say a big thank you to GH5 for an enriching hashing experience and be part of GH5 history!
Thank you Baby Monkey for a good run with beautiful and windy run site , free food, free beers, free whisky and fresh air!
This one, no need to stop at Police Block!
008, 8 bond girls!

 Circle started at around 9 PM today due to long run but it was a good work out with a distance of about 8.5 KM. GM pay tribute to Mantin GM Bandaraya since we came to their territory and also took the occasion to on down guests Alicia Yen for being elected GM of PJ Harriets, and also on down the On Sec,Teng Lai Kwan and On Cash, Jenn. Bonsai reiterated to Mantin Hash and PJ Harriets to support our 15th Anniversary Do. GM called out all Mantin female members and commended everyone was fit , slim and good runner except Kim Chi. Kim Chi was given an icing honored for conducting the previous hash circle in Mantin when Big Crazy Cock had his run. First time guest ET was welcomed in the circle and he was also the master mind for today's run. Next Baby Crocodile and Cartoon were called and cartoon was iced for abandoning Baby Crocodile half way. Next Kirie Kimono was given a quiz on Hawaii cultures and she did not know the most famous beach at Honolulu which is Waikiki and the most famous fish in Hawaii known as " Humuhumunukunukuapu a'a"
The run rating was done by Blur-Blur today. Hare gave a lengthy hare speech today and ice Blur-Blur for awarding too many points for the run and iced Prince Charming for complaining checks too far and run too slow so the first runner was 1 hour 40 minutes. Baby monkey also iced Polar Bear for using BMW motorcycle but never buy from Shitface. Baby Monkey also thank Shitface with a bottle of 18 years Chivas for a job well done for introducing his current companion. Left Ball was about to dooze off when GM called him to take the box and he instantly woke up and iced Baby Monkey for refusing him to be the co-hare. Cat-Eye was iced for posting in a picture like the Tower Of Pisa during KH4 celebration. Sangwat was next on ice when Left ball accused him of only sweeping half the pack and did not sweep Ladies Finger. Cartoon was iced again when he was hesitating to come today but because Baby Crocodile had to come so he had no choice but to come. The drinking and camaraderie continue on till around 1130PM for those staying in KL but a few Mantin members and hare probably party on..........

All very good lah, I gave 9 points but also kena iced!

Bandaraya control Mantin HHH, Teng Lai Kwan controls PJ Harriets!

I am Dato Bond, Monkey Bond, with all the Bond girls!

Now we know Left Ball took 30 minutes to take a bath, so after doing co-hare, he has all the time in the world to shower

Bandaraya , GM of Mantin Hash!
Give good point also must sit on ice, apa mau lagi!

Thank you Shitface for "setting"my life and thank you ET for setting my run.
LeftBall please don't come to set run!
Want to come or don't want to come ?but must come anyway!
Bola kena tekan, mesti mari!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Run# 825 on 11-11-14 at Bukit Beruntung, Hared by Push Up and rated 9.0 points by Lolek.

Hare Corner:

Joanne Lee Chew Hoon was brought to GH5 by Peacock Hair in 2010, since then she has been make waves in GH5 with her joyous and exuberant personality. GH5 is her only chapter and she was christian ed as Push Up because she restored the self confidence and forward looking outlook for women by providing them with "Push Up Bra". Push Up is a beautician by profession, She is also whole seller of skin care products and manage a lingerie shop in SS2. If any ladies needs 'fixing", do drop by to see her! She joined hash to have fun and get to know more friends.

Thank you to Push for the finger food, 'Pun Choy", extra beer and whisky!
Push Up-Year 1980

Push Up- Year 1990
Push Up-Year 2000

Push Up- Year 2014!
New Run site for GH5, it was about 6km length and challenging up and down terrain . Everyone was out by 820PM!

Main dalam air!

Left Ball not in the picture, still figuring out the checks!

The Cheif Co-hare who led all the way, stray Dog from Beruntung!

GM announced that the 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner will needs members' support and sponsorship to make it a grand party for the members and guests. Snow White was the first one to grace the ice throne when she ran without a hash T-shirt and commented the hare was very naughty making us crossing the river two times within a short distance. Next Silent Gorilla was granted his wish to have a memorable photograph taken with all the GH5 beau possibly to reply the old one on his table!  Tambah Nilai was next on ice when he ran like a Wild Boar charging up the hill and knock o his head on a branch and suffered a bad cut in Sungai Long three weeks a go and purposely showed to GM he complied with hashing rule of wearing hash t-shirt when he patch a GH5 logo onto his favorite NIKE t-shirt.Run rating was done by Lolek tonight and he awarded 9 points for today's run. Left Ball took to the box and iced Shitface and Silent Gorilla for short cutting. Soh Mui Mui, Soh Meow Meow, Loud Chick and Pocahontas was honored for having a great time in Klang Hash 33rd Anniversary Do.Titanic was iced for falling a sleep and fell from the chair during KH4 do. Left Ball was iced for attempting to change the hash trail rule and trying to test the hashers intelligence. 

Tambah Nilai running like a Wild Boar!

I wonder which photo Silent G will put on his table!

Left Ball trying to out smart the FRB!

Falling asleep and falling down after drinking!

Listen to me, I am the run rater today!

The short cutter today!

Ai ya, why the hare so naughty one? making us cross the river twice!

The hare thank the co-hares and all the sponsors for helping out and made this run happen.