Friday, August 28, 2015

Run # 866 on 25th August at Bukit Lagong, hare by Goldie Mei and rated 8p oints by Kuaci

Hare Corner:

Goldie Mei started hashing in 1998 when she was working at RSC and joint RSC hash run. Subsequently she became member of PJ Harriets, Klang Hash and Gasing Hash. Her hash name was given by Pubic Hair of Klang Hash because her hair do was always GOLDEN colour! Goldie Mei joined GH5 in 2002 and she is a Durian Orchard Property Negotiator! Her real name is Liew Pui Mei!

Big hand to Goldie Mei for the grubs and extra beer and good run!

Circle started today with Bijis on ice for demanding for free beer for  doing sweeper job when he should be accepting donation instead.
Next on ice was Titanic as he was dressed to be front runner and when GM ask him he will be front runner today, he said he does not have a torch light and will be short cutting.
Melanie and Michael were called out to demonstrate how she was pushed from behind with mineral bottle water and she was iced due to popular demand.
Two guests Aaron and Ivan were iced because they do not know the hash name of GM.
The "Hor Pau Tan" mystery were finally solved! BMM was pronounced innocent.Grey Devil confessed he was the one who called to the restaurant and Chin admitted he did the ordering. Both were iced. The irony is Semen was also drinking with Grey Devil when he was supposed to be at committee meeting. Subsequently Semen was assigned by On Sex to investigate who actually ordered the "Fried Egg"for the committee and he kept quiet on the issue though he was party to the crime. Unfortunately Grey Devil spilled the bean on the issue and Semen was charged for being a conspirator!
The run rating today was done by guest Kuaci!
JMS Song Bird took to the box and elaborate very often we do not know our hash members' real name. 
GM took the opportunity to reiterate actually every week there is hare corner to introduce the hare of the week and member can get to know each other better if they read the blog.
JM Left Ball took the box and iced GM for using the phone to call the hare when the check took too long to break. 
Lachar was iced for staying with the lady guests ALL the time today but last week he simply ran away.
Warlord and Song Bird were iced for eating the Rhinoceros beetle larvae and got sick and hang over!
Melanie was iced for telling JM the trail is for running and not for walking!
Mystery Whip today is Warlord and he iced Cocky for leading a pack of SCB.
GM invite Chin to identify member's name and he failed miserably.
The last icing went to JM for not registering under GH5 hash when he went to Muar's hash celebration!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Run # 865 on 18th Aug at Pantai Hill Park, hare by Poker Face and rated 8.0 points by Grey Devils!

Hare Corner:

Poker Face was brought to hash by Baby Crocodile in 2006. His hash name Poker Face was given by Hangman of Klang Hash because he is good at faking! Currently his only hash club is GH5 and his real name is Yong Loi Chuan and he is in the used car business along Old Klang Road.

Big hand to Poker Face  for the extra beers and grub!

Circle started with GM honoring first hiking trip OC Left Ball for a job well done. Then he was iced for booking a halal hotel whereby alcohol was not allowed and he drove his brand new S-Class to run site and GM ordered for hash man to blessed his car at the four wheels.

Cartoon and a guests both were iced for wearing a FMC T-shirt.
Lachar was sexcited to sweep KimChi's lady guests but when only one lady and two men showed up, he was extremely disappointed and do not bother to sweep them. 
Medic and Sap Sum Ee were called out to demonstrate how he treated her injured leg and honestly Medic failed miserably.
Jen Lee applied to be GH5 members and when GM asked her to name a few guests, she failed and the proposer and seconder were iced. 
Grey Devil did the run rating and iced BMM for over taking Grey Devil and request for two sausages to go with the fried eggs. 

New member Alex did not know Goldie Mei's hash name and Goldie Mei did not know Alex and so both were iced. 
Left Ball took the box and iced GM because GM also has S-Class but never drive to run site. 
Poker Face was iced for not sitting on ice for two years. 
Cartoon and Silent Gorilla were iced for talking too much during the hiking trip.
Push -Up was iced for throwing garbage along the hiking trail but only look alike Soh Mui Mui was available to take the brunt.
Tan Sri was iced for destroying the greenery and Gold Finger could not finish the hash song and was iced as well.
Song Bird was iced for requesting to set a short run but Warlord sat on behalf for her.
Lucky Cock, BangCock and Silent G were called out to honor this new found run site with 21 years whisky many years ago.
Warlord and JMS were iced for always coming at 7PM and never carry out gotong royong.
Grey Devil was iced for mathematical error in adding the points, it was supposed to be 7.5 but end up 8 points.
Lastly, Kim Chi was iced for wanting to be the future Star and was advised by Mr.World to be herself and be prepared!
Circled ended with welcoming the 3 first time guests.