Saturday, December 10, 2016

Run # 933 on 6th Dec at Bukit Lagong, Hare by Bonsai, rated 9.5 points by Touch & Go.

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 823 on 28th Oct, 2014 at TTDI, Hared by GM Bonsai and rated 9.0 points by Titanic
Bonsai was brought to Hash by his other half, Spicy Chili and had the first hash run with GH5 on 11 September 2001 at Ulu Langat Beer Garden. In the same year in December 2001, He joined PJ Hazards as a member and became the Grand Hazards of PJ Hazards in 2006-2008. His hash name was given by The Late Alex The Bear of PJ Hazards because Bonsai is short and exquisite!
Bonsai's actual name is Ng Boon Thiam and is in the Clinical Diagnostics business in SEA region for the past 25 years.

"I want to thank the members for have faith in me and elected me to be the GM of this wonderful club, I will do my best to ensure GH5 will continue to subscribe to true hashing spirit of non-commercial, non religion and non-political and our motto of Eco Friendly and Family hash! I will carry out my responsibility without fear and favor and I like to thank all members who had been very supportive of the many program carried out by the club" Bonsai also want to thank the 90 members and 38 guests who showed up for his Birthday Run.We only finished 7 bottles of whisky and 16 crates of beer!

Hare Updates:
What do you want to say to GH5 members? 
Do enjoy your weekly hash and let's try to look for new run site.
What have you done for hash?
I have been GM for two chapters and I will continue to promote eco-friendly concept and charity events among hash members.
What has hash done for you?
Hash has enable me to work out on a regular basis, get to know many new friends and drink a lot too!
If you can do something for hash, what will it be?
To promote all hash chapter to reduce thrash and do more recycling activities.

GM starts the circle in a cool lushes green enviroment.
Greeting members and guest a very good evening. Today wheather is very kind to me so that I can conduct circle on dry grounds.
Welcome 1st time guest Jerry brought by Sam Tham(guest)
I kena conned says Jerry as he did'nt know the run was that tough.ohh come ON young man , you can do it!
Moving on GM announces next 3 weeks run as follows"-
1)T Shirt- KD section 10
1)Lucky Cock - Taman Pertanian.
3)Flamingo - Setia Eco Park
GH5 Diner and dance hall at Tropicana could accomodate 16 tables maximum
Says GM . He had aslo extended invitations to 7 other chapters .
Priorities are given to members, their spouse  and regular guest respectively.
Subscription Fees fot GH5 members for 2017 remains at RM200.  Members please pay up to On Cash Golden Eyes your co-operation are much appreciated.
85% of collected sub- fees goes to the subsidizes  of  beers. Hence paying RM6 per bottle  is still cheap , where the hell you can get this cheap says GM.
What I am doing is for the benefit of everybody so pay for your own beers.
On Cash was Iced for parking her car "SENGET" .GM had concerns the way she park her car and may  link to her mind "Senget "too. 
GM saw lots of MIA faces missing for months.
Spring Chicken and Lazar was Iced for missing In Action . No matter what happen to your life style remember every Tuesday is our Gasing run. Members are strongly encourage to come says LB .
Bangkok was Iced for posting too many Hazzard  stuff in T3T4 chat and thus confusing GH5 members. It should be prioritized to GH5 matters.
GM -  ITS TALK 3 TALK 4 ...Chatt...semua boleh talk ...untill the cows come home .haha...just kidding.
Our 3 FMC members who always come together- Silent ,Cartoon and Baby Crocodile was Iced for posting their activities and not extended any invitation to Gasing members.
One Zero would like to thank GH5 members for their "Pak Kum" donation  for her mothers bereavement .
I am deeply touch by the love and care of fellow members.Gasing will always be in my heart.
Superman was Iced for not hashing at Gunung Angsi a forthnight back. Every one went except him says GM.
Superman always remember you got wings and you can fly .
Like the caption goes " It's a Bird , It's a Plane , it's Superman!!!
GM shared -during V Power's Birthday Do theres one John Travolta on the dance floor. He can do the twist and turn 360°.
Shake his butt from left to right with a breeze.
Tuck In was Iced for being the John Travolta of GH5.
Puan Sri and Tuck In wad Iced for grabbing Push Up bust, GM says - If you want to do that I volunteer to do it for my fingers are more sensitive.Lol..Lol...!!
Tug In penalize for challenging Uncle War Lord "Stripping by pieces"
Hello kawan sudah "manyak High "?let your imagination runs wild....
Mafia was Iced for saying someone had prevented him from coming to hash.
Lady Finger falling asleep.
Gm says tonight she will sleep on the 1st floor - I will sleep alone on the 3rd floor.
GM ,we remember you assuring ladies love your wife more..LOL.!!!
Just kidding...Gm needs her  more than we need her...
Karaoke Night OC -Grey Devil highlighted that Grand Kingdom Restaurant no longer have karaoke facilities. Gm suggest to bring our own karaoke set or alternatively find another venue.
Lucky cock wad Iced for  worrying too much about wheather conditions for his run 2 weeks away at Taman Pertanian.
Touch and Gold rated 9.5 points for Bonsai's run .
HARE Bonsai feels very honoured to see many members and guest coming for his run. He deeply appreciate our support ant thanked everyone for coming and a special thanks to his co-hare Buffallo  Gan,, Spicy Cili and others for their effort setting trails and preparing finger food respectively.
Q Shit was iced for lending  his shoes to 1st time guest Jerry with an objective of "selecting" Jerry as a future "son in law"
LOL not bad-in exchange., a shoe in exchange for a son in law.
JM's Song Bird iced GM and call out Puan Sri & Dragon fly to testify.
The charges are dancing with loose fingers and hence poking both victims .
In the ir faces.
Ok... GM you are forgiven you got High & " Sexited" as you got cally away by the rhythem of the music.
Before adjourning for On On. 
BIJIS the birthday boy was call to the box and birthday song was sung .
Age is just a number be happy and be cool.
Thank you Hare for the nice Restaurant food , Whiskies  and free flows of  beers.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Run # 932 on 29th Nov at Bukit Gasing, hare by Tambah Nilai, rated 7.5 points by Bonsai

Hare Corner:
Previous Run # 814 on September 2nd at Taman Wawasan hare by Tambah Nilai, rated 8 points by Mamasan.

