Sunday, July 26, 2015

Run # 861 on July 21st at Bukit Subang, hare by Cocky and rated ? by ?

Hare Corner:

Cocky was brought to hash by Plus 1 in 1988. His hash name was given by The Late Bear of PJ Hazards because his last name is Kok and you know how our friend talks and behave! Allan Kok is his real name and nowadays Cocky is involved in Piping Project Coordination.

Cocky wishes all GH5 healthy hashing and do not short cut!

Circle started at 8.55PM.

JM started the circle with a sincere apology to Shitface. JM also acknowledged that the turn out for the run was good with plenty of finger food arranged by Hare Cocky.

Then it went on for Hari Raya Celebration with multi-racial cultural unity dance by GH5 to promote national unity.
Malay Cultural Dance performed by Smoky Gin; Golden Eye & Lucky Pussy;
Indian Traditional Dance performed by Wildboar & Hot Legs with a scene professionally dance around the bus stop pillar just like you normally seen in Bollywood movie;
Chinese Cultural Dance was performed by GH5 Got Talent’s Champion of 1988 –Hare Cocky. But after so many years when stood in front GH5 members to perform, he forgot how to dance and merely holding a Chinese traditional fan, fanning around his face for not more than 5 seconds.

After the cultural unity dance, JM also prepared a unity cake cutting. On the cake, there are 3 candles and 2 objects signifying 2 people on the cake. JM was quick to say that those 3 candles each represent Malays, Chinese and Indian. The 2 people on the cake one was JM and 1 was Shitface. Both add up equals to GH5. And he mentioned “我们是一家人”。

The second cake was prepared for Heartbreaker’s birthday and after the cake cutting JM tried to ask her what did she wish for. But to no avail, how could one announces his/her birthday wishes openly JM!

JM commented on the run being 40% set at Greenhills and 60% at Bukit Subang which is something different. When asked Grey Devil and Pocahontas commented as “good run”, Goldfinger commented on “corners not enough paper” and Shitface said “very good run”.

Announcement by Choy Sum of Muar Pheonix H4 is having their celebration run on 22nd August 2015 and the damage is RM80.

Cocky iced for not setting run.
Titanic iced for talking too much.
Warlord did the run rating but he thought his name was called due to any charges by JM.
Directional Sign – 1 point
Parking – 1 point
Run – 5 points
Checks – 0.5 point
Merit – 1 point
Total = 8.5 points.

Hare thanked everyone for turning up and especially to Maddog for insisting to cook some finger food for him.

JMs was given box time to refresh everybody’s memory to recall their dream at the age of 10.
Grey Devil: wants to be a toyboy;
Piss Stop: Gynaecologist to check on all women; Lawyer to make the most $$$; Engineer for automobile;
V-Power: Be happy and everything just fall into place;
Honda Ong: Forgot what he wanted to do ended up selling cars;
Nacha: All dream came through and nothing to tell;
Silent Gorilla: Wants to be teacher because his English wasn’t good and he did it. He achieved his dream for being a GH5 English teacher during circle time;
Cocky: Dreamt to earn RM1000 a mth. but he is disappointed because he made more than that.

Mystery Whip – Warlord iced JM for last minute appointment of mystery whip more so, instead of calling personally to inform, JM was very tech savvy, he uses Whatsapp to appoint Warlord.

Nacha and Auntie (Yvez) were called out and Nacha was iced for the following reasons:
1.)    Nacha claimed 3 yrs ago, 180 people attended his run. If for his next run, Yvez can be the only person to attend and he will be satisfied.
2.)    While going up the slope, Yvez was trying to catch her breath and Warlord offered a sweet to her. Subsequently, Warlord told Nacha to keep on moving forward by offering to take care of her. Because Warlord knows the sweet will make her horny in 5 hour time. But Nacha did not go to Chinese school to learn some Confucius values. He didn’t respect the old man like Warlord and reluctant to give opportunity to the old man to take care of her.

Silent Gorilla was iced for commenting on the trail being dangerous just because he saw a small pond in a photo being posted in the group chat.

Cocky was iced for being more people turn up for his run than GM’s run. Didn’t know he has so many friends.

Circle was over at 9.50PM