Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Run # 990 at Taman Tun on 9th Jan 2018, Hare by Semen, rated 8.0 by Grey Devil

Hare: Semen

1. Who brought you to Hash?
    Hong Kee (BIJIS)

2. When and which is your first hash chapter
    2012 Joined as GH5 guest
    2013 as GH5 Member

3. Member of how many chapters
    GH5 only

4. Who gave you your hash name and reasons
    谁给你hash 名?原因?
    Ex GH5 GM Baby Monkey

5. What is your profession /business?
    BMW Sales Advisor @ Quill Automobiles-PJ

6. Anything  you want to say to GH5  members? 
    My pleasure to be part of GH5 and glad to meet all fellow members. You are all like my brothers and sisters. I enjoy coming and look forward to run on every Tuesday, even though for the past 2 years I had not join the run as often as before 2016. I will try my best to join more often moving forward. On! On!

7. If you can do something for GH5,  what will it be? 
    如果你能为GH5 做某件事,那会是什么?
    I will promote joy, laugh and harmony.

8. What has hash done for you? 
    Hash 为你做了什么?
    Hash made me a better hiker, drinker and eater. Made me thicker skin by showering on the roadside with just my triangular piece of underwear.

9. What have you done for hash?
    你为Hash 做了什么贡献?
    To keep the environment clean during every run, not to litter everywhere, especially on the trail.

Circle starts in a cool evening at the foothill entrance of Bukit Kiara TTDI. A favourite run site for locals as well as bikers in sub urban.

GM LB gave Stumpy, our GH5 member a 1 min. Of silence as a respect to him .

A memorial run will be held  for Stumpy. GH5 will hold beer free flow. Gm will pay the dinner and JM will provide beers.. Stumpy and GM join hash same year in 2006 .

GM says don"t worry about your age is just a number.

Kaily was iced because she posted/ send her passport to t3t4 whatsapp and felt agitated revealing her secret. No worries you are getting more matured each year.

Mun Yao was admitted to IJN .
Please call him fellow members to say hello.
ONE OF HIS heart valves open too much ...oxidation blood cant flow back to brain.He is recovering fast. Need more time to recover.

Gm advises members to stay harmoniously and be happy among ourselves.
GD says he don't understand ...this is a club ..mind your own business..as a GM i want to maintain the harmony here.

Hatyai  Thailand trip - please will assemble at Burger King level one on 10pm 11th Jan.
We will depart together.

7 Tan was iced for talking.

KTM coaches are very cold please wear warm clothings. Bring your own glasses.GM will sponsor 2 bottle of Suntory Japanese whiskies. Bring sufficient cash -Thai Baht esp. Lady Bird was too excited ..laughing..after hearing condom.

Pochahantas was iced for wearing full sports hash attire. This is one of the good example of good sports women..black..t- shirt ,pants but white socks spoilt everything.LOL.!

JMS was iced on behalf of Warlord.
WL says B4 Gm retire give him 4D ekor and was given 4D.5D.6D ekor by GM via Song Bird.

Titanic was iced for not bringing 3 ladies in Langkawi to Gasing .

Medic was iced for singing a no oomph- Talak battery....hash songs!

Speedo , Superman & Kuachi were  iced being a HERO..during  diner.
Speedo was totally drunk...GM -50% drunk ..Tag Along 70% drunk carry him to his car.
Superman bang the divider and car rim broken but manage to change tire n go back. Kuachi was flat in his car seat.

JMS took over the box greeting good evening members and guest.

JMS recalled those day Stumpy used to bring a lot of beautiful lady guest but all were taken away and regretted bringing them. He likes to cook and loves electronic gadget -he had 6 TV's and 3 h.p. We are gonna miss him a lot esp.his Char Kueh Tiaw.

JM advised Raub  Hash Nash  participants to stay back especially on Sunday night as more happenings will be on Sunday.

1. Dragon Fly - Bukit Subang 

2. Toto -  BK 5  Puchong

3. Kiri kimino - Selesa Homes.

First time guest Emily from Sarawak brought by Kim Bab, was given an on down.

Grey Devil rated hare Semen's run 8 points.

Spring Chicken was iced for not coming for sometime.

Kimono and Tag Along met SF at penchala link-  turn left 1 small hill , turn right long run.
(Simpang lima the couple go simpang 3...paktor...LOL)

Hare Semen thank everyone for coming and their warmest support.
And especially to co- hare Thongs , SF and Ladybird.

