Sunday, March 29, 2015

Run # 844 on March 24 at Bukit Lagong ,hare by Snow White and rated 8.0 points by Lachar.


Ma Pong Mei is her real name and she is the other half of Pinocchio! Her nick name in Mandarin was "white Snow" and thus she was Christian-ed as Snow White by Baby Monkey. Snow White was brought to hash by Touch & Go in 2013 and only runs with GH5. She is a home maker taking care of Pinocchio and daughter.

Snow White wanted to say thank you to all GH5 members, you guys are great, enjoy the company very much!

Thank you to Snow White and Pinocchio for the good run and good food at Soup Gang Restaurant and the extra beer!

Circle started with announcement of next week's AGM Run whereby the existing whole committee is nominated for the upcoming AGM. Guest fee is RM100. Popeye was iced for saying no sweeper was required. Grey Devil was given and on down for his long absence. Hotleg was called to relate her actual story why she was punctured last week and she iced Spicy Cili for telling her to push on because every morning she always posted positive messages, and because she push on, she was totally exhausted and needed to be carried out by Wild Boar, Semen, Pinocchio and Tambah Nilai. Medic was also acknowledged for helping guest Melanine but was iced when GM over heard Medic said to Melanie I had given you the "Turbo". First time guests Lori was welcome and he is Snow White's daughter. Snow White was iced for the "Pau" truck was serving Dumpling and Red Bean soup with Styrofoam container and will be fined RM50. Run rating was done by Lachar today. Prince Charming was ahead of Hudud when he chopped his own finger while setting the run. Left Ball took to the box and iced Shit Face for creating the conspiracy plot Left Ball will contest the GM post. Next Jame Bonk was iced for asking irrelevant questions. Semen was iced when he said he wanted to change sex to lady because lady gets a lot of attention and everyone would give them T-shirt, pouch and accompany them during the run. Buzzard for the day was Shitface and iced Left Ball for he promised he will not talk too long but still talk a lot. Popeye was iced next when he expected cigarette from Shitface's car and while he is OC for next week's run, he is nit running today! Shitface proposed a lady candidate should be contesting for the GM posting to make the election appears to be fairer. Hotleg was nominated and promised to give a free air ticket to all the guys. Melanie was iced when she requested someone to sponsor her run fee. GM reclaimed the box and iced Song Bird when she commented in front of Spicy Cili that GM's stomach is so big which was domestically not correct when Spicy Cili was walking right in front.