Chan Kah Hui was brought to GH5 by Gold Finger and Fish Shit in September 2012. His hash name was given due to his close associations with Touch & Gold and Emas Tag. Tambah Nilai only run with GH5 and he is in the Jewelry wholesale business and claims to be very good at talking and selling. He wishes GH5-"Long Live GH5 hashers!"

Thank you Tambah Nilai for the abundance of Popiah! and the grub and beers and waist pouch!

 Hare updates:
Q: Anything you want to say to GH5 members?
A: Please run more, eat more , more fun and drink less!
Q. If you can do something for GH5,what will it be?
What is needed whenever I can.
Q: What has hash done for you?
Better health and knows more friend.
Q: What have you done for Hash?
Embarrassingly, nothing so far!

Thanks to Tambh Nilai for the hot finger noodle, extra beer and free dinner at Kam Kee!

Grand Master LB greets members and guest a very good evening.
Hen proceed with a minute of silence for fellow member  One Zero's  mum passing
Gm jovially shared mother nature have been very kind to him as it haf stop raining.
After circle it will rain again just watch and see.
Bonsai ask what if it doesn’t rain?
Beers free flow whole truck  will be on  Bonsai says LB jovially.
Moving forward Interhash On Sex announced next 3 weeks run reads as per below:-
1)Bonsai - Bukit Laggong 
2)T-Shirt - KD Section 10
3)Lucky Cock - Taman Pertanian
GM welcomes 1st time guest  Vivian and Danny Yap.
Introduce by Tug-In and Medic respectively.
Tug-In was Iced for conveniently forgotten to  inform  Vivian , its culturally mandatory to mention introducer's hash name.
Dragon Fly and Sup Sum E was appointed by PJHHH as GM and ON SEC respectively.
A Big hand and a On Down to our wonderful ladies or Iron Ladies.!
Grey Devil was reconized for his good job done as OC last weekend at Gunung Angsi.
Push Up was Iced for hugging Power Bank like an Octopus as she can't sleep the whole night.
Earlier , GD had set up tent(nest) for Push Up .
However he was dissapointed  as as Power Bang need Push Up to accompany her . LOL....POTONG STEAM La!
MISSION INCOMPLETE.! Next round  appointment tak jadi can also sneak out ya.......haha....!
DreamOn commented  the hiking trip at Gunung Angsi  was good and the wheather was perfect and his family  enjoy it very much.
Prince charming and Power Bang  was Iced .
Both went camping bringing just 3 packets and 2 packets of Maggi mee respectively. For 3 meals ma...!LOL.!
Where else Queen Bee cook fish head noodle , Superman brought  big prawns and Abalone and Push Up brought the whole kitchen utensils .WOW.!
Grand Master LB added Hiking are getting popular hence sugest 2 hiking trips in W.Malaysia, 1 hiking trip overseas and 1 hiking trip in East M'sia.
This will be exciting , interesting and challenging in 2017.WOW ..sounds like "makan angin "plan.!
JM"S took over the box greeting members and guest a very good evening.
Gasing"s Diner and Dance will be held in Tropicana Golf and Country Club on 18th February 2027.
Dress code :
Ladies - Floral and Mens -Smart 
Please pay up to On Cash RM80/ = for members and RM120/= guest.
JMS encourage members to take up at least 8-9 tables. Currently 75pax  was registered.
BMM took over the Box Icing GM for 2 charged .He had earlier mention love your wife and let her take charge  however a quick check with-Lady Finger , GM is still calling the  shot.
LOL..HOME Minister post was powerful and dominant .
Second charged - GM conveniently passed the guys interview  for first time guest -Danny Yap  .
Push Up was very  disappointing  as she wants to know this handsome better...
BMM suggested to share hash songs and sing along amongst members and guest. 
This will create more fun and excitement thus creating a closer bond and majority including GM agreed.
Instead of solo by our veteran  Wild Boar
Bonsai rated Tambah Nilai run 7 points..
Hare would like to thank all for coming and their warmest support.
The On On first dish was Crispy Pork Belly.WOwww.! Thats surely  crispy.!
GM advised hashers to advertised yourself for some members dont know you until you set run .
OK ... LB  did'nt mean put your resume on The Playboy  magazine OK?!..Ha ha..ho..ho..advertise ma..!
Sap Sum Yee and  Cat was Iced for posing "wah Hin' posture during the run.
Lady Finger was alsi ICED by GM for posing and pointing finger to heaven and earth and showing her butt..!
War Lord on ICE for being half naked during lang lui perfect photo shoot.
He s really " the thorn among the Roses
"WarLord gave some advise with regards to the importance of preparations and  and briefing prior to trekking.
Mun Yaw was Iced for not knowing the run rating.
Karaoke Night OC will be Grey Devil.
Venue :Restaurant Grand Kingdom.
Date: 17/12/16
All members are strongly encourage to join the Karaoke session.