Thursday, October 8, 2015

Run # 872, Pub Crawl at TTDI on 6th Oct , Hare by Long John, OC , Push Up, rated 9.0 points by Medic

Hare corner:

Yap Long Chon is his real name and it sounds like Long John, so he was baptized by Baby Monkey as Long John. Long John is a property developer and builder. He was brought to GH5 by Blur-bur in 2008, GH5 is his only hash. Long John is happy to join GH5 and able to spend time together hashing and enjoys the equality in hash no matter who you are .

Thank you Long John for co-hosting this Pub Crawl with GH5. Thank you for the 7km crawl with two PUBS stop, one Tody stop and the food, T-shirt and extra beers.

Circle started with GM honoring the Hare Long John, OC Push Up, Spicy Cili, Song Bird, BangCock , Mad Dog and Buffalo Gun for helping in organizing today's Pub Crawl. 
OC Push Up was iced for letting go aeroplane not to come to set run because she has to try the fitting of the T-shirt and have her hair do to showcase her assets! There were more than 10 first time guests and were interviewed by Baby Chameleon, Lazhar, Silent Gorilla and Medic.
Batang Kajang Sanwat was also given air time to announce their up coming Ladies night and hope GH5 will support strongly.
Lucky Pussy was iced because she really enjoyed herself today and catch a ride with GM's official transport. 

JMS Song Bird took the box and welcome October birthday babies and Titanic had the honor to sit on ice because today is his birthday.
GM iced Jenn because she is also Oct baby and did not come out and Shitface was iced for abandoning the Oct 10 ball breaker because he has to celebrate birthday for Jenn!
The whip today is Piss-Stop and he honored Song Bird for cleaning up the run site today. 
Shin Wong was iced when he vomited 3 times along the trail. 
Lucky Cock was iced for calling all ladies Old Mother Hen or Lau Kuih Boo!
Lucky Pussy was iced for drinking 5 Magarita and Smoky Gin did not have enough to drink.
BangCock was iced for taking pictures for those tall people and forgotten the short people like GM.
Shitface was the second whip today and iced.....
Spring Chicken and Grey Devil were iced for doing their own Pub Crawl at TTDI Plaza.
Steve Stick and Hulk were iced for wearing ladies T.
Hilo was iced when he asked for LRT ticket for the Pub Crawl!
 Lastly, PJ Harriet GM Joan was iced for not knowing how many points were the run rating!
The circle ended will more beer,tody ,food and ice kachiang

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Run # 871 at Taman Wawasan on 29th September hare by Semen , rated 7.5 points by Daffy Duck

Hare Corner:

Stewart Lee Se Min is his real name and he was Baptized as Semen in hash because it rhythms well with his real name. His hash name was given by Baby Monkey of GH5.Semen was brought to GH5 by Bijis in 2012,this is his second being the hare. His inaugural hash run was at Dengkil. He only run with GH5 and he is in the Automotive industry dealing with cars brand Banyak Masuk Workshop!
Semen thanked all GH5 memebrs for taking care of him and tolerate his nonsense.
 Thank you Semen for making a great effort to do Mid Autumn Festival Run with Lantern and Mooncakes and games! Extra beer and grub! Big hand to Semen for the wonderful evening.

GM started the circle today by baptizing Alex Chong Chee Lek, because he gave 10 points for last week Medic's run at Pantai Hill Park, he was given the hash name One Zero. Next Chin was baptized as Spring Chicken because he like to walk everywhere and talk a lot and many said he look like a movie star and the name in mandarin is Spring.

Next JM took the box and asked BangCock if he has arrange the next hiking trip. Cocky was iced when he said if Sup Sum Ee go to pee, there is nothing to see but JM said there are a lot of things to see. 

JMS took the box and conducted some guess game with clues given. Mystery whip for tonight is James Bonk Bonk iced GF for busy body during the circle. Lolek was iced for trying to short cut alone and almost got lost. Semen was iced for did not going to set the run. Cocky was iced when he complained too much to Bonk, questioning where did Bonk go when Cocky wanted to take shower. 
GM took the box and iced Quaci and Spring Chicken,both were caught smoking during circle time.