Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Run # 889 on 2nd Feb at Tadom Resort, Labuhan Dagang, hare by BangCock, rated 8 points by Emas Tag!

 Hare corner:
Sonny Chang is his name in the Jewellry trade and he also dabbles in direct sales involving in magnetized sanitary product . (This will certain catch the attention of the ladies). His Hash name Bang-Cock was given by Piss Stop of GH5 because of his Thai connection. BangCock was brought to hash by home town friend Long John on July 6th 2010 on Run 596, once he tasted what hash was about, the rest is history, now even if you "beat him till death, he wont leave". BangCock is member of GH5 and PJ Hazards but he has been a regular on many hash celebration run and is the current Assistant On Sex and Run Master of GH5. He is currently training to be the future Ironman!

Thank you to BangCock for taking GH5 to Tadom Resort to experience a flat run and feel the life style of Kampung folks in the evening. The finger food and food were like a mini carnival, with Tody and Whisky and extra beer, all memebrs and guests who came enjoyed it and big hand to BangCock for an excellent do!
Run # 770 at Taman Desaminium on 29th Oct 2014, Hared by Bang Cock, rated 8 point by Ah Tuck.
A much fitter looking Ironman in the making on 2nd Feb 2016

Around 40 members showed up for the run today which is very commendable. Circle started with GM inviting all the Fried Kuay Teow expert to come out to the box. Sanwat who fried the reverse style by cooking the egg and prawn first were iced for not following the recipe of Stumpy!
Ham Tan was iced becuase he said Push Up's fried Kuay teow was best.
Wood Pecker was iced for suggesting we do not have circle today, GM reminded him hash is about beer and circle!
Meisa and a few of the ladies were called out today to compared their face colour. Meisa had a bright red make up and was iced for intending to celebrate CNY early.
Sup Sum Ee was iced for using a personal tiny fan to blow herself when there was a huge fan for her to use.
Sanwat and Lucky Cock were iced for being Hamsup saying Meisa not wearing underwear!
CNY Run fee is RM100 and guests are encourage to pre-register.
AGM nomination forms are with On -Sec and anyone interested to contest must submit their nomination by Feb 23rd, 2016. If there is contests, voting is by secret balloting. AGM will start at 530PM follow by run at 6PM. Run site is Bukit Subang and guest fee is RM60.
BnagCock's father Chang Kai Mun was introduce to the member as first time guest.
Buzzard Shitface took over and have Lachar and Quaci to crack and egg on each other for talking during circle. 
Alicia was iced for could not reach the first Monkey bar before start of the run.
A few hashers were swimming in the pond but Sangwat and Alex were playing small kayak.
Piss Stop and Thorny Prick were told to crack egg for each other for talking during circle!
OC for CNY announced the attire on CNY Do is Red or Yellow colour!


Cracking eggs on each other!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Run # 888 cum 17th Anniversary on 26th Jan 2016 at Taman Tun Dr.Ismail, hare by Lord and rated 8.0 points by Charles Tan.

Hare Corner:
Krishna Moorthy was the birth name destined to make wave in hash and in life. 20 years ago, the "boyish and innocent" Krishna Moorthy, stumbled upon Sungai Petani Hash as a guest in 1993. Subsequently he was introduced to RSC Hash by Janggut Bala. From then on, Lord Krishna was members of Melawati Hash, now known as Royal Commonwealth Society Club Hash, PJ Club Hash, RSC Hash, 420 Hash. Lord also founded Malaysia Bar Hash and was Founding member of KL Dalmatian Hash and Rawang Dalmatian Hash. Lord's hash name was given by Charlie Cheah of RSC, because he brought out a group of hashers without torch light single handed and even piggy bag a "Mad Sailor" or Mat Salleh because of injury. For the divine power vested in him, he was Christened as 'Lord "
Lord is one hasher who has "grown up while growing old", bearing in mind many people actually only grow old but never grow up!. The extra adrenaline and energy of hash had inspired him to pursuit a Ph.D in Law from Oxford and he is also a Fellow of Oxcel, So now he is known as Dr Lord. In his pursuit of excellence, Dr Lord has devoted his energy into charity causes and was the President of Rotary Club PJ 2014-15 term. As a recognition for his effort in "hashing" in particular and charity work, Dr Lord was conferred by the Sultan of Pahang the "Dato Seri" title, so now his name is slightly expanded to Dato Seri Dr Lord Krishna Moorthy. So fellow hashers, hashing does have it's benefits and privileged especially with GH5. Dato Seri Dr Lord is the Managing Partner of Fauzi, Ngah & Neasa , solicitors & Advocate. So if any hash members need legal opinion, it will be dispensed accordingly to the vintage of the whisky! By the way, reliable source said he is working on his Professorship! On On.

Run # 775 on 3rd Dec 2014 at Pantai Hill Park, Hared by Lord, rated 7.5 points by Cili Padi
Run # 888, 26th Jan 2016,
Thank s to the hare for the free flow of beer, money pouch, whisky and fine Indian food!

GM open the circle by welcoming our guests who are Kepong GM QQ and Ex-GM Sperm Perm, Kelang Hash GM Messy.
The Founders and past GM were also given an on down for their contribution to GH5.
Next, our hare today, Lord was welcomed back on ice for he paid his subscription and has been absent for  two years but he booked the 888 Run date aand set the run for us.
Next recognition goes to BMM for achiving his Ruby Director ranking and we hope he secure his Diamond status soon.
Spring Chciken was iced for not wearing hash t-shirt during the run today.
Soh Miow Miow was iced for sending out a hoax message on  saving the dogs but she was so scared of the dogs curing the run when she encountered some one walked the dog.
Run rating was done by Charles Tan today. 
GM invited all Founders, Past GM and committee members to do a group cake cutting ceremony.
Left Ball took the box and ice Kim Chi saying exposing your age is OK.
Joseph and Neasa was given coffee by JM for consistently sending morning greeting.
Mr. World advice all GH5 members do not buy red dates from China dolls as they are all fake dates.
Joseph was today baptized as Blue Bird, this is because he used to be with Tan Cheong group and Blue Bird was a famous car and it also sounds like "Lan Chiow" in Hokkien! 


From today on wars, I shall only response when I am called by my hash name" Blue Bird"