GDevil was iced because GM  commented he speaks very well on box right ?And should  contest for  GM post in 2018  and  instead threaten/ wanted to resign .Ah Yoohh....cepat cepat lari .!

SFace was iced b'cos did not do a good job as a sweepers should be through to check in detail to ensure no donkeys fell off the ravine

Bonsai was iced for missing in action in Dec. 2017/2018 and GM wishes him Happy New Year.

Smiley was iced for promising to support GH5 and did not turn up.

Thank you hare for the grubs , whiskies and extra beers.

Scribe by Blue Bird
Photo contributed by Lady Finger, Lady Bird & Kylie
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Run # 989 at Bukit Gasing Jln Tanjung 5/4 on 2nd Jan 2018, Hare by Medic, rated 7.5 by Q-Shit

Hare Medic

1. Who brought you to Hash?
I forgot, that was ages ago. 

2. When and which is your first hash chapter
PJHHHH. 1998

3. Member of how many chapters
2 chapters. Kepong and GH5.

4. Who gave you your hash name and reasons
谁给你hash 名?原因?
Kepong Hash GM. I fix wounds. 

5. What is your profession /business?
Uniform industry. 

6. Anything  you want to say to GH5  members? 
Stick to Hash tradition and keep the fellowship alive. 

7. If you can do something for GH5,  what will it be? 
如果你能为GH5 做某件事,那会是什么?
Come for the run!

8. What has hash done for you? 
Hash 为你做了什么?
Keep me alive!

9.what have you done for hash?
你为Hash 做了什么贡献?
I don’t want to remember, but will continue to do whatever I could in many areas.

Circle starts with GM greeting members n guest Happy New Year.

Please work harder in 2018..if you are  supportive in 2017 please be more supportive in 2018.

Lot of Mia is coming back Cartoon.
Was iced for unable to pick recognized one new members name.

Toy boy was also missing for sometime and was tested.

Heavy rain this evening  members had to bear with the rain.

On Down to committee members who had contributed in 2017.

Baby Cameleon had recruited  35 members to join our GH5 1000th run. A big hand and special on down to her.

Jms took over The  box being iced by GM .
Tested what is the hash name for TCS.?
CNY song was played to feel Chinese new year atmosphere.

JMS iced GM  for creating and excites members  -makes us confused as CNY is still 1.5 months away and AGM is 2.5 months away.
He was rushing away too fast.

The 3 stoges  Silent Cartoon and Baby Crocodile was iced for short cutting in the first 10min. Into the trail...Banyak cepat.LOL!!

Cartoon  wish members healthy , GM continue to stay  and be bless abundantly.
Jms wish members to hash harder...and hope the new committee will take us to greater heights.
Cartoon says if Silent b GM free sub. 1 year...! WOW... Really!!

Gm conducted a post mortem of today s run, It was supposed to be 10.1km And members had completed only 5km plus 
Why theres  trail confusion ? Ben shares his views - there is a dilapidated  bungalow and U turn without a check..Shit Face shouted On On...paper is all d way up...Ivan shouted ON...ON...and may have  diverted the original route. LOL..!!
Someone could have taken away the original papers.

Gm advises Hare not to staple papers on leafs and maintain our eco friendly hash motto. 

Semen was iced for missing in action. Kuachi sang a nice tiger hash song.

Melanie was iced for not wearing hash t shirt.
Gm  the Jho Low  of gh5...
100plus was in a luxurious yacht .100 Plus and Tug In  was iced...and Tag Along to sing a long long song

Three new members were admitted and welcome by GM for a ON Down.
Why do u like to b a Gasing members ?
Kaily ,Pop Corn and Ah Soon loves to hash with GH5 and  love to hash and  to stay healthy.

Next 3 weeks run as follows:-
1. Semen - TTDI
2. Dragon Fly- Bukit Subang
3. Toto  - BK5 Bandar Kinrara 

Q Shit rated today's run  7.5 point
Hare Medic thank everyone for supporting his run.

Thanks to co-hare Cat Eye , Michelle and Melanie for sponsoring 2 crates of beer.

GM iced Medic and Q Shirt for hare never  network enough and  being blur blur respectively .
Gm says highlight of the  evening is the circle and LB strongly encourage all hare  and members to mingle around  to rub shoulder more.

James Bong and Tan Sri was iced for eating kuachi.

Thank you hare for the nice food and extra beers .

Scribe by Blue Bird
Photo contributed by Lady Finger, Card Master, BangCock
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